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  • Ralph is a cool guy. Call or text him 999-9999
  • The Weather today will be mostly cloudy with a chance of snow.
  • Be on the lookout for Rocky the Big Foot in Chiliad forrest
  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
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    4. Mulla

      Selling i8

      Selling fu and insured i8 for 80 negotiations are up for discussion
    5. Gun Store Owners should be able to buy more a day, Just so we can actually sell normal guns to people lol
    6. i'll rather say ¨not in my eyes¨ than getting banned for VDM bcs of desync
    7. Honestly I think the system is fine right now.
    8. Current Offer: Buyout: $13,000,000 PDM: $15,000,000 With custom plates, insurance, and fully modified
    9. Look in Auto Sales instead of Business Advertisement
    10. Missybiatch


      I have to say that the city is very costly if you dont have any income. And the fact that legal jobs are low payed it doesn’t make it any easier. On the other hand people shouldn’t be speeding like crazy either just because it’s fun. If you know it’s gonna cost you, it might be a good idea to reconsider your choices. It’s not really realistic either to just keep on dying just because you can get out of hospital after 300 seconds or how long. Also DOA shouldn’t be a thing unless you do it for the rp. Make a new character for that sake. Otherwise it’s a decision that should be taken s
    11. 1041 Spanish Ave. Apartment No. 6 Cheap but functioning apartment. No pre-owners! Postal is 537. Rent: $3000 per Week. 6 Slot Car Garage. Comes with 2 ovens! Government Price: $500.000 Starting Bid (G/P Included): $750.000 Buy out: $3.000.000 Current offer: N/A E-Mail: SpaceWolf | Donut#1010 Phone: 212-5395 https://youtu.be/RM5aW83L_DE?list=PLwQO3z07uyl04GOoFYaarbpACd0769VuH
    12. Cougar Apartment 16 Cheap but functioning apartment. 2 Pre-Owners. Located right next to public garage 2 and insurance as well as a gas station. 4 Slot Garage. Rent: $2500 per Week Comes with 2 ovens! Government Price: $250.000 Starting Bid (G/P Included): $400.000 Buy out: $1.500.000 Current offer: $450.000 E-Mail: SpaceWolf | Donut#1010 Phone: 512-8412 https://youtu.be/hvKyBcCDOB4?list=PLwQO3z07uyl04
    13. Tug Street Apartment 36 Brand new apartment with no pre-owners! Very clean and also comes with furniture! Right next to the boat docks and Heli pad as well as a nice beach with parking lot. 6 Slot Car Garage. Rent: $5000 Also comes with Microwave Government Price: $500.000 Starting Bid (G/P Included): $750.000 Buyout: $3.000.000 Current Offer: N/A E-Mail: SpaceWolf | Donut#1010 Phone: 837-2263
    14. I wanna become a mechanic or tow truck driver.
    15. Last week
    16. Lets talk about the 4 hour gun limit. I feel that the 1 gun per 4 hours should be replaced with something of sort like 6 guns per day, as of what you can currently get but at once to make everyone's life easier. 6x4=24, Simple. As of being told by also multiple gun store owners, it is a huge pain in having to buy a gun every 4 hours, especially when you were to forget. Now that might be the positives, I can see some of you saying the negative would be more guns on the street or something like that, but at this point I don't think we would see a drastic change, as there is stil
    17. This would be perfect, +1 but also if you think about it, people with 9s have to go figure out ways that might involve OOC when paying rent for houses.
    18. Jamie


      The idea of needing to be financially stable to die makes absolutely no sense, it lures people away from doing any DOA characters cause a couple miles over 45 past a camera and you're in debt. It also means that you need to go to TS for money just so you can die
    19. Fully modified Tempesta with custom plates for sale. Call me on 145-0699 or email me on Yukongt#9236 if interested.
    20. When you redline your engine it should slowly damage it, reducing its possible top speed, making it very useful to accelerate quickly to a certain speed but not good to go as fast as possible in your car for a long time. Slowly your car would damage itself and break down, forcing people to either drive slower than their top speeds or NOT USE THE HIGHWAY to get away from the POPO Redline:"The maximum amount of revolutions per minute of an engine"
    21. Looking to get 7-8 million to pay off all my charges
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