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    1. Paddy Mcmannus. Paddy was born in Ireland on 26-12-1986. Growing up in the city of Kilkenny. Paddy had a disturbing youth where his parents did not take care of him. Often, Paddy had no food for him, he would receive whatever breadcrumb was left. At the age of 10 Paddy was extremely underweight; all his clothes where ripped and torn, Paddy never went to school, surviving on the streets. Paddy would often get into fights, getting into trouble; but he would always beg to get away with it. Paddy's parents both suffered from addictions. Alcohol and substance abuse was the only common thing in the McManus household. The police, often found paddy in the street, called Social Services. Social Services were able to step in and demanded, via a court order, that Paddy’s parents would give him up for adoption. A Dutch (ew why) family unable to get children of their own adopted paddy. Whether Paddy wanted to, he was forced to move to the big city of Amsterdam, leaving the people he considered as friends behind in Ireland. In Amsterdam Paddy was adopted by the family named Janssen. They owned a bar in the center of Amsterdam called Janssen & Jansen. They were more than financially capable to take care of Paddy. Until the age of 13, Paddy was Home Schooled to catch up on his lack of schooling and to learn the Dutch language. Paddy was never an indoor kid; between the home school classes he was always on the street playing outside. Paddy made new friends that showed him the way around Amsterdam. At the age of 14 Paddy was hustling in the streets, he started pickpocketing for the excitement the extra cash was also a bonus for Paddy. Even at 14, Paddy wanted to earn more money, so he decided to help out tourists that were lost, showing them around various places. This helped Paddy as a lot of the tourists he helped would give him money in return. Paddy would help in Amsterdam’s Red Light District; getting food or drinks for the ladies working the windows they would always give him some extra cash as a show of ‘thank you’. At the age of 16, Paddy discovered the family bar. He started hanging out in the bar, quickly discovering that the family bar had a lot of criminal activity. Plans for bank robberies, Drug Trafficking and Human Trafficking . Everything was discussed there. As he was the Son of the Bar owner, everyone kept giving him drinks, trying to be on his fathers ‘Good Side’, this quickly lead into alcoholism, just like his original Irish parents. At 19 he turned into a well-known-face in the Amsterdam crime scene, Heavy alcoholism and willing to do anything for the alcohol. Some of his bar friends told Paddy to beat up some guy in trade for heavy liquor. Dumb enough, Paddy did just that. He took a baseball bat and waited for the right moment to come. Eventually the time was right, Paddy beat the person savagely, leaving him on the cold floor in a bloody mess. A medical team rushed the person to the Amsterdam medical center. After everything they did to help, the person ended up in a coma. What the bar friends never told Paddy is that the person he beat senseless was Joey Sleegers; the number 1 Ecstasy kingpin in Amsterdam. Paddy was arrested hours later by the Amsterdam police department and the judge sent him to 10 years in jail on the charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder. In prison Paddy got time to reflect on all his sins, he became sober, shook the ‘demon’ called alcoholism off him. His Dutch parents often visited him. The people he thought were his friends never came to visit, he felt betrayed, disappointed in his so-called ‘friends’. Paddy just wanted to forget them. 10 years later, now 29, Paddy finally set foot outside Prison. His parents picking him up and taking him back to the Janssen & Jansen bar. During the coming home party, friends of Joey Sleegers came for revenge. They did a drive by shooting at Janssen & Jansen bar. Hitting his adopted mother in the neck, sadly she passed away bleeding-out on the old, wooden bar floor; the bullet hit his mother’s carotid artery, severing it completely. After this horrific ordeal, Paddy kept receiving death threats from Sleegers’ friends, who vowed to take his life. Paddy was shook up and scared for his and his adopted father’s lives. Paddy decided to do the best thing he figured he could do. Flee. Leaving everything behind and hope for the best. He went to Schiphol airport and flew to America for a fresh start, fresh life. Nobody knows Paddy here. Paddy travelled through America for a couple of years, flying under the radar. Eventually Paddy decided to open a bar for himself. Possibly continuing his adopted Fathers legacy, as well as remembering his adopted Mother. The question that remained; should he continue to use Janssen & Jansen or should Paddy choose a different name for his bar. Stepping off the plane he knew immediately. This is it. This is home. Time for Paddy to find a spot and use his last savings to see if he can open up the bar he dreamt of.
    2. Goodday Crunch. i like the new model of the SLS. however while driving at night i noticed the head lights do not work. no light shines on the street making it pretty dark and scary to drive. there is the lil white dot in the headlight itself. but in front of the car there is no light at all. is there any way to fix this?
    3. Yes absolutely a +1 on addylad
    4. So I to been spending big times in rikers. Due to big crimes committed. 4 to 5 hours is usually the norm by the time I get arrested but this is also fitting the crimes that happen. My city time is usually very limited. And spending 4/5h in rikers takes 1 or 2 evenings of rp away from me. It's like a real punishment cause it renders my char useless. It becomes to the point that my Crim is now sitting in rikers for a month cause I just don't have time or drive to spam my e button 200times. While watching YouTube on the side. I'm in the city for rp. Not for spamming e A Tought that crossed my mind. And a suggestion i would like to bring is. Maybe make it a "tier system" If you have a total of 4 charges You have a max sentence of 1 hour. Every hour or 30minutes extra according to the penal code turns into a day of probation. If you have 6 charges. You have a max sentence of 2h. Every hour or 30minutes extra according to the penal code turns into a day of probation Over 8 charges max sentence 3hours. Every hour or 30minutes extra according to the penal code turns into a day of probation. No clue if this is managble or a good idea. But I do feel theres a minimal of bigger crime story's in new York because players are worried about the time it takes to get out of rikers. Would love to hear other people's perspective on a possible tier system
    5. Ask on twt if maybe someone owns one. And ask them for a test-drive?
    6. I know we have EMT but Doctors and Nurses that work in the hospitals and deal with patients and perform operations and give meds and treatment. Doctors and nurses allready work inside zonah. Not daily but if you need them. We are there more often then you think. Also if you need a Dr. Ask a member of fdny when In city. And they can point you the right way to get a appointment.
    7. I'm always up for changes. But a medkit / bandaid / field dressing after a stab or gunshot wound. Would still be a temporary fix. If you get shot or stabbed you need medical. End of story. Realistically: Never have I seen a person walk around for a day with a gunshot wound or deep stabwound. Because they had a field dressing. Gameplay wise: I understand the frustration and irritation of going down after a gun fight. And that it takes time away from your RP. But at same time.... Then don't get in that gunfight. Every action has its reaction. And taking the bleeding out completely will render FDNY near useless. Imagine a community that actually wants to rp out their injuries. over 80% of FDNY calls. The person that's injured does not care. And thinks we are just annoying. They go with the flow. And just say the yes and no where they have to. To get thru it ASAP. and go back to shooting eachother. As soon as the community RP their injuries properly. Maybe there's a option of looking into changing things. For now. Keep the regular medkits for those who want it. Adding a second item as a field dressing to stop bleeding yes but also for a max amount of time. Maybe a bit longer then currently. And only optainable by buying it from a member of FDNY
    8. My Crim Planted a full field today with no issues. Might be bad luck?
    9. As FDNY. We had a full worked out plan for this. But there where more people abusing it. Then using it what it's supposed to be for. Standing in the middle of legion. With 3cops in front of you puffing marijuana smoke in there face... Yeah that's how it gets removed. And there where many incidents with it. To the point it became. It's not worth the FDNY's time and effort anymore. Therefor the medical marijuana card. Got completely removed
    10. Your stating your opinion and how you feel. Dont think you should get any "heat" for that. For the rest I noticed it aswell. I'm not going to state names cause it's a mentality issue not just 1 or 2 people. I need the W. And I prefer to have it withing 2 min.speedrun everything from the initial chase to the last booking.
    11. Voluntary Corrections Officer VCO the main key of a VCO is. make a WL job. accesible for someone who cannot dedicate the 5h. VCO officers should get no or very little WL prio. not a minimum requirement but however we do expect you to be somewhat active. FD has the Voluntary First Responder - VFR DOC could have VCO what will you a VCO get, a clockon point. where you receive, a baton, beanbag shotgun, handcuffs, drag option, keys to rikers. no life fire-arms no option to raise or lower a inmates prisontime. cannot do searches of a inmate. if a search needs to be enforced. the VCO can handcuff the inmate and wait for the DOC member to come and search their pockets. not allowed to go on duty alone. must always be under the supervision of a DOC officer either fulltime or Cadett. main focus will be to assist the DOC member that is on duty. keep the general peace in rikers and assist where needed during a violent outbreak. then what is there to abuse? let people walk out of rikers due to opening the doors. they get shot by local guard and / or poofed back in automatically. smuggle stuff into rikers. When this happens DU/IA will investigate corruption. put a EXTREME high financial charge and sentence on it. 9s charge, blacklist, 1mil fine? optional to prevent the dropping of items to inmates? make it impossible for DOC/VCO on duty to drop items on the floor. a DOC/VCO member has no need to drop items in rikers. inmates do need to have the ability to drop stuff to eachother. to hide stuff or to give items to eachother, like phone, radio, shanks, and random stuff. only way then for a DOC /VCO to give something to a inmate is by searching and dropping it in their inventory. but by then i believe these drag and drops all get logged? so should be fairly easy to find if someone is doing that in rikers. benefits could give more activity to DOC in a whole. gives people who cannot dedicate the full 5 hours a option to still be apart of a WL job group. adds in the possibility of RP for inmates. this is my idea. looking forward to seeing feedback and toughts comments concerns on it.
    12. I barely use the classified section. (Yes i do have a add running for buying a house i know) I buy all my cars in city. The hunt for that car. Calling people asking them, Hey you know of someone selling let me know. It Just generates so much talk between people. And i also think this would partly help against the absurd high prizes that are asked for cars/houses.
    13. Them benches need to become scrap metal. Or bolted solid to the floor again
    14. Have a story and tell your story. I do this alot. And the amount of things i get away with. Is amazing. My record on my crim should have been 3times as long as it truly is. Its all about the attitude amd the way you present yourself.
    15. I have no issues with the door. Do we all get stuck on them sometimes. Yeah. But just give the door time to open instead of running against them. Then there is no issue with the door
    16. Ooh cook the food in your own kitchen of barbeque outside is actually a great idea
    17. Wow thats a nice line of ideas. I love the tought that went into it. +1
    18. With mw having a 9s inmate. I most definetly see a use for a lil area where inmates can store something. Maybe with a max of 15lb. So the current 9s inmates i met are baykey and namine. That are actually looking for doc rp. Not to just stab but to get something going. Now i get 1 shank and i find some other stuff. Here comes my lawyer. I have to run in a bush and hide my stuff. Knowing very well its either taken or poofed away. A small storage area woukd be very helpfull to.hide some of the stuff at those times
    19. Ill just post this announcement here for you goodluck @everyone Today we open a new way to get businesses into the hands of people willing to use them for RP purposes. You can have all the money in the world, it wont make a difference anymore. This new process will help protect the individual member that is willing to create and further develop a story line for themselves using a business. At the same time, contributing to community role play. This process does not effect currently owned and active businesses, it is designed to protect the community from poachers, applying, grabbing and flipping the businesses we have to offer. What are poachers? They are members of the community that look for opportunities to grab a business or home, something of high value, with no intentions of using it other than selling it for 10, 50, 100x what they just paid for it. Sounds harmless I know, but when we have lots of members willing to create RP by using a business, who cant afford or be lucky enough to be around or have the money to buy at these astronomical prices? Its the community that really pays the price on lost role play that could be developed with that opportunity. So if you didn't have the 50, 100m you would be shit outa luck for good. Well not anymore! Check out the website https://businesses.bigcityrp.com/ Here you will find a continuing growing list of available businesses. We will continue to add new stuff here, simply click on the details tab and apply for that business. Some will have many many applications and be very hard to acquire still, but it wont be about how deep your pockets are anymore, it will be about the back story, the idea and everything you include in that simple app.. If you own a business and using it atm, none of this effects you.. Just keep the activity up and your good to go!
    20. I once found these wich i tought looked quite nice https://nl.gta5-mods.com/misc/ems-medical-props
    21. Make a support ticket with a ban appeal. Or make ur way to teamspeak ip- bigcityrp.com And join the waiting for support channel there
    22. It doesnt matter how bad you are. Nobody is perfect nor should they be. If ur down. Do /injuries. This will show what injuries you passed put from. Pick something from that. Bruising to leg. Omg is it broken. Trauma to spine oh shit i cant feel my toe Head injurie speak jibberish. Forget things Want to be u concious and not talking perfect. Use your /me's to work with it. Sir can u hear me? /me unconcious. Check your vitals. /me pulse stable unstable no heartbeat etc. 99% of the fdny will notice if you put any form of effort into it. And they will treat you with a ooc smile on theyr face. And probably cut down alot on your bedtime (at least i do)
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