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    1. Yesterday
    2. Hey lmk what bike that is and it will be around. Sometimes stuff gets overlooked or forgotten about, its not purposely done, but yet people try and capitalize on it. lmk which bike and we can get it back in the shop.
    3. Looking forward to this and more!
    4. Last week
    5. Welcome in this wonderful community bro, Hope you have a fun time in the city
    6. Would like to see the low rider custom for sure in the second link make a great bike for the club
    7. Thank you for also looking out for the mc fan base and making things happen I like this idea a lot. As the president of the Devils rejects bike options are huge to use to have a variety for our members and not have to pay 150 million to someone for a old school bike cause it’s not around no more I’m here for the rp and the experience not making some one rich in a pixel world. Thank you again for looking into this @Crunch
    8. https://gyazo.com/c92689783852323ff97ccfc969e20599 https://gyazo.com/695639014ecaa275c2d577165cb16ecc https://gyazo.com/b17fdabf8458c63de5f1f3d35edfc34e https://gyazo.com/cdfaaabd294dd52f69eecb4030c8c17e Lots of nice ones...
    9. All seem possible. I will check them out. Thanks
    10. The vehicle damage is fucky yes, agreed. Sorry but Police SP/PD cars almost all only take lots of physical damage and hardly break, while most civilian cars die hitting a curb. We are working on making those adjustments and making this much more balanced. As far as some vehicles you mentioned? Yes the x7 should not go 240 and we have a handful of vehicles we just adjusted and will be pushed soon. After testing some of the cars last night while adjustments were being made, we have determined that some cars are being over manipulated by the tuner chip. So unfortunately. to counter that, we need to adjust vehicles and expect the same manipulation will occur after the changes, hence keeping them at a more realistic speed after the tune. Handling and damage will be a continuing project going forward as it reacts differently by clients and hard to get it balanced perfectly and accurately. These issue you mention are not intentional, so a reality check is not how its fixed.
    11. Your wish is my command! I have a line of some cool bikes, I will see to it, we get some different ones in soon.
    12. I totally agree with this, as vp in an mc, we would love to see more choppers
    13. Earlier
    14. I am newly reformed with more memes.

    15. I agree there are definitely a few vehicles that need rebalanced but for the most part besides those few cars you can keep up with the even when tuned in SU. For the crashing part I agree 100% I would also like to see making it harder for tires to pop I havent run into it recently but my tires used to always pop if I just hit a cone or a sign or even brushed the concrete divider.
    16. I was wondering if we could get vehicles adjusted for the 10,000th time. Maybe this time we can add some changes that will help extend chases and make them more enjoyable. First thing is adding more durability to vehicles in general crashing once and being out of it sucks for the crim and the officer. Then being able to get the speed closer to the PD vehicle would be nice when there are cars that stock out run our Heli thats a issue . Civs cars have the tuner chips so let that give their cars an advantage i think a extra 20mph-30mph plus the handling and accel boosts would be fine but when we got a SU and Heli that max out at 180 and there is a wide body SUV that does 240+ someone needs a reality check in the balance department. Also making heli fuel burn up quicker with longer refuels would be a great addition also. Having to coordinate with the ground units to have Air 1 break off and rejoin would be a very welcomed change i think. Overall right now the state of chases is just shit the cars are horribly unbalanced take little to no damage. We need to make the city fun right now the only thing i can really respond to is CDS and Shots fired if its a 60 or i'm just running radar 90% there is no point to even try. Hope this gets looked into it would benefit the city as a whole IMO.
    17. dave mandem for mayor
    18. oh 100%, it would be really awesome and it will create many serious RP.
    19. i would love those bike that you can have fun and have nice chill cruise and not be used in banks
    20. I see the city has a fantastic selection of cars, but only a few motorcycles. I am a BIG motorcycle guy IRL and would love to see some added to the city.
    21. +1 always thought this would be a dope idea.
    22. It would be awesome to have a mayor/governor. We could vote as a city for one. The RP that could come from it would be AWESOME!
    23. Heeyal Hershey here, Im knew to the city. just looking for some good RP and good experiences :3
    24. With the addition of the DMV this idea is a lot more sound. I wouldn't say that everyone needs to get licensed when they first come in but if there could be a points system, where you get points for committing vehicle related felonies (because let's be real, it's GTA, minor traffic violations are common) such as felony evading, hit and run, etc. get you points on your license, reach a certain number of points and you're suspended. Could even strip insurance for the suspensions. To get your license restored, you have to take a driving test with the DMV.
    25. I think this would be great. Maybe a "Veterinarian" class of doctor who operates out of backrooms. You would still need the ability to actually pick your friends up if they're downed and toss them in a car...but I can see the potential if you're shot once or twice, bleeding and speeding to make it to some shady doctor instead of ending up in the bed beside the same police you just shot it out with.
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