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    • looking for an Autarch. hmu if you're selling one pls and ty! Email: poopface1001@0227 Phone: 810-7328
    • Thats the thing....they obviously dont have written rules on whats allowed or not. Maybe they should consider doing that to make sure we all know its there. Its kind of difficult when one supervisor tells you one thing and another one tells you a different story. How are we supposed to figure out whats allowed or not? But as you were saying there should be some sort of a licensed agreement for private owned business that entitles them to have securities. I couldnt agree more as an owner of Bahama Mamas. Also ourselves has run into troubled citizens in the city and most of them usually are there to just trolls and what not. But we also had our worst situations were peopple actually got killed. So as an owner of a club I suggest this idea. 👍
    • I was told recently by an LT that I would be arrested for open carry but by other sups I've been told I am fine.. it's just hit or miss with LEOs. : / 
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