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    1. Fuck yeah, let's just make a copy nopixel server so we get all the new players! the first way is literally the exact same as nopixel
    2. I have never heard of a location called ''maz bank''
    3. Seeing as there is already 1 weapon that is silenced i wouldnt see anything wrong with it
    4. Im guessing by your wording you applied for the whitelist. Thats completely different from the big servers. If you want access to the big cities use this application https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/application/form/31-discord-application/
    5. https://discord.com/invite/4PznPVw Thats the link. Oncce you have joined you need to make a discord appliation to actuallt be able to do anything
    6. @Jack Weasley I believe its just press x and then left or right click to kick left or right
    7. Hey, I would like to address an repeating issue I have noticed the last few days. So most of you will know that you can kick off of bikes now. And I am going to be really honest here the only time I see this getting used is when a shitlord pull up next to you on his bike kicks you and then drives off. An other way it gets used I will show a clip ( https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyAssiduousElkYee ) is when they randomly start kicking your car and then again drive off. The clip is in Dutch since that was the most recent time I have seen it happen. Now I my suggestion is to disable the ability to kick off bikes. I have never seen it used in a proper way.
    8. Let me instantly convert this into the criminal part of the gameplay since thats also what this topic is about Shooting the sg without saying a word? Thats RDM and also win mentality. I really hope that someday the small minority of criminals that do this are gonna stop shooting at cops and other players without any RP. Shootouts aren't fun if there wasn't any RP before. It basically is just COD. I haven't been arrested in like a month. But even before that when i saw it leading to a shoot out i always pulled my gun and said i don't wanna do this and tried talking my way out of it. Which is how it should be you still have a bit of dialogue/RP and even if it doesn't work I know that i tried roleplaying my way out of there . (Let me convert back into The cop gameplay part about the thread) almost always the cops start shooting without a word. This is exactly like what the criminal did in the video. Which also further show the win mentality of a small minority within the PD.
    9. They could make it like the local taxi job. You select local tow it gives you a location and then a broken vehicle spawns at that location that you have to tow and bring it to your shop and impound it to get the reward. It would be harder to abuse
    10. Whilst doing tow work yesterday i got a idea that when impounding cars you should get items, or maybe cash. For example i tow an abandoned local car and then when I impound that car i receive like 200 bucks or maybe some scrap metal, water or burgers!
    11. So my guess is that you have a preset character made by rockstar. To change your clothes you need a custom character from gta online. If you make your way over to the car rental there are stairs going down if you take those you will get a prompt to change your appearance. From that point on you can make a custom character
    12. Hey, so I've been a cop and it annoyed me back then and even now that the community bungalows aren't sub channels. So you cant close them. If you where able to close them you would be way faster in navigating the ts. Its a pretty short suggestion
    13. Hey, people of bigcityrp! So i got this idea, whilst i was dealing with a client down at mrpd. He didn't care about the time he had to spend in prison. But the only thing he wanted is the fine lowered. I got a charge dropped to lower the time but I can't always drop charges. So I got the idea when someone requests a lawyer and a lawyer arrives. The officers need to drop the fine with 20% or 15% we can discuss the right amount. I thought this would be helpful for the cops, criminal and lawyers. The lawyers would get requested more and therefor get more rp. The criminals would get a lesser fine. And of course the cops would ge more rp with lawyers! I thought this was a pretty good idea! Let me know what you guys think.
    14. The Declasse Drift Tampa, its engine get red really easily
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