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    1. ya there are a few things what would be nice to have in the city but just being a public server holds us back
    2. I truly feel that BCRP dont need another reason for people to want to Shoot people, I remember when this was in the city awhile ago and all it did was get abused we dont have enough admins or mods to keep up with all the reports that would come from this. I feel if BCRP ever becomes a WL server this would be doable but as of right now i feel this would cause way to much problems.
    3. This is dope plus i love the vehicle hud to open and close the doors
    4. well i guess its a good thing their was only 2 people in his car and the person in his car didnt report him so i guess we better follow the rules where people cant stream snipe to report people
    5. Doing an upgrade at bennys i make zero profit the prices need to be fix
    6. i couldnt have said it better myself brother great post on this thread
    7. i think we should get the topic going here and get good ideas going
    8. I Truly feel that Burger shot needs to have its doors unlocked and open to the public again i have been trying to catch Burger shot open and have seen nothing but post about hes trying to hire people and hes struggling to find good workers, Im not a lets take his business away from him but im trying to find a happy mediums as someone that owns the hunting store i am sitting on over 300 plus meat and i can do anything cause burger shot is never open and is Lock. i miss the good ol days where i could roll up to Burgershot off duty and make some bugers and go on my day. Not sure if this is an option but how about we make it so you can cook meals on your stove at home so we dont have to worry about bugershit never being open and people can still RP with their family cooking meals and have guest over. Its been over a month since people been asking who owns burgershot and why its never open and nothing has change im not sure if im on in a different timezone or what but it looks like a few other people feel the same way...on a side note john justice this isnt a personal attack against you at all man i just want some damn MONEYSHOT MEALS lol hope Burgershit opens soons
    9. that post was from sep 2019 chop shop is gone now
    10. where are you going to fit a weapon that is over 3 feet long ? u gonna hide it in your pants leg, if your friend didnt do anything wrong im sure the cops would have let him/her put the gun in the trunk or glovebox. i can speak on what the cops did with your friend i can tell you see people walk around with SHOTGUNS on their back then they bitch and moan to cops saying how else am i gonna defend my self isnt gonna help your case.
    11. slimd

      Legal Jobs.

      Hunting on TOP
    12. The Warden of the North is always up there
    13. i feel thats just bad luck unless it change with in the last month i went scanning at the quarry for 1 hour and came out with 5 parts
    14. As the title states i feel a change to how automatics are being made would benefit the increase crime that have to deal with autos, As someone that has been in this community as long as i have, I have seen the ups and down to the crime rate that have to do with autos. We just had a automatic whip roughly 3 months ago and we are still have a large amount of people that have access to a large some of autos. As a Cop who arrest alot of people and arrest the same people i alot i see them having auto atleast 70 percent if not more of the time. Im gonna leave this video here that just shows roughly 10 people at the lumber lard scanning for Gun parts and everytime i go pass its always full. i feel its just extremely easy.Video proof . im not sure what a good solution is but i feel that we can get a discussion going, im sure everyone that loves automatics are going to hate this post but i still feel we need a change.
    15. As someone that Role plays valuing my life I have very little interaction with ems cause I don’t get hurt I can take remember the last time I needed to wait for ems. I feel if people didn’t speed so much or fist fight each other all the time or just careless they wouldn’t need ems as much as people do. I get it accidents happen but ems is doing thier best and just cause people don’t like to wait they don’t deserve to take rp away from ems
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