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    1. Id suggest jump in ts and an admin can help you with your issue.
    2. All of that can be realistic if people take the time to actually roleplay it. We don’t mind doing the job coz after all it all comes to roleplay but if people truly wants to be “crazy” or wants drugs for their addiction then do it right. Don’t just do it in the heat of the moment and the next day your all fine. Very few actually roleplay it Even when we say it needs follow up therapy because the person got this and this treatment and we need to see how they are. They never do and it sad coz it could be a really amazing roleplay experience for both parts.
    3. Just like Sarah mentioned it all boils down to a lot of things. Unfortunately as much as we want it to be realistic, the state of the city plays the biggest role on why things arent as realistic as we can possibly make it. We have had stronger medications in the city before and that have been removed. The percentage of the people who actually roleplay with EMS is so little. Everytime we get on duty we hope for the best roleplay interactions and we barely get any. Its not fun being in a position where we are held to a higher standard, yet the people we try to deal with does not help us get there. Being an FDNY a lot of times its very repetitive. Its not just the things we do or the treatment we use. It is also the people we try to treat. Dont tell us you passed out when you are bleeding after getting shot in the head. As the therapist in FDNY and have IRL knowledge, it is difficult to deal with treating people because: 1. They dont rp realistically 2. They never show up to their appointments 3. They abuse the system by playing "crazy" when they are not, just to get out of jail 4. They are wasting our time when we could have gotten REALISTIC RP from someone else. We would love to make FDNY more realistic for everyone, But its not happening without the help of the community. After all our RP experience comes from the people we interact with. FDNY wants to have fun too and we are still here because we love what we do no matter how we are being treated.
    4. I came here to respond on the post just like everyone else. I have no intention on making any personal attacked to anybody. Just like other people. I have no intentions of attacking anybody personally. Don’t make yourself that important that I’m going to focus on you. I don’t even know you or anyone here. You need to accept people come here and tell their opinion. That’s it. Don’t take things personally coz it’s not about you. That’s it for me. I’m not gonna continue my discussion with you!
    5. Nobody is attacking anybody. People again are just forming their own opinion but I guess you don’t like it that way but that’s your thing. Again I just handle things differently and it sounds like your the one attacking. I barely respond to post in forum due to people like you who can’t take the fact that it’s ok to have an opinion without going into defensive mode. You need to chill! Lol
    6. Believe me Im different too and I have had my share of being bullied and being judge because of how I look. I still struggle with it on the daily basis. Getting treated as different in the gaming world and in the real world I just learn to handle it differently. I guess there are too many immature people who cant keep themselves from it. Its unfortunate but Im too grown to even bother wasting my time and energy focusing on those people. But thats how we are different.
    7. Why do you get so upset when people form their own opinion? Its a public post thats being responded. I say my opinion and im sure you have yours. Thank god for that. If people are being dickheads they should be reported thats all I said. And if you think admins are playing the "pick and choose" game, then go to the owners. They are after all hiring the staff and setting the rules they have to work on. I dont always like how admins do their jobs but I still wouldnt question it nomatter how bad it is. Ive reported tons of people for saying the N word or the R word for fun or not. Most people say it coz they are salty some for fun. However it should be reported. Thats all we can do as members of this community. I dont go crazy in a public forum to fuel the fire even more. But I will say my opinion without getting heated. Im done with the discussion LOL
    8. Im not even gonna question how BCRP staff do their jobs. Senior management, admins. moderators. They all have different rules to follow as staff. We will never figure it out and assuming things will definitely get you in trouble. NO REPORTS = NO CONSEQUENCES And as players, we SHOULD follow the rules set in this community or pay the consequenses.
    9. I never understood why it got removed but yeah I would love to have the chop shop back too. It was the best roleplay Ive had with cops. It was a lot of fun to do and so many people to meet.
    10. You are basing insurance on how they are realistically. Making it more benefecial. But as you mentioned there is a lot of non-realistic aspect of the game. This is just one of them. Some even are made that way coz of how economy is in the city not to mention the amount of people that are playing the game unrealistically. A lot of people do play for realism but also a lot of people dont. Unfortunately some of us has to suffer because of a few peoples bad behavior. Mostly we lose that battle. But I understand what you mean and I understand how annoying it is to pay the impound fee if vehicles get stolen. I couldnt agree more. I hope that part would change. Although most people would say if you can pay for a multi million dollar car, then paying 35k impound fee is nothing. Insurance is also a one time thing but it is expensive depending on how expensive your car is.
    11. Its a good idea but IRL people dont just drive recklessly for fun or go cop baiting just to get some funtime with cops like they do in BCRP. People dont think like they do IRL when they are ingame. I could be driving a piece of junk IRL but will never in a million years drive recklessly just for the fun of it and lose not just lots of insurance money but maybe the vehicle itself. If that was the case ingame that would actually be a brilliant idea. Just my 2 cents
    12. I just want to be able to use my home more. i wanna rp and go home and make dinner or what not. make these home for realistic roleplay
    13. I need to get this out of my chest. Getting really tired of people that cant drive and always hit the damn bench outside pbm. Every single time this happens which pretty much is daily. It either blocked the entrance or glitched inside the hospital. Please removed it or bolt it so it cant be moved. THANK YOU!
    14. Well I dont take those stuff so its not an option lol
    15. Well you dont have to use it and let others do. Easy solution.
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