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    1. The only issue I can see arising from this is people just buying the gun for them, but I don't think its a bad idea. If possible this would probably be done best if it only effected people who were making their first ever character in the server rather than someone who may be an older player making a new one, that is my opinion at least.
    2. So I know this may not be an issue for everyone but, myself and a lot of other players have continued to run into the issue of having too many cars. Although the 64 slot now is a decent amount, with all the new editions of custom vehicles people like to collect various brands etc. If you are one of these people like myself, you find yourself full on cars quicker than you would be. So my suggestion today is to increase the car limit to 96 or maybe more. I think if implemented it could sort out a lot of issues for players who like to collect lots of cars.
    3. +1 always thought this would be a dope idea.
    4. I dont agree with this simply due to the fact that the bleeding system we have at the moment is beyond unrealistic you can be wearing full deployment gear or riot gear and still start to fully bleed out from getting shot in the hand or arm once. Bandages and stuff like that although it comes within medical RP I dont think thats what should be prioritized here in my opinion. Although I believe people could do better in roleplaying injuries in general, I think that this idea is too add more realism rather than promote a certain side of RP. As it stands for deployments and such we are left with medkits which just doesnt hit the same as a field dressing or other similar tools. If this is put into effect I believe it needs to be modified so it doesnt become a replacement for calling EMS, but I believe if this were to be put into effect it would benefit a lot of RP . As it stands the bleeding mech we have just isnt suitable for certain things and I think a change is needed as soon as possible. Lastly this isnt a hit at FD at all I love the work you do, I just personally think this subject applies to a lot more than one side of rp
    5. I actually fully agree with this, if somebody is consistently providing bad rp that should be a reason to remove them for the department this is a roleplay server and if they arent doing that well then they are not benefiting that department, therefore in my opinion they should not be apart of it. With this being said doing your job is always the number one priority
    6. Hello, I just wanted to make a post about a few things I believe could make drugs a more fun and useful tool for criminals in the city. With the current state of the economy drugs dont really get pushed due to how little money they make. I have a few ideas which I believe could help solve the problem. GROWING WEED ANYWHERE This has been brought up in the past but I will bring it up again, the ability to grow weed anywhere outdoors is an awesome idea for many reasons. For one crims would have to be creative and plant somewhere the cops would not be able to find it, It would also boost the roleplay of selling weed because there would be turf wars, as well as main suppliers so the market would remain competitive with many people selling with there own twist on things. If done the right way this could be incredibly beneficial to Drug RP and the community as a whole. STRAINED WEED I have had this idea for a while now im unsure if it has been brought up in the past but I figured it would work. So just like normal straining works your going to have different seeds for the type of weed. I think a good idea would be to have a single legal dispenser that sold weed to the public, I think this could work if said dispenser sold bags of weed legally to people that you have to purchase a med card for, and you can only legally obtain a certain amount, when you break the bag down(use it) you should get joints, as well as seeds that differentiate at random each having its own unique strain you are able to grow, from there player would go search for a safe location to grow and begin, you could make this more interactive by having certain weed sell for different prices as well as either the seeds or weed itself having a different name/picture that responds to the strain of weed. INTERACTIVE DRUG DEALERS In the current state of how it is drugs are not very interactive or appealing to most crims. I think a good change to that would be to bring back allocated drugs, meaning only a few people get them directly from the source then sell it to people around the city. I think for starters the average price of a bag of COKE or X should be bumped up just so it matches the current flow of the economy. Now I know this has been done in the past and we may not have those people around anymore who ran drugs like people have in the past but I believe with time and dedication that could change. I think if the right people are given this ability things will turn out well. With consideration of the current community I think we could find a few long time members who are not in it for self gain but want to promote rp, if this idea is brought back correctly the amount of good criminal roleplay will sky rocket IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS POST DM ME AT 5.56#7209
    7. Hello, as somebody that used to have my own personal opinion on PD it has since changed since becoming an officer, I thought I would make this post to see if anyone had anything beneficial they wanted to share, and start a discussion.
    8. So if you have a lot of cars in the city im sure you have this issue. What im proposing today is a option at the impound to send your car back to your last used garage. Maybe it could cost a fine on top of the impound fee so people dont just leave cars sitting around. i think this would be a very nice addition and a useful tool!
    9. I think if anything cars need to be stronger and just an opinion as per how the real world works. Although its unfortunate there are just some cars that people with money will have that blow police cars out of the water my example being lets say you put a race engine fully tuned buggati up against the fastest cop car in the state of New York that Buggati will blow it out of the water the perks to being a successful criminal come in the form of high preforming luxury items, cars, weapons , security just to name a few im down to talk about this in anyone would like to discuss but its just true and if anyone wants to talk about the other things I named as possible incorporations to criminals assets we can talk about that as well. my email is packed#7209
    10. i said gang rp buddy u havent been here long enough to know what its like and ur just one cop you cant speak for the whole force and the example you brought up has nothing to do with gang rp
    11. thats not the point I was making i get your frustation as someone who has had to deal with this all but the 9s in it self ruins roleplay people will sit in jail for sometimes weeks even months and be taken from there charcthers rp and the ability to break out is so slim cause of rules put in place by the city and recently detectives and the doj have found ways to throw people in for the 9s even if they havent fully violated the penal code essentially it is a plot to keep people who shoot off the streets and I agree with you there are many crims who rdm and what not but there are also those who know to properly go through with a shootout rp and thats good that theres a rivalry between cops and these crims I know you may not agree because of the sides you have been on but the cops hold a lot of power in the city this isnt meant to offend anybody but cops dont get banned for things crims would get banned for its all about whoevers dealing with the situations preference or ideals as much as we would love it to a 100% unbiased community is next to impossible to reach and it sucks because it ruins the city for a lot of people the main thing is to maintain balance and as much as you want to say there is, look at how the rules are stacked up in oppostion to gang roleplay and at least see why people would feel this way without picking a side reading how past bans have gone and cop regulations vs crim it is fairly easy to see why people care like they do about this and why a lot of good criminals have and continue to leave the community.
    12. can i work here ill keep it open all day burger shot on top
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