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      • General discussion is an area where players can talk about any topic server or community related and have a discussion about that topic. 1. Be respectful to all members (If you get heated with another member just close the tab or contact Management) 2. Don't post inappropriate photos or messages 3. Do not meta game. 4. Please be detailed with your discussion question so everyone has a proper understanding 5. DO NOT POST ANY OF YOUR CURRENT OR PREVIOUS BANS. If you had or are having an issue contact staff by joining TeamSpeak or putting in a support ticket ¬†
      • 1. Please Do not Metagame in suggestions. (Giving illegal locations, info on how to do illegal things, etc) 2. Be kind and respectful to all members when giving input (Don't be an ass) 3. Please be a bit detailed when giving suggestions. 4. Look at the list of suggestions before posting your own. There may already be a post on your topic ¬† Below are some frequently asked questions¬† Can we Fix the vehicle despawning issue? This is a issue within FiveM itself. It is happening across multiple servers and is not just a us problem. Our Developers are currently waiting on a fix from FiveM to this problem, and trying to find ways to help make the problem have less of an effect on roleplay. ¬† Can We This Vehicle To the Server?¬† Due to the amount of custom cars that we have on the server we will not be adding anymore at this time, we would love to have as many custom cars as we can but it adds stress to the server, We need to make sure that we are keeping the server playable for as many people as possible. The more vehicles that we add into the server the harder it makes it for people who have low / medium performance computers to be able to play on our server. Which we don't want. However the management team is always looking into vehicles that people aren't buying to try to update the vehicle list. Can We Add Body Kits or more seats to Vehicles?¬† With this we are limited as what we can do based on the model that we have. Vehicles in FiveM when they are released more of the time are "Locked" This means that no one can edit anything on the model to be able to add it into the server. Because of this we are limited to what we can do based on what the maker of the designer wanted the vehicle to look like.¬† ¬† Can we Cuff, Drag, and put someone into our vehicle? Can we frisk people while we are pointing a gun at them? The Answer to both of these questions is the same. Both of these suggestions are things that we are looking into implementing to the server. However the issue that we have to be careful of. Is there is a possibility that there are new people who come into the server just to be trolls and ruin the RP of other people. If we implement these features there will be players that come into the city just to "cuff" someone and leave them where they are. Making it so they can't roleplay properly until they are able to get out of them. Or people will come in and every person that they see they will rob. Making it challenging especially for new players to be able to get a start in the city. We are looking into ways that we are able to make it so both of these challenges won't happen.¬†
      • How to fix my color map texture on the pause screen. Right click your Fivem desktop icon and open file location.¬† or¬† Goto the directory you have installed fiveM on. Locate and select the FiveM Application Data folder. Next select the citizen folder. Then the common folder. Next select the Data folder. Then lastly select the ui folder. Here in this ui folder, drag and drop your "mapzoomdata.meta" file. Close this all up and restart FiveM. Done https://www.mediafire.com/file/94c4449pqig7a3a/mapzoomdata_fix.rar/file
      • You will be expected to follow all of these rules at all times. Staff do not allow ignorance as a justified reason or excuse for breaking these rules. ¬† ¬† If you need to report a rule break, bug or issue with a mechanic, please report it to our staff team by either using our TeamSpeak Support, submitting a discord player report or opening a ticket on our forums. ¬† ¬† SERVER RULES ¬† Community Respect Your interactions with others should at all times be respectful and should not reflect on the player of the character outside of the server. There is a no-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment or verbal attacks within any capacity outside of roleplay.¬† ¬†The use of derogatory terms is not permitted. (this includes racial and homophobic slurs) General You must be 16 years or older. You must have a working (and good quality) microphone. Your character must have a realistic name. It must not be:¬† Play on words to mean something inappropriate or childish. Duplicate names/Characters with the same name/surname. (this includes different variants of spelling. Example: John Citizen & John Citizen.) Your character should not have the name of a notable figure/celebrity. Advertisement of other communities within any capacity of our servers (in-game, Discord, forums) is not permitted. The entire event server is a safe city. This means no violence or criminal activity can occur that is unrelated to the event. Breaking Character/Out of Character You must remain in character at all times. If an issue occurs, you must roleplay the situation out. You can report an issue to management after the scenario.¬† Do not use in-character terms or slang to refer to anything that exists outside of the game universe. (incl. ‚ÄėGods/Government‚Äô / ‚Äėin my eyes/brain/head‚Äô / ‚Äėgetting a vacation‚Äô) Do not inform players if they are breaking server rules in-game. This includes using in-character terms.¬† Do not use OOC chat to rant, mention in-character details or to flame a specific person. OOC chat is only to be used for game mechanic issues Deathmatching Attacking/killing another player without any roleplay/initiation leading up to it. Killing on sight is not allowed. Using your vehicle as a weapon to run over people without immediate danger to your life with no other choice (i.e. being shot at and you can only drive forward), or ram at excessive speeds. ¬† Gunplay Your character should exhaust all possible options before using a weapon. This means using your gun to end a scenario should never be your first response. Any kind of behavior or roleplay that specifically revolves around constant use of a weapon in every situation without attempts to roleplay the situation without violence. Clothes available at the clothing store are not owned by anyone. Shooting someone because of the color of their clothes, cars, masks, hats, or any other vehicle or article of clothing. Metagaming The use or relaying of information which was gained illegitimately and not learned by your character in-game. This includes gaining information from Twitch Chats, or Discord. Your characters have no knowledge of each other, they cannot have a relationship. This includes referring to another one of your characters as your ‚Äėcousin‚Äô¬† Your characters should not be in the same friend group/gang or family as each other. This eliminates two characters pushing for the same goal. You are not allowed to watch any stream whilst on the same server as the streamer.¬† You are not allowed to be in any third party communication with others when on the same server. (this includes discord calls, Teamspeak channels, facetime) You should not use the F6 button unless you are reporting a rule break or admitting someone to hospital Failure to Roleplay/Unrealistic Roleplay You must roleplay with emergency services. This means you must try and contact medical help of some sort when incapacitated or injured.¬† You should not walk past medical staff at a hospital to check yourself in. Failing to roleplay or choosing to leave your computer during roleplay at any time is prohibited. Disconnecting from the server to avoid roleplay will result in a ban. In this event of your game crashing, please return to the same server as soon as possible. Taking a local flight to hospital whilst emergency services are enroute or on scene falls under the same category.¬† You should not hide your friend from emergency services so they can take local flight.¬† This includes threatening or disrupting emergency services with the sole intent for your friend to take a local flight. You must roleplay your injuries.¬† This means if you‚Äôve been riddled with bullets or fell off a building and broken your legs. You should make attempts to roleplay out the damage to your character. Swapping or retrieving vehicles from a garage or impound whilst in an active chase. You are not allowed to use fake hostages. You are not permitted to enter the military base. ¬† Offensive Roleplay You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely morbid activities without the explicit consent of all participants involved. This roleplay must take place in private. Roleplay which involves committing suicide or self harm is not tolerated under any circumstances. You are not allowed to roleplay acts of terrorism/bomb threats. New Life Rule (NLR) If you are downed and respawn (via local flight) at the hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed in the current scenario. There is no way for your character to remember who, why or how they were hospitalized. You cannot re-initiate, get revenge or retaliate in any way if you take a local flight.¬† Exploits/Circumventing Mechanics You are not permitted to use any sort of macro, script or software to automate any kind of gameplay. You must report any bug or issue with a game mechanic; if caught with modded/bugged items, money or weapons that you‚Äôve kept for your own benefit as opposed to reporting it to staff, you will be removed from the community. If it doesn‚Äôt seem right, it probably isn‚Äôt.¬†¬† No Value Roleplay You must value your character‚Äôs life. You cannot be fearless in the face of imminent danger or severe harm to your character.¬† Your life is more important than your possessions.¬† Criminal Activity Groups or gangs are limited to 5 people at one time. (This includes drivers, backup, lookouts or anyone that is involved with the crime.)¬†¬† This extends to any kind of gang-truce or agreement between two groups. Two gangs working towards the same means count as one group. In our community restricted servers only; groups or gangs may have up to 8 people during bank robberies (not trucks), jailbreaks, heists and drug smuggling only. (This includes drivers, backup, lookouts or anyone that is involved with the crime.)¬†¬† Do not call services (tows, taxi, etc) to rob, kidnap or ambush them. Cop baiting is not allowed. This includes: Repetitively committing crimes in front of police to bait reactions. You cannot rob more than $50,000 in cash or possessions. (This does not include robbing someone for keys to their vehicle) There are no limits in regards to robbing guns, drugs or illegal items off players.¬† You cannot scam for more than $50,000 in cash or possessions (including illegal items) You should have a justified reason to kidnap or hold-up a police officer. This should not be done spontaneously; abuse of this could result in removal from our community.¬† ¬†Hostages cannot be used for jailbreaks, bank trucks, heists¬†or release of someone in custody. A heist is defined as an illegal job that requires travel and gaining entrance to a location after the job is triggered. This does not include bank robberies, but does include things like the Cayo Perico heist and Humane Labs. ¬†You are not allowed to attack on-duty medical staff or paramedics ¬† Safe zones A¬†safe zone is any hospital, police station, clothing store, public garage, barber shop or repair shops (whilst inside the menu). No violent crime can occur in these zones unless a scenario you are a part of has led there. If you are being chased, you cannot drive into a safe zone for protection. Simeon's & DMV should be treated as neutral grounds. Any excessive/repeated amounts of crime or harassment will be handled. You can read this Discord message for more info. You can not attempt to get someone released from custody whilst at a hospital or police station. Power gaming/Griefing Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response. Do not camp drug locations or spawn camp teleport points such as opening fire on people as they spawn into or exit an interior. No griefing, griefing roleplay includes: Robbing someone then killing them. Constantly robbing or attacking the same person. Randomly punching players over and over again. Loud, disruptive noises being played through your microphone (parties/music should occur in private) Any kind of roleplay that is done intentionally to annoy players. While being pursued by police you can not use a Los Santos Customs to repair your vehicle. As police, you may not rejoin a pursuit after repairing your vehicle at a Los Santos Customs or police department.
      • The map in the game is very¬†blurry or has a spot with no textures! How do¬†I fix this? This is an easy fix! Just take a look at the forum post located¬†here¬†and download the file and follow the instructions on the forum post. Posted by Anita I was told I needed to clear my cache, how do I go about doing that? You can follow these steps to clear your cache: Step 1.¬†Close FiveM completely Step 2. Right-click your FiveM Shortcut and click¬†'Open File Location' Step 3. Double click FiveM Application Data > Cache Step 4. Delete all files and folders¬†EXCEPT¬†the¬†'game'¬†folder. Step 5. Reopen FiveM and connect to the server. Posted by Blurr Where is RP? Here at BigCity RP, we make use of the entire map. What are the commands and/or keybinds? Most of our commands are used inside the¬†'K'¬†menu. 'B' -> Point 'X' -> Hands up What do I do if I get banned? If you get banned from our servers, you can log onto the forums, and click support at the top of the navigation bar. There you will create a support request under the ban appeal department. Be sure to follow the format that is listed! Posted by Crawdaddy How do I post a bug report? Bug reports are posted on our forums under support located¬†here I was told I need to meet someone in Teamspeak? What is this? Where can I find it? How do I connect? Teamspeak is a VoIP application similar to Skype or Discord. You can download it for free at teamspeak.com. Once you download it, you launch it, press¬†'Connections' > 'Connect'¬†>¬†Address:¬†'bigcityrp.com';¬†Nickname:¬†( Your Choice ) then press connect. I want to play but I can't find the servers on the master server list or my favourites list! WTF!? To view our servers direct connect IPs please view the #information channel on our¬†Discord Server I am trying to find your rules, where can I find them at? The rules can be found here. I want to join EMS, and PD. How do I do this? ¬†A¬†list of open¬†applications can be found¬†Here¬†¬† Updated information (Map, Bug report,¬†Direct¬†connect IP's, and url for rules) by Justine Martin
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