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  1. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Whitelist Development

    I'm not sure if any one else has noticed but it seems that everything on the list is being implemented and sent out on the public servers and just the visual queues and everything that I could match up from the list that I've seen looks fantastic and will cause great roleplay for those that are already aware of it.
  2. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Underground Racing League Tournament

    Gonna be canceling this due to schedule conflicts and being unable to reschedule the races. If you paid me pls come and see me to get your money!
  3. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Underground Racing League Tournament

    no it has not.
  4. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Underground Racing League Tournament

    This is going to be rescheduled due to the servers not cooperating yesterday because steam is rude. Once me and my team discuss a date we will let everyone know. Thanks
  5. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Underground Racing League Tournament

    UNDERGROUND RACING LEAGUE (Race Rules and Maps at bottom of page) Good evening New York and welcome to the 1st Annual Underground Racing League Tournament. With a prize pool of 5 MILLION dollars we will have a 3 stage tournament to find the greatest racing crew in all of New York City. 10 Teams will Compete. 1 will be crowned Champion 1st Stage will be a Pass the (item) Baton Style (teams of 3) race throughout the entire city. Each team will be given an item that will act as their baton. There will be check points and each vehicle must go through the check point based on their leg of the race. Once you get to the designated end of your leg you will get out of your vehicle and pass your item bat to the next person who will be standing outside of their vehicle and once they receive that item they will go on to the next end of their leg again meeting all check points. First team to make it all the way back to the starting point of the race will be the winners of this stage. Last 4 Teams to finish will be Eliminated 2nd Stage, Each team will choose their best racer for an Upper County Circuit Race. 2 Laps around the upper county, first 3 teams to finish this race will move on to our last and final stage. 3rd Stage and Final stage will be a straight up tag team style drag race up and down Senora Freeway from the Paleto Gas Station. Teams will choose 2 of their best racers and will start at the Paleto Bay gas station and will make their way down to lower pillbox hill where their next teammate will be waiting. Once that teams vehicle passes pillbox the next race will come back up to Paleto gas station where we will crown our Kings and Queens of the New York Underground. Going down Sunday 09/22!!!!!!! 1st Place Prize: 3 Million 2nd Place Prize: 1.5 Million 3rd Place Prize: 500,000 TEAMS COMPETING: The Globetrotters - RED Red Lined - BLUE Reno 911 - BLACK - (NYPD Sponsored team of off duty officers) Bad Bitch Gang - PURPLE MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!!!!! First Come First Serve. First 10 Teams to Register and pay 200k Per Team will be added to the list of competitors (Registration Fee's must be paid to David Long) If your fees are not paid you will not be able to complete. Prizes are subject to change if people want to donate to the pot. Teams will be allowed to choose a color after their fee's are paid and they are added to the list. *Be Sure to check this document for any changes or rules that may be added - Any Changes will be added to this post and will be announced with a bump* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules are subject to change: Race Rules: 1.) DO NOT cause Severe Vehicle damage at any point in time to other racers ALL RACERS MUST FINISH. 2.) No Imported Vehicles. Vehicles must be able to be currently purchased from PDM for fairness to everyone participating. (Upgrades are allowed) 3.) No Cheating, Cheating will result in automatic disqualification from the tournament (ie, Cutting the Course, Having friend shoot or block the track, etc) 4.) Team's must have all vehicles color coded to same color for identification of each team 5.) No Motorcycles 6.) No On Duty Officers during racing events. Off Duty is fine. 7.) BE THE BEST!!!!! Race 1 Specific Rules: 1.) DO NOT pit other Racers until after you get through the Paleto Bay Tunnel 2.) DO NOT crash into other opponent Vehicles when pulling into the end of your designated Leg that are waiting for their teammate (Automatic DQ) 3.) DO NOT start your leg before your teammate gets to the end of their leg and honk's there horn telling you to go. 4.) DO NOT go off course, doing this will result in disqualification of your team. 5.) You must go through the check points that are designated on the map. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of your team 6.) If you crash and cannot continue on to the next leg of the race, you may repair your vehicle to get back into the race Race 2 Specific Rules: DO NOT CHEAT the course for any reason, Check points will again be assigned and all racers must go through the check points DO NOT pit any other vehicle until after you passed the Paleto police station (Keeping it fair for everyone) Racers may stop for gas before starting the next lap if need be at the Paleto Gas Station and Paleto Gas Station only. Race 3 Specific Rules: DO NOT cause any vehicle damage at all to other racers (No Pits, No Crashing, No Bluffing other vehicles to cause crashes) RACE #1 RACE #2 RACE #3
  6. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter


    Welcome. If you have any issues please don't hesitate to dial 911
  7. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter


    Your email is your (discord) information needed to send you messages about the property.
  8. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Beautiful beachfront apartment for rent

    How much do you want to buy it off you in total
  9. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    i need a lawyer

    Go to "Contact a Lawyer" here on the government website.
  10. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Apartment for Sale.

    will buy for 500k if still available. Email: Franchize #9637
  11. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    1802 Forum Drive Apartment For Sale

    if this is still available i'll take it. 500k is no issue at all Email: Franchize #9637
  12. Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter

    Looking to Rent or Roommate

    Hello, I'm recently moving back to the city and needing a place to stay. If anyone knows any properties please email me Franchize #9637 or HMU on my phone 629-3533. Thanks
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