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  • Be on the lookout for Rocky the Big Foot in Chiliad forrest
  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
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    1. That's fucking beautiful sanders! i wanna drive it now!
    2. I agree on this.
    3. isn’t my place to say sadly, he just has to put in a application and hope he gets it!
    4. Hello! if you wish to work for Weazel New within RP, then check out the site and fill out the application for it here: https://weazelnn.com/weazel-news-is-hiring/ Good luck!
    5. How much are you selling the RS7?
    6. Like i've said to multiple people overtime, there isn't "Many" legal civilian jobs that aren't whitelisted, some people don't wish to simply be a EMS,Police Officer, Lawyer or even a Tow. Some people would love to expand onto the "Civilian" portion of BCRP, So it'll be cool to see some of these businesses like cluck in bell, get used for a Fast food job, or even Clothing stores being able to create and sell there own custom merchandise, with SMT/Administrations approval. In addition to that also, i would suggest checking out Namine's thread about adding more Female/Male clothing options as it does not just add all the clothing, that maybe can get imported into the city, but it has a balance of both female/male clothing types as that is a huge thing that i more or less see on the suggestions page at this time around New Clothing For Females & Males Post By Namine Thanks, Hope this helps
    7. Looking to buy a PD taurus, please contact me if you have one available 잘못#9074 Thanks!
    8. I was actually the DOC at the time, and was being slapped while trying to get up and bean bag people to get back into line, so was @Thomas Henshaw . It was a complete and utter mess and wasn't even worth staying inside the prison.
    9. Would love to see that 100% agree!
    10. Hello! Its amazing to see so many people want to become mechanics/tow drivers. What i've seen from shop owners is that they'll 1) Post a Help wanted, post onto the forums or 2) You can contact a shop owner in RP or though emails, i would suggest within RP as it'll further your storyline/backstory. Hopefully all of y'all become Mech's or tow! Good Luck
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