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    1. Good Evening, my clothing store L.L.A. is currently looking for store clerks to attend and greet our customers, security guards and stylists. Experience is required for security but with the other roles you will receive training with the job! We are a very active store and looking to make our team GROW. If this interests you all you can find me lurking in Brooklyn, the name is Letty Black 497-3388, otherwise please email me xixa#8123 and we can get your application processed. - Owner/Head Stylist at L.L.A. Letty Black
    2. L.L.A. is now HIRING! (Clothing Store #3) We are looking for dedicated employees who have a passion for fashion to join our small family-run business. As a committed and active business we are looking for members who will put in TIME and dedication. Our basic contracted hours are 3 hours per week. We do recommend if you think this is the job for YOU please apply and we can discuss hours and payroll in the interview stage. Vacancies available are currently: - Security Personnel - 3hr/per week - Clerk Asssistants - 3hr/per week - Stylists - 3hr/per week Contact Letty Black on 497-3388 usually seen in Brooklyn or Email at xixa#8123 Providing legal and honest earning jobs in the state of New York.
    3. Hi there, As a owner of a clothing store and an active one too it would be really nice to have some new clothing options. I've been in bigcity for a very long while now and love the previous changes made for women characters such as better and longer hair, same for men. One change I would love to see is adding more accessories such as hand bags(hand bags will make it also very much more realistic when carrying a lot of things on your person) , custom dresses to suit parties and weddings, as well as a bigger shoe option such as knee high boots and sneakers. I love that men have a choice for custom clothing such as the gucci jeans and would love to add some more women clothing as such. As a clothing store owner and private stylist this will help for future events such as weddings as it gives people options and customisation to truly be unique and standing out. I really hope to see business changes to clothing stores and wish ALL business owners use their business to their best ability. Thank you for reading, all input is appreciated, I understand that not everything can be available due to capacity but hope in the future this becomes a reality. MANY THANKS, Letty Black
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