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  2. AJ Turner

    Rebel Radio - Clubhouse 2 - Turner Real Estate

    C/O: 150 mil
  3. Mr BIGGz

    Taking Orders for Scrap Metals

  4. Fung Shway

    Selling Tug Street Apartment 4

    Tug Street Apartment #4 is for sale. Located next to the Beach. Postal Code - 339 This Apartment Includes: 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom A Lovely Living room area that is attached to a Kitchen Quick access From Garage 6 car garage Quick beach access Government price: 500k Current Offer: None (Will Be Updated In Comments) Buyout: 900k (including government) Make offers here or on email. Email - SoggyNapkin#6969
  5. Jack Weasley

    Taking Orders for Scrap Metals

    Don’t worry my business will provide you Scrap in a consistent way.
  6. Mr BIGGz

    Taking Orders for Scrap Metals

    Thank u i need it for my car shop i run shop 1 in paleto
  7. AJ Turner

    Rebel Radio - Clubhouse 2 - Turner Real Estate

    C/O: 130 mil + a Mirror Park Home (Combined value of 145 mil)
  8. Bagon1

    LTB Mustang, Corvette, R8

    Bagon1#1055 289-1391 If you are selling one of these cars message me and we can discuss the price. 2013 Audi R8 2016 Ford Mustang GT 2015 Chevrolet Corvette C7-ZO6
  9. LettyExpress

    LTS OG Mercedes C63 AMG

    Selling this beautiful car, currently not in store and open to offers. FULLY UPGRADED & INSURED. Email me an offer if interested xixa#8123
  10. LettyExpress

    LTS BMW M6

    BMW M6 up for grabs, beautiful red car.. 5M in store, FULLY UPGRADED AND INSURED Email me at xixa#8123 if interested and send me an offer. Thanks.
  11. LettyExpress

    LTS Vapid Riata

    Selling Vapid Riata currently 5M in store, FULLY UPGRADED & INSURED Send me an offer at xixa#8123 to send me an offer, thanks
  12. LettyExpress

    LTS 2003 BMW M5 E39

    Selling this beautiful car, currently 4.5 in the shop, its FULLY UPGRADE & INSURED. Email me on xixa#8123 and send me an offer Thank you
  13. AJ Turner

    Rebel Radio - Clubhouse 2 - Turner Real Estate

    C/O: 105 mil + Mirror Park House (Combined value of 120 mil)
  14. Today
  15. AJ Turner

    Vinewood Hills Flat - Turner Real Estate

    Buyout: 10 mil
  16. LettyExpress

    LTB a Vapid Riata

    sent u an email
  17. LettyExpress

    2502 Mirror Place (Mirror Park)

    We're currently seeing where the offers go, the ideal were looking for is 20M or a trade equivalent
  18. Rye

    2502 Mirror Place (Mirror Park)

    What's the B/O
  19. Rye

    1701 Mirror Drive

    Buyout RN 10M
  20. Jack Weasley

    House Robbing System!

    there is a cool down system. I see what u saying but i like the way it is now
  21. ScruffMAGuff

    Looking for a Mechanic spot.

    Looking for an open Mechanic spot. I have mechanic experience, almost a FULL year. I was actually head mech aver at mech 5 for about 6 months or more. So I know what it takes to work and even run a shop. If anyone is willing to give me a chance. call me IG (Michael Royal 335-5165) or Email me-(ScruffMAGuff#7682)
  22. dNStreeeet

    Misuse of /me and /me2

    From the way I understand 100% /me2 means actions you do. Hmmmmm ahhhhh that what about if you do /thinks and then a bubble chat appears like the comics and stuff. That would be awesome but then again as Destiny said we are not mind readers 100%
  23. AJ Turner

    Vinewood Hills Flat - Turner Real Estate

    C/O: 5 mil
  24. Dino

    Misuse of /me and /me2

    Court is definitely one of the biggest ones for an example. So is weddings / music events / basically anything that requests the audience sits quietly with no commentary. in my opinion, it ruins RP. because people who are mid dialogue will pause to read it, then we all suddenly become mind readers.
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