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    1. Just like the title says I am looking to move to the Court House general area, Please hit me up if you are selling. PN: 121-0595 Email: Jediboy48#9435@discordapp.com
    2. Condo De Luxe 10 This Condo Deluxe is located at 627, A beautiful location to live, It is right next to the pier and beach! Perfect for parties and events! The house has an office with 3 monitors! Perfect for working from home or being a gamer! It has a nice big kitchen, want to become a chef? No problem in this kitchen! Do not be afraid to invite friends over you got plenty of seating and a lot of room! Previous Owner(s): Jack SImmons Current Owner(s): Caleb Steel Government Price: 750k Current Offer: N/A Buyout Price: 10mil
    3. I encourage people if they have headache issues to go to Normal Settings if your on high you will probably have issues. I use it and havent ever had any issues when everyone else is complaining.
    4. forgive me for posting twice, I am on my phone and it isnt the easiest to read. But all of our motions are in character, our paperwork is actual IRL law basically, and so we have to do our paperwork out of character, If I could stream all of our work you would see how much work with put in out of the city, In the District Attorneys office and in Defenses sides they both put in around roughly 20 hours to make 2 courts a week happen, we are still backlogged too, Making these changes would greatly increase the swiftness I believe of moving cases through, because while they are in for the nines th
    5. See as a lawyer, I see cops and civilians lie under oath a lot, I know they do because of civilians recording, and there is no in character way to do it, now in real life they fear to lie but like you also said, it is a video game and I hate to say it but a lot of people are “win cops” so they will lie to cover there asses or etc. It happens way to often and can not be stopped because it is a game, people do not care if they lie because they do not fear, they do not roleplay that factor sadly, therefore body cameras are one of the only ways to actually prove something, it has been said witness
    6. Vapid Riata for sell Fully Upgrade & Fully Insured In the Shop for 5 million selling for 4 mil HMU 121-0595 Email: Jediboy48#9435
    7. jediboy48


      Three Words. Ownable Dogs/Cats It would be really fun to have pets within the cities! Maybe like a pet store where you can adopt one and you have to feed it, have a house where it can stay. Basically just another aspect that could be added to the roleplaying experience.
    8. I think this is a good idea, I am sure there are ways to prevent trolls from using this and I believe with enough thought it would be a nice addition!
    9. I have been told by many people Management and non Management that there is a job that is basically just security, for businesses allowing us to search the person, so during our events and such we can actually make sure they are not taking in anything that they aren't suppose too. I think this would be a great addition, while many workers for these businesses have whitelist jobs I think it would be best for it to be a special permission that clock in and so they can just search people then clock out, it is something that only works in the event city to prevent it from being abused.
    10. Just like it is stated in the title, we need to get Judge Jonathan Barnes his own Judge Robe, so it is more professional and fits more like real life. This would be a great addition!
    11. jediboy48


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