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    1. How about these jobs and professions? Bus Drivers I know we have EMT but Doctors and Nurses that work in the hospitals and deal with patients and perform operations and give meds and treatment. Vendors and beach area and around the city Parking lot attendants Delivery Drivers Truck Drivers More in city jobs will create more of a city feel and stop heavy crim activity for some people. It will also create more rp content for those who truly love to rp.
    2. This idea is really dope.
    3. I agree, other food options would be cool. I would love to have the ability to eat a Snickers if I'm hungry.lol Or make spaghetti and meat balls for my guest if they ever show up when i invite them.lol
    4. Would love to see some active biker clubs. I would definitely join! Only if it is RP'ed right.
    5. Can we have multiple active food spots open, as well as the regular burger spot that we have in the city? It will be hell cool if we can chill at the burger spots and not just legion.
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