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      • My In-Game Brother sat in prison for literally 5.5+ hours; 20,000+ seconds.  He's currently in the 9's and is literally waiting around 36 days to hear back about his sentence after talking to lawyers. That's more days then a ban if you did something that broke server rules. (other then perm) Does that not ping anything in anyone's head about how the system is completely cracked?  In all seriousness, is anyone dealing with this system, actually thinking? It's a game, not a full-time or part-time Job.  How do you expect someone to take anything seriously in this city when you're literally sending people to sit in prison for 5.5+ hours of their lives, as if that's nothing.  And no, he didn't disrespect any cops during his process of being jailed. It's disgusting how some of ya'll rationalize the system. 
      • Felony Evading 20 Months Reckless Driving 10 Months Possession of a Controlled Substance 20 Months Reckless Endangerment 25 Months 75 months I personally have seen a LOT of cops immediatly go for Felony Evading over fleeing and also been adding Reckless Endangerment just because its a lot of time and applys to a lot of situations.         As for the "prison minigames" ah yes hit e every 30 seconds very enjoyable minigame and rp. I will agree that it is heavily dependent on what cop you get for how long you get 2 different officers could send someone off for 25 months or 1.5 hours for the same situation just by how they decide to charge you.
      • I'd love to have a discussion about this in an open forum where more people can chime in.  I've spoken with quite a few members of the community about this recently, as it's a hot topic of late.  This might be a bit of a long post, so buckle up. First let me start by saying you make some great points!  The jail times given in 2 of your 3 examples were grossly incorrect though.  I've given screenshots of the appropriate charges with the time/fine below:   35 Months, not 75 months.   This one is even stacked, and still less time than the example...   The third one you were pretty much spot on.       OK!  Now that quote/picture time is done... What did we learn from this?  Quite a few things actually!   First it's important to remember that these charges are all before any time is reduced due to officer discretion or lawyers are involved (I know, I know, we are very short on lawyers.  Believe me it's not for lack of trying).  Second we see that that simple act of running from the cops isn't really getting you much jail time at all.  That's important to remember.  Chases are fun!  They are the essence of what a lot of the excitement is about when it comes to cop RP.  It's what makes crim RP fun too!  The chase, and the escape!  Simply running from the cops and getting caught doing so, doesn't really get you much time in the slammer.  So what does? Simply put?  Shooting cops.  1st Degree Assault of a Public Servant can stack up VERY quickly, and enough of them will get you a TON of probation.  I want you to really think about this though.  You are roleplaying an actual life here.  A REAL HUMAN LIFE.  You are making the choice to not only do crime, but to attempt to become a cop-killer.  That's a HUGE life choice, and should come with HUGE consequences.     I don't think anyone from the DOJ or server management has forgotten that this is a video game, and that we are all here to have fun.  Not at all.  I DO however think that sometimes people forget that we are supposed to be role playing a real life.  That our decisions are supposed to have long-term consequences for our characters.       Now on to the prison sentences...  I have done some research on my criminal character and some number crunching while doing jail time.  After serving my fair share of jail sentences I've come up with some rough numbers.  Check it out:   If you are in prison and there's no DOC around (I hear that complaint a lot, so for this discussion I'll just assume that they aren't around when you're in jail) you can reduce your time by doing various mini-games and activities within Rikers.  I don't want to go into too much detail here, for fear of being called out for "meta-gaming", but I can tell you that if done properly and efficiently you can reduce your sentence using these activities by up to 40-45%!   That 230 month sentence just became as low as 127 months!  Is it going to be the most fun and interactive time that you've spent in the server?  Yeah, probably not.  I can tell you that on my criminal character, I actually enjoy going to prison even when I'm the only one there.  I usually end up recouping my fines and even making money by the time I come out.  It's all about perspective and attitude.   All this being said, I'm not opposed to new ideas at all.  I've been on both sides of the penal code, both new and old.  I've spoken with crims and lawyers, cops and judges about the jail times.  One of the judges and I were talking the other day about a maximum jail time (there used to be one), what it would be, and the pros/cons of the idea.  I'd love to hear more from everyone about this!            
      • I can't be the only one that thinks these new prison times stack up so extremely fast causing people to sit in jail for 4 hours for barely doing anything. Here are a few examples of situations where I think we could all agree that the times are ridiculous.   You are driving recklessly (only 90 mph which is really easy to go over without paying attention) the cops want to arrest you because they have a "0 tolerance policy" for reckless driving but you have one or two bags of meth on you. You do your best to get away driving all around the city with cops chasing you and eventually crash and get caught. 75 months right there an hour and 15 mins for running from the cops and having 2 bags of meth.    You shoot someone trying to rob you and you don't have a gun license so you get in a stolen car and start running from the cops once again you crash and get caught. 100 months almost 2 hours in prison for defending yourself and now I'm sure some people will say "if you don't have a gun license just don't have a gun and you will be fine" you cant in this server with the people that constantly rob and shoot you need a gun if you don't want to be getting robbed every 20 mins or going to the hospital every 30 mins.   Now for a little more extreme situation, you are a felon who is robbing a bank with an ap pistol threatening to shoot the hostage if the cops don't give you free passage you flee from the bank and lead cops on a chase eventually crashing, you get out of your car and gun down 5 cops between you and your passenger. You try to run on foot but get gunned down by the 15 other cops responding to their panics. 240 months or 4 hours now, you could say, "Oh, that's not that bad for shooting cops”, but you also get probation or sentenced to the 9s for doing crime and trying to get away valuing your freedom.   Just in my opinion from being on both sides of it being crim and cop I just think making crims sit in prison for so long or so easily get probation or 9s is terrible and not fun, everyone is here to have fun and for lack of better terms when the cops “lose” they really don't lose anything besides a little bit of their time, but when a criminal “loses” they can easily lose millions and also have to sit in jail for hours. I just think that some of the penal code times need lowered considering we are playing a video game and not everyone plays here enough to sit in prison for over an hour for some petty crime.   This is just my opinion though so feel free to leave how you feel below or leave a suggestion.
      • Ima +1 this. This should've been a thing.
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