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    1. Today
    2. Currently there is no way to change the interior of the Benny's Customs cars in Big City whereas you can in GTAO. E.g.; Spectre Custom has a lime green interior color and neither civilians or mechanics can change that, and the Primo Custom has a blue interior color. My thought is to grant the ability to mechanics.
    3. This may have been mentioned before, likely has but here goes; I was watching a glorious TV show from the early 2000s called The Shield and one of the measures that came up in the ongoing fight against street crime was enacting civil asset forfeiture. Essentially, if a vehicle, property, or business is used in the sale of narcotics or alternatively, if one cannot prove that their property or business was not purchased via legal means, then the courts can move forward to seize that property, and auction it later. This is a way for the PD and DOJ to work together in busting gangs, families, and associations for more than just the fine and prison time outlined in the penal code. However, it would require actual detective case work to prove that illegal activity is happening on a property, illegal goods are stored there, and that illegal money is being used to cover the cost of items. Typically by a seizure of a large sum of dirty money. Secondly, auctioning the vehicles/properties can help that are seized would be a blast I think. Especially the homes, as every few complaints seem to revolve around the cost of houses and availability.
    4. Yesterday
    5. Carson Ave, Los Santos The West Side (W/S) Carson Ave BBand Gang are an enormous and long standing African-American street gang whose roots can be followed back toward the western part of Carson, Los Santos. Otherwise called the "Carson Ave BBand Gang" (BBand Boys), the significant pack once possessing their region was known as the "Chain Gang" at one time. The gang had been around before the development of the Crips, alongside the L.S. Brims. It is accepted that the Inglewood Family's was begun by a man by the name of Jan Brewer and was authorized into the Bloods as a West Coast Bloods set in 1972. This gang has the qualification of being the biggest street gang in Carson. Their turf runs from Forum Drive. to Carson Avenue, around 77th Street to 94th Street. The greater part of their territory is policed by the Chamberlin Police Office yet a little bit of their turf lies in the 77th Division of the LAPD. Present day people from the BBB's are unquestionable criminals and are undeniably more cutthroat, while attempting to keep up with being one of the most dominant blood gang in Inglewood. The people moreover base on keeping a consistent plan to keep up the forces in the Inglewood territory. The BBand Boys furthermore have subsets and various gatherings outside of Los Santos. In Texas, Alabama, and Georgia, they have the BBand boys . They've made a gun and drugs pipeline where they traffic them across city and state lines. Los Santos Police today are at this point analyzing each set and recording their lifestyle generally. Anything from their tattoos to the tagging's put around the territory. They're at this point dynamic and have a prevalent presence in Chamberlin they really take an interest along these lines of life.
    6. Last week
    7. I suggest you go to Teamspeak support at bigicityrp.com or go here https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/support/
    8. Me and a couple of my friends decided to experience the RP in bigcity and we really enjoyed it. However, this came to a stop when my IRL friend got banned on your server and then proceeded to log onto my account on his banned IP and try to play the server. He did this without my authority and since this occasion i have changed my account information so that he cannot log back onto my account and play the server through my account. Additionally, i have recently found out that the person that was banned- leading to my ban evasion has been unbanned and is currently and actively playing the server, therefore as a result of his unban and recent changes to make my account more secure that i should warrent an unban. Thank you for reading, hope to see your descision!
    9. Yeah forsure dude. Message my email so we can discuss more. Karmin#8782
    10. For those who know me I am an honest and straight shooter, A business man to the T. Looking to buy a home from a serious seller who plays no games and wants to make this an easy 10 second opportunity. Not trying to come across aggressive, I just don't want to waste anytime with people who are not serious sellers. looking to speak with someone who has a home in the hills, by the golf area, 500 or 600 area. Willing to let go 150 - 200 mill. #427-1059 Dev
    11. Yes I do know that this property has a history that most don't agree with or are unhappy about,but the house is now in my possession.Even If it was available back then,most people wouldn't have a chance because either one of the top 10% in the rich list would own it or it'd be passed around the gangs/families as most things are already. Houses and other items in the city are bought and sold daily at prices well over gov. price and most sales of the expensive properties arent advertised publicly at all. I am fully aware that 1 billion dollars Is an absurd amount of money for one property,but its staying there.
    12. Like I said i'm looking to buy a 2013 Ford F150 Raptor or 2012 Chevy Silverado LTZ My Discord: Shelby#2930 (Maybe you aren't selling any of those specific vehicles, i'd be willing to look into any other truck that you may be selling)
    13. Send offers, cheers. Email: Johnny2s#1616 Cell: 629-9991 -2003 GMC Yukon XL: 10M in shop (custom plate GMCRADIO) -Viseris: 5M in shop (custom plate ROLLOUTT) -Streiter: 4M in shop (custom plate REBWAGON)
    14. The idea I have is to revive Brooklyn my idea is starting on a time we choose in this thread we start flying in and slowly revive it so the RP in there isnt just trash ass Mechanic RP let me know what you think
    15. I would be down actually have rp in brooklyn that isnt just trash ass mechanic RP
    16. No low balls - looking for serious buyers, I'm in no rush to sell. Email - Timbothetank#7104
    17. Hello there! This is Gray Wolf CEO if AirWolf. I just wanted to leave a little message here that we provide Helicopters for people that like to do photos or films from the sky or a better angle from above! Feel free to contact me in any way if you ever need assistance https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29359-airwolf/
    18. No one will buy this for a billion brother.
    19. Im glad this house is finally on the market ever since i join this community i always wanted to buy this house but saldy it was being held hostage from someone that didnt even play in this community anymore and now its for sell for 1 billion, i hope one day the market isnt so jack where people that are in this community to Role play can have items and stuff that they want instead of people holding stuff hostage Good luck selling your house u got
    20. Looking for a house in the hills or by the golf course. Let me know GOS and price to 327-3990. Email - SumTingWong#2424
    21. Selling Apartment FULLY FURNISHED, AS IS - Even with some food in the cabinet! Send me legitimate offers on my email at xCROUW#2390! | SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY |
    22. I actually do wanna purchase this but the price is insane
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