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  1. ColinNewb

    Knowing a Character

    So what i am referring to is in character things, obviously don't break server rules, but in regards to my character, if it makes sense to break my SOP and get arrested for the characters development i will, no character lasts forever neither should a whitelist job. if a character doesn't develop whats the point
  2. ColinNewb

    Knowing a Character

    Just something small i want to hit on, just because its been something that has been bothering me for awhile in regards to the interactions i have with people. So yes as a cop i have a list of rules i must follow my SOP, but in saying that just because i have these rules does not mean my character will follow them. You may have a lot of interactions with cops to a point you know our rule book but you do not know the current story or mental state of the character. So i ask this of people get to know our cops as characters not just our rule book
  3. ColinNewb

    House database for Cops

    i like this idea, it would allow for people to be more creative about robbing houses rather than the same old "its my friends house"
  4. ColinNewb

    Roy Mercer vs Jimmy Lynch The Movie!!!

    Wonderfully edited buddy! Loved it
  5. ColinNewb

    House Prices

    Create a story line, not a bank account. All i ever use money for on my character's is the creation of RP as in funding other peoples ideas or buying supplies for a RP situation. but sadly some peoples idea of Roleplay is having 50 mil with no risk of loosing it and standing at legion. I have more fun playing a broke character than one with money, it forces you to be creative
  6. ColinNewb

    Knife vs gun

    personal opinion but i do view it as NVL when 3 guys have guns pointed at you and you pull a knife and Naruto teleport stabbing them all
  7. ColinNewb

    MRPD Gun cleaning station/store

    i think it can be fixed through interaction rather than a whole new thing for cops, get to know gun store owners = repair kits know medics = med kits
  8. ColinNewb

    Searching for guns

    So as a cop one thing has always caused frustration on the side of crims when i detain them (they are not under arrest but officers still need to make sure they have nothing they can harm themselves or others with while being talked to) is patting them down for guns, as it stands right now if i search someone for just guns i can see their entire inventory and as a result see any drugs or other contraband they may have obviously i RP out that i have seen none of it but i think it might put some peoples mind at ease if we had a way to search for weapons without seeing their entire inventory kind of a /patdown mechanic that only shows guns/knives so that their isn't any what i will refer to as accidental meta where all involved know the drugs are there but have to keep the RP up pretending they never saw it so that's my suggestion just a command that helps keep checking for guns fair to crims and reduce a potential meta risk
  9. ColinNewb

    Colin's bald head

    wait hold up!!
  10. ColinNewb

    New Server

    i like the idea of moving things and maybe let key members of the community know where the new things are like set king pins and obvious not let us the NYPD/NYSP know who they are so that the general public would have to rp and build connections to get into a life of crime
  11. ColinNewb

    Combat logging/ Bikes

    I don't mind Bikes all that much like if they get away from me on a straight where realistically a bike could do that with their acceleration my main issue is when people take sports bike full vertical up a mountain realistically with their power on dirt they would spin the tire and dig a whole not go 180mph straight up, When it comes to combat loggers they do get caught eventually and people who do it tend not to stay around the server too much cause nobody wants to RP with them (side note i should really get my cop tag on here)
  12. ColinNewb

    Get rid of dirty money

    Bump and upvote!
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