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    1. Honestly if time was lowered a lot regarding charges, people would just non stop do them and keep getting arrested. And if a LEO stacks charges, take your case to court. But honestly, i dont care if people do chases, but it does get annoying when like 95% of the city just want to do shootouts with cops and then complain when they get charged for it. This isnt cops vs robbers or a shooter simulation. Those people take the fun out of RP also for LEO's,not just for other crims or civilians.
    2. The issue regarding robbing people on the ground is, you can go down due to either no seatbelt, forgetting to eat or drink or being shot / stabbed down by someone. And other people who just see you down on the floor, take advantage, and they can just run up to you and rob you then. Its going to be an issue for sure.
    3. I'd say give tows the ability to put down barriers, and if it gets abused they can always remove it. Leave the lights to Cops and Ems.
    4. I like the first idea more. Creates more roleplay for both parties.
    5. Honestly, people will just go and shoot peoples pets too just to be an asshole. People already shoot eachother a lot so adding pets will just make them not only shoot other people but the pets also. Because you do get people who dont let others have nice things and ruins everything for people. So i can understand Ralph's side.
    6. The issue is a lot of people are trying to get the 9's on purpose these days. I've seen what most 9's get charged with and i just shake my head... Not everyone deserves the 9's for most things they do to get it.
    7. Technically a 9's inmate can still rob people if they have a shank. But i guess it will be hard as we search inmates regularly. But i used to love the fact that we never knew what to expect from inmates before the new system came, we were always on the alert and you never knew when you were going to get beaten, stabbed or possibly shot by an inmate [whenever a cop forgot to take something off or a weapon got smuggled in].
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