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    1. It actually has improved the consistency of on duty cops during the day. As I said if it were to come back, everyone would resign from PD and move to SP because there would be no regulations on hours and cop rule. These rules are in place so that as a cop, you show you are dedicated to giving roleplay to the server, as a cop is a very important job to have in our community. This is not a debate but I have given my opinion on it, don't think it will happen, but good luck.
    2. With all due respect Vinny. What you are suggesting makes PD and the "underlying white line of clauses" completely irrelevant. Everyone will want to be State Police with no responsibility, myself included. Why would I want to be in the Police Department when State Police has zero requirements, as far as hours and minimum cops on? I'm sorry but I do not see this happening. Cops are essential part of the natural roleplay in the server, these clauses were introduced to keep that flowing at all times.
    3. If you spoke to a management member, they most likely mean't for you to fill out a support ticket here - bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/support/ Click the red button at the top right that says "New Request"
    4. Like I said it is the same thing as the gun holster, does it give you a gun when you put the clothing item on. You will/could be charged with open carry, It is the same thing.
    5. The argument here is that just because it is cosmetic doesn't make it legal. Its the same as if you had a gun holster on, its cosmetic, but there. It is visible on your person. When you put ACTUAL body armor on, you do not need the cosmetic and a cosmetic does not appear.
    6. Unpopular opinion time; I do not like the mumble in-game radios, and here is why: You cannot differentiate (at least I can't) who is talking on the radio between who is in front of you. The keybinds for volume control interfere with K9 Hotkeys Volume Control is for global volume. So if someone is really quiet everyone else will have to be loud in order for you to hear that one person. When just out of range of someone's voice range, you will not be able to hear them on the radio. If someone is talking on the radio near you, and you are on the same channel, it works of local voice range, not the radio. The Mic Clicks for it, the sound that notifies you of your transmission or another's transmission is extremely delayed. This isn't specifically with radios but it affects it; Input Timer, you cannot switch fast between Shouting, Normal, Whisper, you have to wait a couple of seconds. This also affects how often you can speak on the radio, which isn't a huge deal to me, it helps it with not being spammed, but the switching between voice ranges is sooo slow... Here are the solutions that I am proposing, in the same order: Add a filter for the radio VOIP just like we have RadioFX for teamspeak based communication. Make it toggle for the people who don't want it. It will allow a clear understanding that the person speaking is on the radio. Please either rebind the K9 skin changer buttons or rebind the radio control. My dog switches colors and it really pulls me out of it. Add a way to allow us to change the volume of certain people on the channel frequency. Like I said someone can be loud as hell but another person is speaking like they are trying to duck hunt. I honestly don't know the solution to this one, maybe make the radio overtake the speaking locally? Same as the previous, I do not know what would solve this, but it is annoying to me personally. I do not have an issue with the radio key up delay but please allow us to switch our voice range faster. If I am on the radio as a cop speaking to dispatch, I have to wait x seconds to switch my voice range, which puts me behind in foot pursuits. Personally I believe the radios are a great idea in concept and a great necessity for criminals, civilians, and cops. But execution wise, it has a lot of issues, especially for cops. With our community moving to all OneSync Servers for the foreseeable future, I have to use these radios now. Even solving one of these problems would make me and a lot of others happy.
    7. Instead of /kill, maybe a ragdoll key that is held down?
    8. I only use it when it absolutely necessary. There is so many times where I absolute destroy people, I know I do cause they FLY away from me, but I never actually touched them on my end. It is 100% miss used, and its unfortunate that it has become such a big deal. Just like the me2 stuff. https://medal.tv/clips/32926202/ypN7CrcdVyia (literally a car length away from this dude and he gets yeeted, me hitting him legitimately did not happen on my end)
    9. So use imgur, and on imgur, right click on the photo and click open image in new tab, and use that link. Provided GIF to show you. https://gyazo.com/c6af485f7998ff39d0e197be34009bb0
    10. At the very least females need some type of holster back.
    11. That is a limitation set on the server side and is a question more directed for management, as I cannot fully answer it. But I am glad to see you in the community, and I am glad you found my stream and decided to join after seeing the rp!
    12. So yes, you will have to wait till your steam account is 2 weeks old.
    13. Is your steam account new? Your steam account must be atleast 2 weeks old
    14. It is a script, I believe I have seen it in other FiveM servers, or something similar. I would really love to have this, it is compatible with EUP, most commonly used with LSPDFR. From my understanding, it absolutely needs RPH (ragepluginhook) to hook into the game and actually run, which, is not possible in a FiveM enviroment as apparently the RPH Devs refuse to work with Cfx.re. There would have to be another external script made specifically for FiveM. I have found one (I believe) however I do not think its main use is for the holster animations. https://forum.cfx.re/t/solved-copholster/98988
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