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  2. djrodslegit

    The Lost Mc OFFICIAL

    We are still active last seen in the city last night.. If there's any questions or concerns please feel free to let us know through here thanks.
  3. RoO

    1114 North Sheldon

    Interested if its still available.
  4. Today
  5. FredUk

    Beautiful house for sale!

    No sorry I have purchased this.
  6. Moseefus72

    Tug Street Home 4Sale!!

    Looking to sell this beautiful marina property. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, spacious living room/dining room combo and a gorgeous kitchen. Parking comes with 6 available slots and is definitely upgradeable. Gov't price is 500k with 5k rent a week. Offers in the region of 1.5 mil (which includes gov't price) will be considered. Please contact me Moseefus#4593. Thank you in advance.
  7. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    LTB House in a remote area.

    All good
  8. [4B-43] T.Mason/Cole Petrov

    Modern House For Sale!

    Time Left: 18 hours and 53 minutes

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Beautiful Vinewood house for sale! Willing to negotiate prices Comes with a pool and a very scenic views Contact me Email: Was Good?#2366 Phone Number: 697-3012

    12,000,000.00 IGC

  9. RoO

    LTB House in a remote area.

    Sorry I guess I should have specified that I am looking for something not in the city preferably in remote sandy
  10. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    LTB House in a remote area.
  11. Looking to purchase a house where there is little to no traffic at all. Email: RoO#2807 Phone: 194-9959
  12. Yesterday
  13. BB_BLACK

    Taking offers on some of my cars

    The guy pulled out so this is still available with the highest offer being 800k right now
  14. RodrigoGuevarra

    The Royal Family

    yall smell like fish
  15. Vinny Warrens

    Shooter Clout 🏆

    Welcome back, my guy! #FreeDixieToo #GetTheBag
  16. Vinny Warrens

    The Royal Family

    Good looking bunch of people with some nice allies, that's for sure. Looking forward to seeing you all build further!
  17. Knocturna1

    Selling BMW M3 E46 $5 Mil FU and Insured

  18. Joshua Hall

    Buff the Comet

    I just bought a Pfister Comet and found out it tops out at 150 flat. Its a pretty rare car and goes for a decent bit but I think it should go faster due to the rarity and the price. I think it would be a lot nice if it went faster than 150.
  19. WestCoastSkills

    Speed Cameras

    - I suggest on keeping the cameras, but stop the system from auto charging our bank accounts. - We should have the choice to pay the camera fine on our own. - When we get pulled over and a cop asks for our licence and registration, they should see how many tickets we got, and if we owe over a certain amount we should serve jail time for failing to pay the camera fines. - If people are just hanging out at legion or anywhere really. cops can roll by and run plates to check and see if anyone owes an outstanding amount. -Impound the car (Original impound fee+camera fees). - FIX the stolen vehicle problem please<3
  20. Myles Bentley

    1-2 Servers

    At the same time though, I think this would also make people value their time in the server when they do actually get in, rather then doing what goes on now. I also think this would help discourage people Code-0ing if they have less options to switch servers on, and they know there will be a queue.
  21. Cau Mau

    Selling M3 E36 for sale.

    Time Left: 2 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Email: Hauwnted#2794 Looking for 2.5m.

    2,500,000.00 IGC

  22. studnasty

    Shooter Clout 🏆

  23. Vegeta

    House in Sandy

    I bought it from govt
  24. Vegeta

    House in Sandy

  25. Tyrone Royal

    The Royal Family

    Oh it will my man
  26. [NYSP-20] Dex Buzz

    500 Roy lowenstein House

    Time Left: 5 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Selling this house, shoot some offers, government price is 350k (included) Really close to impound and garage 1, you can store up to 8 cars but can upgrade it to like 30+ Really nice house to start a family. Highest Bid:

    1.00 IGC

  27. Krypto

    Selling some cars

    Got some cars I don't drive much and some of them you might be interested in so here ya go: OG Sultan 4 Door OG Crysler 300 OG Subaru WRX OG GTR R34 Elegy Retro Custom (GTR R32) Toyota Camry Specter Custom Audi R8 Offer here or in my email - des#7957 Will update list with current offers. Might not sell, looking to see what I may be offered, if the price is good there's a good chance I will sell.
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