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Server Rules

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Adult content - age restrictions apply - must be 16+ years or older to join.

BigCityRP Rules:


  1. Respect -

    • Respect is to maintained at all times.

  2. Gunplay -

    • If the situation can be resolved without using guns do so.

    • Example: Shooting someone down because they bumped your car.

  3. Value of Life -

    • You are human. Treat your character how you treat yourself. You would put your hands up with a gun to your head. Your characters life is important, so in life or death situations you need to value it the most.

    • Value the life of others. If a criminal has a hostage, you need to value the life of that hostage as much as your own. Meaning, you wouldn’t charge into a hostage situation without the release and safety of that hostage.

    • Value your possessions.

  4. New Life Rule (NLR) -

    • You are unable to remember anything on what lead to your character's demise if you respawn.

  5. Revenge Killing -

    • No Wars. If you shoot someone down or get shot down you should not continue shooting each other after respawning or assisted by EMS or PD.

  6. EMS/Respawning -

    • ROLEPLAY WITH EMS - They are not here to just simply pick you up after being shot or downed

    • Be realistic with your injuries.

    • Use actions (/me /rp) to roleplay with EMS.

    • Do not respawn in an active situation.

    • EMS shall be a neutral party. If all officers are down they can help criminals or civilians up first. EMS can not help police.  

  7. Stunt Jumps -

    • Do not use any stunt jumps that would be unrealistic for your vehicle.

  8. Safe Zones -

    • Hospitals, public garages, impound and the surrounding block of police departments are safe zones.

  9. Deathmatch -

    • Your character must have a valid reason for killing someone. Both need to understand why you killed them. Engagement between parties prior to firing is required.

    • Deathmatches shouldn’t be initiated for civil disputes. Example - Car accidents, they call you a bad name or they stole your business idea.  

    • You do not have a valid reason to kill anyone who is complying with your demands (reasonable demands).

  10. Groups -

    • Your gang/family/group can only have 5 members max together at a time during any criminal events.

    • You may not have more than 5 people in an active crime situation.

    • Police are limited to 7 active duty officers/troopers unless specially authorized.

  11. Metagaming -

    • Using information from out of game in game or vice versa.

    • If you are using a third party communication program you must also talk in game. This includes police & radio communication.

    • Stream Sniping - Do not watch someone’s stream while in the same server.

  12. Clothing -

    • Any nude models/mostly nude models should be kept to the strip club. No police clothing/belts/badges/etc - should be worn even if it is available to you.

    • No EMS or Police clothing is allowed (unless you are in the department/on duty).

    • No aliens.

  13. OOC -

    • Should be only be used for in-game issues. Do not complain, chat, or call someone out in OOC. Use local OOC when possible.

  14. Breaking Character -

    • Absolutely at no time should you break character or use terms to indicate OOC in character.

    • Using terms such as “going to the government” should not be used.

    • You must remain and react as that character until it is over. This includes phone calls, text messages, and Twitter.

  15. Powergaming -

    • Using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. You can not force someone to permanently kill their character. Crosshairs are prohibited.

    • You may not have more than 5 people in an active crime situation.

    • Other methods of gaining an unfair advantage in game such as a crosshair. 

  16. Complaints -

    • Use the appropriate channels to report any issues. Do not complain using OOC or discord.

  17. Staff -

    • Do NOT private message staff unless you have exhausted all options. Submit support tickets or use TeamSpeak.

  18. Bugs or Glitches -

    • Do NOT exploit any bug or glitch or you will be permanently removed from the community without question..Just know, we log all transactions of money in and out of the player data, you will get caught.

  19. Combat Logging -

    • Logging out to avoid jail or an RP situation. If it is an emergency or the game crashes try and get back as soon as possible and finish the RP situation.

  20. Cop Baiting -

    • Do NOT intentionally bait police into chasing you for a high-speed chase or bait them into an ambush situation.

  21. Derogatory Remarks -

    • Anything made negative on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. whether it be in RP, Forums, Discord etc, is not allowed.

  22. Restricted Areas -

    • Military Base

  23. Scamming and Robbing -

    • No scamming or robbing over a value over $50,000.

    • You cannot force someone to take out money from their bank.

  24. Offensive Roleplay -

    • You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely morbid activities in public. The roleplay must take place in private, away from where any individuals who might not want to witness this roleplay might innocently enter.

  25. Dead on Arrival (DOA) -

    • If and when you decide to DOA your character, you are required to DELETE the character and restart fresh.

  26. Vehicles -

    • Absolutely no helicopters, planes, or military vehicles allowed unless authorized.

  27. Unrealistic Roleplay -

    • To keep a sense of realism and serious roleplay things such as having bombs is not allowed. Think to yourself - how often does this happen in real life? 

    • Do not use the scuba gear to help in evading the police.

  28. Camping -

    • Do not camp drug locations with the intent to rob other players. Police can not camp drug locations or repeatedly "raid" locations. 

*Anticheat bans are unappealable. 

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