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    1. Ask on twt if maybe someone owns one. And ask them for a test-drive?
    2. I know we have EMT but Doctors and Nurses that work in the hospitals and deal with patients and perform operations and give meds and treatment. Doctors and nurses allready work inside zonah. Not daily but if you need them. We are there more often then you think. Also if you need a Dr. Ask a member of fdny when In city. And they can point you the right way to get a appointment.
    3. I'm always up for changes. But a medkit / bandaid / field dressing after a stab or gunshot wound. Would still be a temporary fix. If you get shot or stabbed you need medical. End of story. Realistically: Never have I seen a person walk around for a day with a gunshot wound or deep stabwound. Because they had a field dressing. Gameplay wise: I understand the frustration and irritation of going down after a gun fight. And that it takes time away from your RP. But at same time.... Then don't get in that gunfight. Every action has its reaction. And taking the bleeding out completely will render FDNY near useless. Imagine a community that actually wants to rp out their injuries. over 80% of FDNY calls. The person that's injured does not care. And thinks we are just annoying. They go with the flow. And just say the yes and no where they have to. To get thru it ASAP. and go back to shooting eachother. As soon as the community RP their injuries properly. Maybe there's a option of looking into changing things. For now. Keep the regular medkits for those who want it. Adding a second item as a field dressing to stop bleeding yes but also for a max amount of time. Maybe a bit longer then currently. And only optainable by buying it from a member of FDNY
    4. My Crim Planted a full field today with no issues. Might be bad luck?
    5. As FDNY. We had a full worked out plan for this. But there where more people abusing it. Then using it what it's supposed to be for. Standing in the middle of legion. With 3cops in front of you puffing marijuana smoke in there face... Yeah that's how it gets removed. And there where many incidents with it. To the point it became. It's not worth the FDNY's time and effort anymore. Therefor the medical marijuana card. Got completely removed
    6. Your stating your opinion and how you feel. Dont think you should get any "heat" for that. For the rest I noticed it aswell. I'm not going to state names cause it's a mentality issue not just 1 or 2 people. I need the W. And I prefer to have it withing 2 min.speedrun everything from the initial chase to the last booking.
    7. Voluntary Corrections Officer VCO the main key of a VCO is. make a WL job. accesible for someone who cannot dedicate the 5h. VCO officers should get no or very little WL prio. not a minimum requirement but however we do expect you to be somewhat active. FD has the Voluntary First Responder - VFR DOC could have VCO what will you a VCO get, a clockon point. where you receive, a baton, beanbag shotgun, handcuffs, drag option, keys to rikers. no life fire-arms no option to raise or lower a inmates prisontime. cannot do searches of a inmate. if a search needs to be enforced. the VCO can handcuff the inmate and wait for the DOC member to come and search their pockets. not allowed to go on duty alone. must always be under the supervision of a DOC officer either fulltime or Cadett. main focus will be to assist the DOC member that is on duty. keep the general peace in rikers and assist where needed during a violent outbreak. then what is there to abuse? let people walk out of rikers due to opening the doors. they get shot by local guard and / or poofed back in automatically. smuggle stuff into rikers. When this happens DU/IA will investigate corruption. put a EXTREME high financial charge and sentence on it. 9s charge, blacklist, 1mil fine? optional to prevent the dropping of items to inmates? make it impossible for DOC/VCO on duty to drop items on the floor. a DOC/VCO member has no need to drop items in rikers. inmates do need to have the ability to drop stuff to eachother. to hide stuff or to give items to eachother, like phone, radio, shanks, and random stuff. only way then for a DOC /VCO to give something to a inmate is by searching and dropping it in their inventory. but by then i believe these drag and drops all get logged? so should be fairly easy to find if someone is doing that in rikers. benefits could give more activity to DOC in a whole. gives people who cannot dedicate the full 5 hours a option to still be apart of a WL job group. adds in the possibility of RP for inmates. this is my idea. looking forward to seeing feedback and toughts comments concerns on it.
    8. I barely use the classified section. (Yes i do have a add running for buying a house i know) I buy all my cars in city. The hunt for that car. Calling people asking them, Hey you know of someone selling let me know. It Just generates so much talk between people. And i also think this would partly help against the absurd high prizes that are asked for cars/houses.
    9. Them benches need to become scrap metal. Or bolted solid to the floor again
    10. Have a story and tell your story. I do this alot. And the amount of things i get away with. Is amazing. My record on my crim should have been 3times as long as it truly is. Its all about the attitude amd the way you present yourself.
    11. I have no issues with the door. Do we all get stuck on them sometimes. Yeah. But just give the door time to open instead of running against them. Then there is no issue with the door
    12. Ooh cook the food in your own kitchen of barbeque outside is actually a great idea
    13. Wow thats a nice line of ideas. I love the tought that went into it. +1
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