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    1. *WILL ONLY SELL TO PD OFFICERS* Auction will run for 48 hrs from now, please contact me if you are a highest bidder and we can get it sorted out. (I will try to keep these prices up to date, however, you may need to look yourself in the comments) PD Crown Victoria - Starting price $500k Current - $2m Rose PD Explorer - Starting price $500k Current - $1. 05M Randy Lean PD Raptor - Starting price $500k Current - $3m Rose AUCTION ENDED
    2. Hey all, Just wondering if we are getting any updates soon regarding the WL progress? Cheers.
    3. Hey bud, Not 100% sure on this, but roleplaying as the IRA (a known terrorist organisation) is not allowed on our servers under rule 19 subsection a - https://bigcityrp.com/rules.php Best having a read of them and changing your story line IMO.
    4. Hey everyone, We are Point Of View Photography (PoVP). Currently, we are a small team made up of around 20 people that are passionate about photography, videography and editing. Currently we can be hired for the following purposes - -Events By the hour. Group of edited photos. Wedding. Engagements. -Portraits Headshots. Full Body. Couple. Group of people. -Vehicles Single Car (Stationary). Single Car (in motion). Multiple cars (stationary). Multiple cars (in motion). Prices are to be decided be
    5. Probably owned by someone else. Sorry bud.
    6. We are waiting on the government to see what they think about the suggestions. And then see if they do something official regarding it. @Crunch Anything you can add?
    7. How long would you suggest the terms are for each person and would people be allowed to redo terms? Nice idea. Added.
    8. As Crunch asked, he want's us to compile idea's for the Mayor for Big City, such as their job roles, how we would like to see them elected and anything else related to the job! I am happy to volunteer to read through this and add it all into a slideshow/document for us. Just add your suggestions below, please keep conversation civil. Any questions please feel free to PM me- Anders#0002.
    9. The baton is one of the main parts of a cops utilities, and for us to not be able to get them from the armoury or the gun store baffles me. This means that we have to either, hit people with our fists or have to increase our level of force used, which is not a good thing for us to have to do. I was not here when they were moved and if someone wants to reply why they were that would be great! But yes I think that we should have them and they should be brought back in. CS/Pepper Spray is also another thing that could be added and used, I have a link below for it. CS Spray (UK Name) https:/
    10. Regarding the clothing where some people see a PD shirt and some people see a red shirt. This is due to the fact they need to clear their cache and not that they have a mod installed or any graphics mod. Purely just the fact they need to clear their cache.
    11. I disagree with lowering it, some bank robberies IRL take 6 hours, so making it shorter is unrealistic I believe.
    12. Personally believe this would not work.
    13. Going off what you are saying, why is the revolver in the server then if it is 'another casualty to FiveM mechanics'. Its known it is overpowered and unfixable, so why is it still in the server?
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