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  1. LeahOdelia

    Character Customization

    I am super grateful for everything that has been put in the cities and has helped us with bettering it, but I am sure hairstyles won't have the same effect as new cars. We get new cars like every 4th big update. Hair and clothes would probably not affect it as much as a new car
  2. LeahOdelia

    Character Customization

  3. LeahOdelia

    Female Uniforms

    This would be great. My officer wears the turtle neck with the vest, sadly the vest cuts through like crazy. We certainly need more uniforms for females overall.
  4. LeahOdelia

    Therapy request forum page

    I personally think this is a great idea. I would be interested in roleplaying something like that. The only issue would be that most people might bring out of City issues into the city. Sadly we can't always help with all of that, but for the rp aspect of it all it would be super interesting for situations in which a hostage was taken or someone being kidnapped. It has a very broad opening to allow us to do alot with it. Like I already stated the only issue would be people keeping their ooc life out of the sessions.
  5. LeahOdelia

    [POLICE] Mobile Speed Camera

    dude I'm already poor staph but good ideas actually
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