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    1. Ive spoken about this on My streams before, there is 9 Gun Store Owners including myself, i feel like as Gun Store owners should be able to buy a set amount PER 24 IRL hours, we as the Gun Store Owners can then set a limit to how many we sell, I dont know about anyone else but me personally i sell 1 Pistol and 1 Shotgun per person no Exceptions - AT ALL - this being said ever since i became owner of Gun Store 11 ive been open everyday without fail, it all comes down to TRUST in the Gun Store Owners to not fuck everything up for the rest of us, personally i say (and this goes to all businesses)
    2. So what i have seen in the past 2 weeks since owning my gun store is that, if im not around no one can really sell anything that we sell at the store, can we as business owners have a section to Add 5 Employees to our business so that it can always be open if needed, Similar to the Gang stashes where we add people to, that way we can add or remove Employees from the business and this creating more roleplay for store/business owners. Once players are added to the business (in this case gun store) who ever we choose to be added can access everything that i can do. they can also access the
    3. So recently i Alfie Warrens had purchased Ammunation Store 11 (Down near the Docks) and i was wondering due to it having a gun range inside/attached, would it be possible to get it working the same as Legion Gun store where cops dont get notified EVERY single time someone use it. I know this can be frustrating for the Police as they get calls there All the time when myself and customers use the range. just asking to release the frustration from cops side responding all the time.
    4. This is Alfie, a long time member of BCRP and a member of the BCRP Staff team, ive wrote this to shed light on some of the concerns that a good amount of us have but wont speak up about, i know this is a long read but please take 5 minutes and read this. Eco Wipe - Over the past year myself and many others that have played here have seen the economy deteriorate from the influx of money and "rare" cars, this has lead to the deterioration of Roleplay due to everyone having the stuff they want and need (businesses, houses and Cars) as soon as they have obtained these items 70% of the Commun
    5. All im saying is with the right people managing it In game and OOC i believe we can make something great, the whole ability to elect, Re Elect, Campaign and speak about things in game that would be beneficial to the civilians of NY would be amazing there is a lot of negativity from what happened in the past with the old thread, i understand that but with the small group that are interested Boom it'll sky rocket the RP is endless with something like that, i believe that if this does become a physical thing then a lot of people would have different opinions about it due to the fact its real and
    6. i understand that, but heres the thing, for the right people that want to run for Mayor it can be something Great every 1 month you have to go up for re election, of a max time as mayor being 3 months
    7. I've heard about the whole Ling Mau being mayor thing for a while now and ive had this idea for a long time im pretty sure its came up, but what does everyone think of an actual Mayor job, the RP scenario creation is completely limitless to those that are willing to step up and full-fill the job description, We could have Campaigning rally's to get people to vote for you, just say someone was to be elected as mayor they have that position for lets say for example 1 month, then a re election comes along and everyone has to re vote on who they want for mayor depending on who runs for it, there c
    8. im not too sure of the reason that the PD cars were removed, but from a detective standpoint, NYPD and NYSP we have such a beneficial use for owning the cars due to storing items from a raid/seizure and overall just helps out, if you dont own the car you cant put stuff in the trunk. Along with the car situation, now that we have the new charges and as they are a lot higher, we should be able to purchase our own ammo, guns and gear again thus would create utilising the trunk a lot more with /mes instead of just /SG or /AR everywhere and without going to your trunk and RPing taking it out, im
    9. BashersHD

      Staff Wanted

      Bartender Vacancy **We have 4 spots open that are willing to bar tend in a busy venue within New York if you feel like you have what it takes please send your application to Mr.Warrens Via Email or to George Evans Via Email Thank you. Valet Vacancy **We have multiple spots open for Valets at a venue within New York if you think you can handle some high value cars and you're good at driving/parking send your applications to Mr.Warrens or George Evans through Email Thank you. Security Vacancy **We have multiple spots open for Security at a busy venue within New York if you have great
    10. Alfie was born into a life of crime surrounded by drugs violence guns and money he had a rough childhood a rough up bringing, his mother sassi always tried to do her best no matter what the consequences, as Alfie grew up he didnt know the things his family done were wrong or bad because he grew up knowing of these things, as he got a little older he asked his mother what she meant by saying she has "Family business" to attend to all the time she replied with, "when you're old enough maybe you can join us but until then do your chores" the time came that Alfie was old enough to understand what
    11. Head of the Family Sassi Warrens – BOSS/Mother/Wife M.I.A Connor Warrens – BOSS/Father/Husband M.I.A Alfie Warrens - sassi’s son/ Now Head of the Family Children of the Family Vinny Warrens – Sassi and Connor’s Son (Adopted) Jackie Warrens - Sassi and Connor’s Son (Adopted) Alfie Warrens – Sassi’s Son Zachery Warrens - Alfies Son (Adopted) Steve Warrens – John’s Son (Adopted) The Warrens Family all came around when John Warrens found his long lost sister, Sassi Warrens daughter of Jose Chambers. When John and Sassi meet there was instant
    12. Calico jack has left the community for certain reasons that he isnt happy with
    13. Happy birthday. I love you, you are an amazing person. I miss when we used to hang out those were the good times. I hope you have a great day and fuck it up bitch. Don't let no one ruin it. 

    14. I'm looking for Lawyer to sue the NYPD for wreckless driving, public endangerment, false accusations and pain and suffering.

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