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      Bella Razer was born in the united kingdom with her twin sister Sunmi, although she was a happy child she grew up with traumatic experiences throughout her life, yet her sister Sunmi made life worth living. Bella and her twin Sunmi lived with their single mother as children, their mother was a drug abuser, chain smoker & abused Bella & Sunmi from out lashing from her symptoms of withdrawal from cocaine their mother did not take care of Bella and Sunmi and were very malnourished, Bella swore that when she had children she would give them the world and everything else their heart desires. Bella and Sunmi run through the hallway of their dimly lit house to go play outside, Sunmi went in the back of the garage to collect her shoes; whilst Bella came to a halt as she opened the door the disfigured man she turns her head slightly in confusion and he hands her envelope smiles, rubs the top of her head and walks off to the dingy black van that awaited him. She closes the door her heart pounding and her gut feeling like someone was twisting her insides, she opened it slowly in curiosity seeing her sisters face & a kidnapping threat of her sister..she drops the envelope and shakes her passed out mother that had been drinking so much she was ridden unconscious, tears streaming down Bella's face and pale white she realises her sister may be in trouble. Bella runs to the garage tripping on the broken floorboards and hyperventilating she finally reached the garage to see her sister screaming bleeding and crying for help in two men's arms, Bella screams Sunmi before she realised a man standing behind her that injected her with something that made her screaming come to a stop and she falls to the floor, that was the last time she saw her sister. Bella wakes up alone, in a hospital beeping sounds of a monitor. Twelve years later she is 22, Bella had developed many of her mothers' genetic illnesses this made her hate her mother even more not just for feeling just like her mother that she despises but for the loss of her sister being taken away, that situation alone was enough to send her into an obsession of finding her lost twin sister, she would do anything and kill anyone that stood in her way. She came across a city, San Andreas is a strange city she hasn't heard of before in new york but it suits her situation and she was lead by that note that read if you want to save her "Come to San Andreas with our demands of money and valuables, she will be taken care of if you meet our demands within 20 years." Without trying, without knowing...she stumbled across the love of her life, within a year they were engaged; she got so caught up in this strange man she had met..she would make sure she never lose him like she did her sister and protect him with her life.

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