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    1. I need to get this out of my chest. Getting really tired of people that cant drive and always hit the damn bench outside pbm. Every single time this happens which pretty much is daily. It either blocked the entrance or glitched inside the hospital. Please removed it or bolt it so it cant be moved. THANK YOU!
    2. what is the building look like?
    3. Well I dont take those stuff so its not an option lol
    4. Well you dont have to use it and let others do. Easy solution.
    5. You really have some weird comments LOL
    6. I would like to suggest a spot at PDM to transfer vehicles we want to resell. I thought it would saved us the running back and forth to our garages. I just sold a bunch of golf carts to PDM and no vehicle to use to get back. Just a suggestion
    7. We really need the cop shop back. It was fun. I had a lot of rp with cops and other civs while doing chop shop.
    8. That would be cool if we had a dispatch that will answer our calls. Right now it wont be a good idea unless it will be coded differently. Some of us are doctors and nurses that can be occupied with surgery, theraphy or anything that has nothing to do with regular calls.
    9. Get in city and drive to the different shops and ask who needs a tow.
    10. Cant find you. contact me Missy#8812
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