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    1. the one gun every 4 hours does help with that, people dont want to have to wait 4 hours just because they gave a randomer a gun and obviously some people have a stockpile but with weapons degrading its getting hard to keep so i honestly think AJ has a good idea here, hope to see it implemented
    2. if you want to appeal a mute i suggest you go to TS (BigCity.com), talk to an admin there in the waiting for support to appeal it
    3. we have it in PD now that if you are officer you can do trooper and they tend to stick to the north of the map its nice to see
    4. 100% we are all just people at the end of the day and some of us are just more chill than others, it all comes down to the character they are playing and the type of cop they want to be
    5. so opposite view right now, we have a lot of people who rob someone and shoot them anyway. also in a public server we have the issue of people taking advantage of new mechanics so it is highly likely that being able to rob someone who is down will just lead to more gunplay and less interaction, something the server doesn't need right now
    6. i agree with you here billy, i have been a cop for a long time and if you are just farming hostages and in a broken car going 200 and hitting 5 stores in a row you wont get good RP from me or any other cops cause it burns us out, we like variety and the clever get away schemes not going to the same store every 20 mins
    7. haha no cause you can have the last name miller and not do the crime stuff the charge would only count if you are going around in for example a green tempesta firing shots off or trying to break out jay for the 12th time that day
    8. yeah the basic idea is for gang shootouts and wars ect not really bank jobs, if you in a gang i don't think you should be robbing a bank in your colors that's no fun for cops because we know exactly who it is and have to act like we dumb and have no clue
    9. So if a cop is doing that like grabbing your shit without saying anything id consider it power gaming, we are meant to ask "Do you have an ID on you" to give the other person a chance to RP they don't. i don't think we need more UI clutter with extra messages maybe we need a physical ID card that we carry with us then the you are being searched can be used instead of new messages and I think we need people removed that are doing that are grabbing and not saying shit
    10. So I think we can all agree that gang roleplay is an issue right now so I offer this up for consideration and debate. Being in a gang and getting into a gang is super easy and as it stands has no downside you get to run around in matching clothes and cars and often travel in a pack making it hard to arrest or even interact with you. So i am proposing an added charge to our penal code. So if you are caught actively being involved in crime with your gang you could be charged with "Gang activity" this could include an increased fine or an longer jail sentence. Benefits to this would be it would give the cops more incentive to investigate because they would need to prove you are in that gang to give you the charge. On the criminal side of things it would add more risk to wearing your colors making it more fun and tense when you are out and around. This will also hopefully make people think twice about joining a gang making it an important character decision to join up because as a new person in the server that charge could set you back quite a bit But thats all i have feel free to discuss below and offer other suggestions
    11. i believe the reason the med kits don't permanently stop the bleeding is to stop people from using them to dodge Medic RP, personally as a medic i wouldn't mind if med kits stopped bleeding but didn't give a health boost, or even wouldn't go over lets say 50% so you cant just spam them and actually use us medics for more than just MVA's
    12. So if you just joined BigCity and are not sure what to do with your character here are a few things to go by 1. Create restrictions for your character think carefully, would they do drugs, what are they afraid of and what are their asperations. 2. Know your boundaries. a new person to the city is not going to pick a fight with the leader of a gang, you are just a normal person till you make a name for yourself and even at that point know where you stand. 3. If you are doing crime the goal should always be to appear like you are living by the law NOT to go around getting in shootouts every 10 minutes, stay under the radar 4. Not every character has to do crime, A lot of people claim there aren't enough legal jobs in city well to that i say create your own. sell basic repair kits, med kits or even lockpicks you would be surprised how many people don't really want to go get it themselves. 5. Respect others characters with this i mean don't assume stuff like "oh they wont shoot me their a cop" that is a characters job but you have no idea what their characters story line is or how stable or even unstable that character is so don't make assumptions with your characters life. 6. Make a story not a bank account, i have my most fun with characters when they are close to broke it forces you to be clever and creative in order to do things within the city 7. Last and probably the most important a gun or a knife should always be a last option, you need to consider the ramifications of if your character has killed someone, how would they cope with that grief and guilt, would they hesitate and not even be able to pull the trigger? This is a roleplay server so don't end the roleplay too soon by pulling that trigger and really think if your character could even pull that trigger. Respect your characters life and enjoy roleplay not gunplay, Thank you for attending my TED talk, Coffee is in the back
    13. I agree with Dino also, for one you shouldn't be connecting and disconnecting in public areas i believe a long while ago there was an announcement to not log out in front of people a code 0 is one thing but f8 quit in front of others is failRP in my opinion, If maze becomes a safezone then that means what 40% of a server population is completely untouchable because they stand in there all day and like most people will abuse it to avoid a large part of a cop/ criminal roleplay which is being a hostage. In saying that i do believe that safezones should be no kill areas but you should be able to kidnap from there, but the constant shoot outs in there need to stop
    14. This one is more for the cops and medics of the city, It would be amazing if any characters that haven't been played in lets say over a year to be removed. I cant tell you how hard it is to check in or arrest someone named john smith with the way the MDT works. so it would be amazing if we could clear up the names just as an ease of use. This should also help speed up processing and checking in because we will not have to spend 5 minutes trying to find the right person in a sea of names any other suggestions to add for ease of use feel free to throw below
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