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  • Ralph is a cool guy. Call or text him 999-9999
  • The Weather today will be mostly cloudy with a chance of snow.
  • Be on the lookout for Rocky the Big Foot in Chiliad forrest
  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
  • Bart enjoys 🍎 Send him one at BadBart#6487
  • ☃️Snow soon™☃️
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    3. [URL=https://matchnow.info]Prime Сasual Dating[/URL]
    4. We wish you the best and safe travels on your future endeavors and I'm sorry for almost murdering you T_T
    5. Thank you for all you did. Don't be a stranger. And hop by every now and then.
    6. I cannot thank Crunch, the staff team and everyone enough for the 4+ years I've given to this community. 4ish years ago I joined this server as a brand new player brand new to roleplay not knowing anything at all. Some of you already know this as I've talked about this before. The main reason why I joined Bigcity RP was because it was a public server and I wanted to learn the basics and everything there was about RP before trying to apply for NoPixel. I knew I wanted to be a cop. But I knew I needed to learn a lot first. I had watched streamers for months and hoped one day I would join them. Something about bigcity snuck me in quick and didn't let me go. And I didn't want to leave. I started my career in FDNY with Destiny Charms, because I had medical knowledge and I knew it would help me get started. I made my way all the way up to chief in a few months where I lead the department 75 medics strong. This was amazing. The relationship between FD and PD was stronger than ever. I thought that was my hardest goodbye. Then I moved into DoC for a few months. Where Christina Ortega started her line. DoC was fun while it lasted but it was always so hard to be the babysitters of angry criminals who are mad at the cops and decided to use us as punching bags. I nearly perma'd Ortega here when she had her neck snapped by the notorious Namine. Then came the PD. I joined the PD after many bribes and askings of my friends in command. I quickly made my way through the cadet phase and into ESU. ESU was home I made my way up to supervisor and command. Then back down to patrol officer and into detective unit. Then back into supervisor and back to command to where we are now. I have met and trained countless people throughout the almost 3 years I've been in PD alone. I've made and lost friends, companions and coworkers. Some I still talk to every day. Others have moved on and I barely talk to anymore. I joined the staff team in 2020 where I met some even more amazing people. I got to help the community in a stronger way. I learned all the dealings with behind the scenes and helped work on some new things for the community as well as some sneak peeks before they came out. We worked on everything you could think of. Some didnt work out but some things did!. The amount of dedication and determination that these people had for this community was insane. I got to talk to a lot of different players throughout the time and I always made sure to talk to them as people and make sure that I was fair with everything I did or anything I handled. I even made sure to train the new admins coming in behind me to be the same way. And here's the sad part. I've stayed with this community and this server for so long. Putting so much of my effort and love into this for years. Getting screamed at by banned players, targeted, ddosed, threatened for my safety etc.. the list goes on. These are all the downfalls of being staff. You will get this anywhere. Feeling like you aren't heard. Feeling like you are helpless and feeling like nobody cares. I want to thank you all for an amazing time here. And I wish everyone the best of luck where they so chose to go. I wish the best to the devs and the team for Liberty City and West Coast. I wish the best for the community and hope a lot do return and BigCity comes back better than ever. And I'll get to look back and smile at something I got to be a small part of. You can add me on discord or hop in the stream later on to catch up with me. I encourage everyone to continue to be kind to one another. But this is goodbye. Destiny Charms, Savannah White, Amanda Young, Apricot, Christina Ortega, Dino. Signing off.
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