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    4. this is the same across all cities. Sometimes there is no EMs in BK as well. we cannot change this
    5. never once did i say it was on purpose, Maybe mis worded it but the Bentley is 90 mil ? One of the slowest cars in the city along with the P1... Bought it and sold it back cause i know Dev team is busy with other stuff.
    6. This is possible in 2.0, unfortunately not available in the current server atm, maybe in the future though.
    7. Better late than never! Not sure how this thread got by me all this time, but going over these suggestions, just wanted to say, the changes have been made, hopefully you can still hear after this long lol. Sound changes -G63 AMG 6x6 -2015 Shelby Mustang -Charger SRT Demon Enjoy!
    8. Not really sure what's broken? Where was the report sent for the Bentley? Do you think we purposely dodge fixing cars to just piss you off? No dude relax, no one is avoiding fixing a car that has an issue. Its about how its reported, getting the time to sit and do it and the severity compared to other things we have to pay attention to that are more important at the time. We dont add something and not care.
    9. So first, no one replaced the chrome with white, that sounds more like a bad texture issue after downsizing the overall model size. I just replaced the model, looks much better now. I also replaced the C32 Benz model with tunable parts version, handling was adjusted a bit as well. Both live next restart.
    10. Bently and other more expensive cars have been broken for a LONG time, get in line.
    11. Title says it all. The C32 AMG drives like a boat on ice and is way too slow. AMG models are typically the most expensive and highest-performing variant of each Mercedes-Benz class. It needs to be fixed it is close to undriveable at this point. I can assist the developers with finding the most realistic values for it if needed. The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is also another car that has been ruined for me. The chrome parts have been replaced by plain white parts which make the car look very ugly and cheap. It is an 85 million dollar car and also needs to be fixed asap. I hope our developers can find a solution for it so we can enjoy these cars. I have linked pictures for it down below: 218_20220504222141_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com) 218_20220504222143_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com) Thank you
    12. it absolutely needs to be thought of, i know i can come across as negative at times but im going to be straight blunt this is beyond crazy as i said i spent 2 years here having an amazing time and have provided some amazing rp for pd. even with out shooting one single bullet some how you end up with 100 plus no matter what anymore or at least 75 the stacking 9 times fleeing is crazy to me there needs to be some type of limit at this point i feel like were seeing who can get the highest score with arrest times. yea the crim did the crime but you know its not real life we are here to have fun and enjoy each others role play so put me in jail for 3 hours cool im going to sleep see you next week when i have a day off it kills the vibes so hard
    13. its beyond crazy seems like every arrest is 100 plus months no matter what i have been here for 2 years and never have i sat in jail like i have now . 1.5 to 3.5 hours for some fun and crazy times that everyone has enjoyed rp wise to now here is time out for 3 hours which kills the mojo. there needs to be a cap no matter how horrible every other place i have visited and tried caps out the most i have seen is 120 months. not being negative but were to to rp and have fun no one should be in jail 3 plus hours i know we say nothing changed but something has some where
    14. Earlier
    15. Yes absolutely a +1 on addylad
    16. Crunch

      Prison Times

      I actually like that and think maybe its something that should be considered. Thanks
    17. Honestly what most people don't know or even remember was that a while ago PD couldn't give more than 60 minutes jail time no matter the charges. Exceptions were made on a case by case basis by supervisors and 9s done by Detectives, perhaps that should be a start. Bring back restrictions on how long people can be put in for. I have no idea where along the way that got removed but when I left the PD not long over a year ago it was still in place. Way back when we had this is place everything was done on a pseudo strike system, so commit like 3 violent felonies in 7 days then expect the officer to be asking to put you in for more than 60. IDK just an idea that might actually help if it was brought back. There is still the punishment side of a 60 minute time out with the possibility of going more, but it would mean a lot less people get put in for more than 60 on a regular basis.
    18. Pretty funny to read peoples views on different things, at the end of the day this is a Video Game no one is going to have "fun" sitting in jail for 3 hours, then not be able to get a gun for 7 days AND then have to sit through probation. Sure there is a DOJ but its been in a really bad place over the last 6 months or so, very similiar to what EMS is going through. If the criminal side has no trade off to crime then the same should be for the other side... People like playing cop right ? Imagine if you are on a cop and you get shot and you have to sit in the ER for 3 hours then have limited duty for the next 7 days not being able to go on patrol. Thats whats being a criminal is in the current times, Charges are stacked, unit count is always 2 or 3 times what should be allowed and when we are caught we are absolutley skalded for doing crime. Then you have the smart ass cop that wants to say " dont do the crime if you cant do the time "... which is prob one of the worst things to ever say in a game that requires 2 sides to work together to ensure that everyone is enjoying their time and having fun. One of the toughest things to ever balance in a city, understanding that there has to be law, but also has to be crime for both sides to really enjoy it. Everyone wants different things, some cop heavy some Criminal heavy but everything will always fail if there is no government that has a unbiased opinion on either side and does the best for "balance". Unfortunately i think the penalty for doing crime, probation, weapon license removal and the failure of the DOJ system has forced alot of really good people to leave such a great community myself included.
    19. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      Everyone is supposed to be doing crime for fun am I wrong? no one wakes up and goes "hmm I am going to rob a bank today because I want to sit in prison for 6 hours and be bored" and if everysingle person followed "if you can't do the crime, then don't do the time" there would be significantly less crime happening then there already is which I will touch on when I talk about another thing you said. Less crime means more bored cops and for some reason bored cops just want to speed run the process barely talk to you if its a bank negotiation, chase you, taze you, cuff you, and take you to a PD. "more fair now than they have been" is just a complete lie unless you consider harsher to be more fair then sure i guess you are right. You are seeing an overall reduction in crime because there is an overall reduction in criminals, there is a reduction in 9s inmates for the same reason and because DOJ has changed how harsh they are on people getting released/going in for the 9s violations (as far as I know) dont violate probation andmore aswell as most of the time the imates released from 9s get no additional probation meaning they dont break it once and go back in.
    20. Being on 3 sides of this here is my view: From a Criminal perspective, times and fines are never going to be accepted as it feels unjustified to spend a large amount of time in jail for one small crime. However I do think that the criminal mindset for a lot of people if "I'm doing this for fun" then when hit with the consequences (which are publically available) they tend to dispute and hate on the system. We have all heard the phrase "if you can't do the crime, then don't do the time" and that has never been truer, people need to be more aware of what they are doing "for fun" before they end up committing offences against half the penal code. From a DOC perspective, I get asked almost all the time about individual scenarios and how or why a charge may have been added, and quite frankly I have no explanation. I wont bash all cops for this but a lot of the time I tell inmates to fight it because most of the time arrest reports contain little to no information pertaining as to why a charge may have been applied. I see it a lot that a large portion of the police hide behind a DOJ that is incapable of giving the public the justice they deserve and having charges dropped. Now I haven't been a Cop for over a year however in my previous experiences I never put warrants out unless I had PID. I only charged people with crimes I knew without a doubt would hold up in court, and not once was I ever questioned about any of my arrests. I always made sure my suspects knew why they were being charged with certain charges and it was made explicitly clear in my notes. Can I say all cops do this? They didn't when I was one, and based on my experiences as DOC now, I can see that it continues. Now in going back to the original point about Jail times, honestly I believe them to be more fair now than they have been in the 2 or more years I've been here. We are seeing overall a reduction in crime and more specifically a reduction in 9s inmates because the system is starting to work. No matter what changes get made you will never please the masses, but those who are on limited time to come into the city, that's kind of on you to not rack up hours of jail time if you can't do it. Even with DOC present there is a limit that we will reduce you down per hour, so again it's a case of be mindful of what you do before you do it. To tag onto the other convo that kinda got derailed onto here, #BringbackTED. Pursuits should always only have max 4 units, But again I'm not longer a cop, I just hear what the inmates tell me and how pursuits seem to be now. Again I am not bashing or calling anyone out but I hear regularly that lots of units end up in or around the pursuit, people literally smashing cars at over 100MPH, to me that shouldn't be happening (if it even is at all). I think the bigger overall issue would be to improve the quality of policing and perhaps they should be taught the penal code and how you can apply it. I know I had to figure most of it out, but with the fact that nearly everybody has access to some sort of dashcam nowadays, surely it would be better to have everybody understand the law and how it applies. As a cop I believe you should be explaining to the arrestee why certain charges were applied instead of them getting put in Rikers and then having to ask DOC about it when we have little to no information to go off other than what the inmates tells us.
    21. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      exactly, 3 people in 1 car that tops out at 140 you dont need MU, SU, Air-1, Spikes, and 3-4 other units for a bank especially if they didnt kill the hostage or do something outragoues. I think also cops not following demands is another part of the issue if no SU and no MU are unreasonable demands now then follow the only other demands we have which is no Air-1 and no spikes but then you take out both those anyway whats the point of even having negotiations and demands if they 1 arent followed or 2 dont even matter. There has been so many times where I leave a bank and instantly Air-1 is on my after requesting no AIr-1 and I cant go back to the bank and kill the hostage to prove a point or I will get banned for NVL or RDM or something else.
    22. Crunch

      Prison Times

      For sure, and I agree. ie. Like A bank robbery goes off, we certainly don't want the entire police force chasing 3 people. The issue is, stuff like this dont need to be instant, to chase a car for 50 minutes and have the entire department using multiple vehicles, helicopters, boats, calling in help,, just seems more dangerous than putting boots on the ground and investigating, infiltrating and going deeper then just a 14 car chase cause 3 people stole 250k from a bank.. Use the system, time is on your side, this would bring so much more RP then a criminal cursing you out about how OP the situation was while you are jailing him... Put out BOLOs, issue warrants if need be, if they get away today, fine, try and find them tomorrow.
    23. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      from what I know I thought the people that did that were dealt with ooc for chain robbing, taking into account the possibility of someone/ group doing that and then basing the prison time/punishment for EVERYONE based on the minority should be what happens. Personally I dont think robbing a bank multiple times in 1 day is bad, if you are taking the time to find someone elses car and steal it make a plan so that you can get away to even be able to rob a bank again that should be fine, and if they use their own cars well thats when like you said the warrants will stack up until they get caught and go to jail for hours on end.
    24. Hey look, it's only been 2 years since we used this section of the forums! Here I will talk about some of the things to look forward to for 2.0... Trying to come up with things that people would look forward to for this build, wasn't too hard, we had a great advantage/head start with the current server. It is pretty obvious NOW looking back to see what changes will make the player's experience better. We have lacked the amount of legal jobs and activities to do, so in this build, you will find a lot of different legal jobs. Keeping players interested in things outside of crime is another issue we have faced. So in 2.0, you will notice lots of FUN things to do with other players. Betting horses, go-karts, bowling, poker tournaments to name a few are all possible to do with 1 or more players at a time. Doing unique things like modifying your vehicle in such a way, that it looks, sounds, and acts differently than anyone else. Advanced mechanics can raise, lower, change the vehicle stance, add graphics, textures, and really customize your rides like never before. Trying to make the impossible, possible, trying to make 2.0 feel more real, with a balanced economy, prices, payouts, items, and situations that will play out as realistic as can be. Server rules, laws and, players' mentality will all be different here on the west coast. If you have yet to apply for 2.0, that's cool, it's early and we have yet to do applications, but we will start soon and I think this will be exactly what you have been waiting for. Brooklyn will continue to be up, maintained and updated, we have focused on 2.0, but have not forgotten about the current server. Brooklyn is now public, you will need a member role in the discord to join. It will also be called the East Coast server. 2.0 will now be the restricted server, you will need to put in an application to join as well as be a member in our discord. This will be called our West Coast server. Brooklyn is based in NY and the corresponding departments and themes are based on NYPD, and FDNY. (East Coast) Public 2.0 is based in LS and the corresponding departments and themes are based on LSPD, and LSFD. (West Coast) Restricted We will be bringing much more details to you soon. But for now, keep your head up, stay focused and have fun!
    25. Crunch

      Prison Times

      I'm currently at work so don't have time to respond with much, but I have sat here hiding from my supervisor to read this. I couldn't but help understand both sides to a degree... Getting arrested for driving 90mph is kinda excessive if you ask me. The person driving 91mph is most likely not going to pull over and try to run to avoid a 2 hour jail time. BUT if it was fine, I think most people would probably pull over and have that RP interaction with the cop, but because they know they will sit in jail, they run, then that causes a bunch more charges to stack up and before you know it, for speeding at 90mph I am sitting in jail for 3 hours. Not sure how that makes sense, but it is not just the system, it's the player's mentality as well. I certainly think jail times should be looked at for some things, the 90mph speed should be increased for that charge, and fines can be increased based on levels of severity and history. Like speeding for me should be based on a strike and fine system, after so many, you encounter jail time. Or a certain speed can get you that jail time off the bat. catch me speeding at 110 on the highway, check my history, no other speeding charges, you hit me with a fine for whatever +-. Get pulled over again for doing 96, 110+, check history, see I have a history of that crime, hit me with another fine, but increased. If I do it again, regardless if it's 90mph or 120, then the excessive amount of times I have committed this crime, should warrant some jail time. Excessive jail time should be based on the crime + history. BUT also we have players with the mentality of doing things excessively, over and over, which should be kept into account when we talk about these things. I am in no way promoting shitlord activity like that. Anyway, my boss is probably looking for me, so have to run!
    26. Swiftz

      Prison Times

      Would you prefer people use 7 bikes or 200+ mph cars and get away and then continue hitting banks without going to jail or would you prefer them going to jail for less time but being able to have a fun chase with cars where even if they dont get away they can come back later and do it. The PD and the penal code literally forces people to be shitlords because if you dont use a crazy fast car or a bunch of bikes and they give you the response of 3 cars, su, mu, air-1 and spiking like you are in some crazy fast car they wont be able to catch is rediculous. My takeaway recently has been it dosent matter what vehicle you use, how many people you have, how many hostages you've taken, how many car swaps you've done. There is just shy of an ESU deployment, 9s warrant level of response from pd for the majority of situations. and this is 100% a cops vs robbers server if everyone stopped doing crime what would the cops do? drive around all day no they rely on people committing crime to have fun and rp and when their over response on the majority of calls is so extreme it makes people not want to do crime. In my opinion a bank robbery pursuit if there are only cars should be: 3 Units and 1 Speed Unit If its a bank robbery with bikes: 3 Units and 1 Motorunit Mix of cars and bikes: 2 Units, 1 MU FOR BIKE ONLY, 1 SU Mass Shooting, Search and Rescue, and any other situation that NEEDS Air-1
    27. This isn't a bad idea, I would be for something like this to be honest. However, what we have found is there's a Probation ---> 9s ---> Probation--->9s cycle, so much so that for sentencing of people getting out of the 9s, we stopped adding probation on at all and this has been in effect for a few months, so though it probably doesn't show to those who GET the 9s, we are actually seeing less people in the 9s than previous. So if we commute the excess time above an hour to probation, we'll probably see more people in for the 9s for probation violations. But I completely agree, the sentencing seems to revolve around those who (good for them, not resentment) are in the city for several hours a day at least. That's not the case for everyone, so it can dampen things when you've got a long sentence and you only have an hour or two to play.
    28. Something I have been facing recently is meetings and the privacy that comes with it and I really would appreciate it if we could get offices. Not only the privacy but these offices make for more RP and make things look more professional. The ones next to the maze garage don't work and I have attached some MLO's that could work or if we can get a copy of the DA's office, tbh anything will do. To add to this, something that would be really cool is to have multiple offices throughout the city that would be marked like a gas station and make it a purchasable business for lawyers to buy for their firm. The way you could buy it is through the forms or https://businesses.bigcityrp.com/ https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/2021-bmb-offices https://fivem-mods.com/products/office-building-mlo (this one I am willing to pay for out of my own pocket) https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/adam-s-apple-office
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