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    4. If you could find this model for fivem, please send it to me and we might be able to change into that one
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    6. OOOOF 220? Sheeesh. I have driven that police speed unit and that thing is very fast and yea I shouldnt had a license to drive that thing tbh. My driving even the regular police cruiser I sometimes end up on the wrong side of the road just at 160 mphs. I can only imagine trying to keep up at 220. One other thing is if you are in a pursuit at that high of speed well me personally I would just call off the pursuit because thats dangerous speeds regardless of speed unit. 200 mphs? You cant pit at those speeds and ya cant spike strip so pretty much all you can do is just make sure you have persons said information plate etc and place a warrant/APB out on the said vehicle. You could also if air one is available have them fly at a high level if they have eyes on the vehicle they could follow the vehicle until it stops get visual of who/how many gets of said vehicle get as much info as they can without bein seen and then relay that info to all units and then all units make their move! Nice post here op!
    7. We got a few add on bikes in the city
    8. I think it would also be nice to have some sort of restaurant in that area plenty of parking space there but also add more stuff to the server for making the food in a restaurant not just the burgers it could make for more legal jobs and add even more rp to people the backside would also make a nice addition for truckers to back up and unload to the restaurant and shops maybe even add a forklift and the thing on the back of trailers that drop down to the ground to unload
    9. i personally think we need add-on motor bikes in the city and that goes for all types. ex: super bikes, dirt bikes, sumo and cruisers.
    10. All the replies here are great input. These are the kinds of things that you should bring to the City Council as well. It's a well thought-out idea that would impact the whole community! That's what we are here for. Just a reminder that we do a ton of work for the community as a whole, but it makes our job so much easier when you DM us with these ideas. We will most likely get into a voice chat with you and discuss it at length and you can be part of a solution that gets brought to the owners!
    11. From my personal experience I would be concerned about shit lord's that create alt characters after they go on probation to just run around and play COD on the server. I think a 3 day cool down right off the bat would be good no matter if it's the character or the person that is new.
    12. I agree with you @K. Light, I should have specified this being applied only to those who are first flying in with us as opposed to those who have been here with us for sometime already. Thank you for pointing that out!
    13. The only issue I can see arising from this is people just buying the gun for them, but I don't think its a bad idea. If possible this would probably be done best if it only effected people who were making their first ever character in the server rather than someone who may be an older player making a new one, that is my opinion at least.
    14. I recently began thinking about how new civilians continuously fly into the city, and immediately go to purchase a gun to then stir up the pot with people who have been here much longer. I'd like to propose the idea of limiting newer folk to being able to buy a gun three (3) days after they first fly into Brooklyn. The three days aligns with how civilians needed to play three days in Queens before being given access to Brooklyn. This ultimately allows for them to familiarize themselves with the rules, how the city operates, and to actually speak to people rather then just approaching them and shooting them because they can. I recently heard that there was someone that recently flew in for the first time, and all they had in their pockets upon arrest was a Pistol and 992 Pistol ammo lol..
    15. From a realism POV, officers responding to shots fired are generally going to know the general type of weapon being used. On top of that, I can already see this resulting in SO many use of force issues with smaller automatics like APs and Tecs. Automatic shots fired are also much higher priority as it is always (for now) illegal firearms that can do much more damage. I think we'd get much less automatics off the streets, and much more officers go down out of not knowing which gun to use if we combined the two calls
    16. So this is a quick suggestion on the cop RP side of things. I see the new update with calls. I think it would bring alot more RP if automatic shots fired and normal shots fired were the same call. It would make alot more since if the primary officer was the one to call on radio weather or not it was auto shots fired. Having 3-4 cops turn up on a scene with ars already drawn is a tad overkill. I feel like if all shots fired calls were the same call, It would keep officers and crims more on their toes. Because the police are gonna be opening pandoras box on every shooting scene.
    17. I'll fix the cars, I gotcha
    18. Another suggestion I would like to add is to sort/tune cars into categories based on price and or real life performance. The categories would be X, S+, S, A+, A, B, C, D and the vehicles combination of accelerating, speed, braking, handling, and other factors would determine what category the car would be in X Class: This would be the main category for the very very few cars that would not fit in the below categories like the bugatti S+ Class: This would be the main category for the high end super cars ferrari f40, lamborghini aventador, etc S Class: This would be the main category for the faster end of sports cars and the majority of super cars like most ferraris, tempesta, etc A+ Class: This would be the main category for the majority of sports cars, cars like the comet custom, C7 corvette, etc A Class: This would be the main category for the entry level sports cars, stuff like buffalo stx, base charger, comet 3, etc B Class: This would be the main category for the majority of sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, etc all the average city cars like camrys, buffalos, etc C Class: This would be the main category for vans, trucks, and suvs excluding sport/high end trucks, vans, and suvs D Class: These would be the lowest category including everything from tractors to the slower end of trucks & vans The list above is based on how I would sort them not how they are currently since atm I would put the bugatti as an A+ and the comet custom as an X. If Crunch, Jake, or any other of you important people are reading this feel free to dm me I am happy to help with this since I know it would be a huge task and will easily take a month or two even with a group of people all working on it.
    19. In the last meeting we talked about balance, yes some cars are just extremely too fast while others that should be faster, are extremely slow for what they are. So hoping at some point soon an easy solution will be a type of governor enabled and I will explain why..... When we add cars, they are tested stock and then with simple upgrades like engine and such. We don't test with a tuner chip because its based on users experience. Unfortunately ways exist to manipulate the ratios and settings to make certain cars fast as shit (not our intention at all) We feel the best way to combat this is installing a governor system, so regardless if a car tuned normally can get to 180-200, someone capable and experienced with manipulating its speed based on the tune, still wont be able to get the car faster then the speed its limited or intended to. No matter what car it is in game, if its exceeding those speeds? It was never supposed to be that fast. If we had a list of cars that were able to break these speeds or cars that should be doing these speeds, simply provide it here or to me, staff and we will see to it this gets done quickly.
    20. pd heli's can do 160-200 but when you go higher theres less air which slows you down
    21. I will have to disagree, even if you are in a speed unit or a helicopter you still stand no chance. I personally think any vehicle shouldn't be able go above 180mph. Or PD should get helicopters that will be able to keep up. Another addition that I feel like would make it more balanced with vehicles and encourage people to just drive better instead of highway blasting an addition of a PD place that would be able to be deployed above highways and main roads outside of the city in order to keep up with vehicles that outperform PD ground units.
    22. I havent been able to test the car that much myself but from my experience the Mercedez AMG C32 is just way to fast right now. with it being tuned i believe it goes way over 220mph (correct me if im wrong) and i've witnessed to many crims just abuse its speed. EXAMPLE send it up the highway after a 1 minute interaction on a traffic stop. and if you're not in a speed unit, you stand no chance. Im open for discussions. but please have this vehicle looked at. its simply just owerpowered.
    23. All Great Ideas and i agree with all of them. I would like to see the startup on the Hellcat just a bit better. It would be cool if it didnt roll so much at the start and instead had a startup like the C32 AMG
    24. The challenger hellcat provided ontop looks amazing and would be a great addition to the city. As for the STI it would be nice seeing that model in the city, even if its a new added vehicle. I also agree on the speed of the mclaren and some other vehicles.
    25. Yea i realized that now
    26. it can hold 350lbs
    27. As of my knowledge the Ford Transit Van can only hold 2 people at the front. There is a Model of The Ford Transit Van which is the "Crew XL" This has 2 front seats and a row of 3 seats in the back. This would be a cool addition considering the price tag of $7,000,000. Additionally the trunk space is extremely underwhelming. Considering the Size of the vehicle 150 pounds is not enough. There is more space in a normal " Vapid Speedo" even though the Ford Transit Van is Bigger. I think These Additions would be great and make this vehicle worth buying more than just buying it for memes.
    28. I have been in for 9's for a while now, that is all I am going to say about that, I am just using this as a point to say I have seen what the current prison is like, and theres barely anything to do. Besides trash, a broken water pipe, food, and weights, you are just stuck in a science fiction movie-level maximum security prison. There's practically no way for one to get out, nowhere to go, and you are just stuck in a broken waiting and looting cycle. The prisoners who are in there for short times use it as a period to just look around for weapons parts, and the others just sit there and stare at a wall or they just leave and do it some other time. Lets bring back the old prison, the one with a boiler room, showers, and even solitary. That would make the place so much more lively, in the laundry room prisoners with longer sentences were able to change into proper prison attire (if they had a tie or other bizarre clothing items), you were able to plot escapes, build gangs, learn who the actually bad prisoners were through solitary. It was a whole different system inside the city that provided its own rp. Now, its purgatory. People don't even try to do a fraction of the rp because their sentences are too light and 9's don't exist anymore. The amount of time it takes to craft a shank in prison is broken as well, so unless you have 9's, you would need a team of people to even have a chance at creating one. I am not joking when I say I have spent almost half a dozen 2-3 hour showers just to barely scrape by a toothbrush, and even if you are lucky enough to build a shank, you will lose it if you fly out. So you have to run around with the materials just all jangling around in your pockets. People can parkour outside of the prison's main yard, but if they get to close to the outside gate that's when they get shot. there are just too many faults in the current prison system, its like a magical force instead of a realistic institution. Every minute you spend in prison you risk just dying because either local inmates are trying to gang up on you (which I actually find fun but can find annoying as well), or just dying of dehydration because for some reason you get a shot-sized water cup along with your burger. Just do something to liven up the conditions in prison, - Instead of weapons parts make it a higher chance to get drugs inside of prison, because that actually makes sense. - Build a crafting station so people can make shanks, cheap newspaper body armor, and even weirder stuff like prison wine or spice. - Make a space where prisoners can change their clothes, so crews can form inside of prison (shirt tucked, just tank top, shirt mask) - And finally, let them smoke. It's insane that cigarettes are banned in a place where they could be made currency for RP inside of prison. I love this community, and even in its darkest spaces I believe there should be some kind of life to it. It is a tear in my soul that I just go in there to check my phone for my lawyers messages and then go right to sleep after, when I know in the past on another 9's arrest I was so caught up in the actual rp there that getting out was a secondary priority. There was gang violence, media would come to do reports, and the guards were either super kind and helpful or the cruelest person you met that day, and if you were the roughest one in the block you would be up in solitary having rumors and legends spread about you. It was as real towards prison rp that we have ever been, and I don't know why it changed.
    29. I have a few suggestions regarding existing vehicles in the city. 1) Please replace the current model for the Challenger Hellcat. The current model has no customization while this new model has tons of customization options for people to play around with. A very large portion of the community has a special love for SRT vehicles and they would appreciate this change. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-dodge-challenger-add-on-stock-shaker-hellcat 2) I've never heard anyone compliment the appearance of the current Subaru WRX STI Widebody model. Everyone would be happy to see this change. I personally suggested replacing that model for a model of a regular Subaru WRX STI without the widebody additions. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/subaru-wrx-sti-2017-replace 3) The handling and top speed of the McLaren 764LT doesn't match the $120,000,000 price tag. The car feels very heavy and slides out randomly during turns. Maybe consider giving the 765LT the same handling and suspension as the P1. Additionally, the speeds of the 765LT are disappointing considering the price. Without a tune, the LT has a top speed of about 140 (and 160 with a tune). This is extremely average. I recommend increasing the top speed by 15 or 25 MPH.
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