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  • The map in the game is very blurry or has a spot with no textures! How do I fix this?
    This is an easy fix! Just take a look at the forum post located here and download the file and follow the instructions on the forum post.
    Posted by Anita
  • I was told I needed to clear my cache, how do I go about doing that?
    You can follow these steps to clear your cache:
    Step 1. Close FiveM completely
    Step 2. Right-click your FiveM Shortcut and click 'Open File Location'
    Step 3. Double click FiveM Application Data > Cache
    Step 4. Delete all files and folders EXCEPT the 'game' folder.
    Step 5. Reopen FiveM and connect to the server.
    Posted by Blurr
  • Where is RP?
    Here at BigCity RP, we make use of the entire map.
  • What are the commands and/or keybinds?
    Most of our commands are used inside the 'K' menu.
    'B' -> Point
    'X' -> Hands up
  • What do I do if I get banned?
    If you get banned from our servers, you can log onto the forums, and click support at the top of the navigation bar. There you will create a support request under the ban appeal department. Be sure to follow the format that is listed!
    Posted by Crawdaddy
  • How do I post a bug report?
    Bug reports are posted on our forums under support located here
  • I was told I need to meet someone in Teamspeak? What is this? Where can I find it? How do I connect?
    Teamspeak is a VoIP application similar to Skype or Discord. You can download it for free at teamspeak.com. Once you download it, you launch it, press 'Connections' > 'Connect' > Address: 'bigcityrp.com'; Nickname: ( Your Choice ) then press connect.
  • I want to play but I can't find the servers on the master server list or my favourites list! WTF!?
    To view our servers direct connect IPs please view the #information channel on our Discord Server
  • I am trying to find your rules, where can I find them at?
    The rules can be found here.
  • I want to join EMS, and PD. How do I do this?
    •  A list of open applications can be found Here  

Updated information (Map, Bug report, Direct connect IP's, and url for rules) by Justine Martin

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How to fix my color map texture on the pause screen.

Right click your Fivem desktop icon and open file location. 
Goto the directory you have installed fiveM on.
Locate and select the FiveM Application Data folder.
Next select the citizen folder.
Then the common folder.
Next select the Data folder.
Then lastly select the ui folder.
Here in this ui folder, drag and drop your "mapzoomdata.meta" file.

Close this all up and restart FiveM.


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