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    1. Whatever people wanna bid ! I dont care
    2. Location: Paleto Bay, New York Address: 106 Procopio Drive Gov Price: 500,000 Rent: 5,000 Current Offer: 7.5 MIL
    3. We thought about this, but sometimes the EMS take a bit longer to get to the scenes so allowing them to still bandage themselves without just , dying. lol Plus people are already complaining on how long they are waiting, and all the timings so regardless its a lose for ems
    4. Im all over the place when it comes to this. I dont think your time should decrease if you aren't in city at all. Switch characters, maybe? maybe it can reduce at a slower time, or to a percentage (wont drop past 25% of the original time or something) There needs to be a way that you, on that character, will serve some of that time. - This is to prevent people from getting jailed, then dippin for a few days and coming back and really not had any punishment imo. I dont mind the times, I havent really experienced much of the t
    5. Let me reverse your overdose For real, I would love for FDNY to have physical medication for situations like this. Allowing us to alleviate pain / drug abuse / intoxication etc
    6. Dino

      Mech/Tow Stuff

      I havent seen you when im on
    7. Dino

      Mech/Tow Stuff

      as a cop : Ill call a tow and wait roughly 10 mins, if they havent accepted it by then I change my dispatch to their radio and ask if i can impound it myself. I try to always stick around on scene to be there and sign the car off / know where its going / etc. I know its frustrating sometimes, and if cop is cancelling the call after you've accepted it you should be reporting that. They placed the call for tow someone should be waiting. as FDNY : 90% of the time im alone on that call, so ill place a call and have to leave with my PT because they need immediate medical need at the hosp
    8. now i may be wrong here, I believe the minute a car is successfully lockpicked, it gets marked stolen. From what ive seen, if any car is marked stolen there isnt a warrant placed, unless we make positive identification of the driver. "Dont get them get to the interstate" - I agree with you, but also disagree with you. People immediately run to the interstate knowing they can just blast off and be done with it "if you fail to keep them boxed in" - cops cant immediately box people in without proper reason. If cops get anywhere remotely close to a vehicle and touches them
    9. I personally disagree with this. There shouldnt be safe zones. If youre specifically hiding / hanging out in a place and are .. avoiding certain roleplay then maybe you shouldnt be in the server. Except maybe when youre in a custom menu (clothing / benny's / PDM / stores etc) But something I can suggest is when youre in those menus, make you slightly opaque , ghosted. Other than that, youre free game.
    10. Hello everyone! I have had this idea for a little while and those who i've talked with all liked it, so i wish to bring it to the table and see what the community thinks. Everyone knows how we use our phones, scroll left and and you can call Taxi / police / ems / tow right? Everyone also knows how we have the /311 and the /911. What if they were just merged, completely. So When you go to use your phone to call for a service, you open a text chat and the responding officer/ems/taxi is able to text respond to your call directly to give updates, or to ask further qu
    11. They can jump to get over walls and everything, but they cant run
    12. i stand with this, as a new cop ive only carried a person once while holding a rifle, and i agree it looks really weird. i am fully prepared to let go of that person if i get into new combat, but most arent. the picture posted above shouldnt happen. They should be putting that suspect either behind cover or in the car I can possibly suggest that its auto lets go of the person if a cop is knocked over. At the same time, I can also see groups of friends repeatedly tackling to get their friend out. if we need to start punishing cops then it needs to be reported. it wo
    13. Unpopular opinion here, but I believe that "Not In My Eyes" is breaking character, and we should stop saying it in the city. I get it, its desync, or whatever but come on, lets be real. Lets not be bringing that into the city. During a chase or a race and you hit a car? Just to end any RP with 'not in my eyes' is kinda, mood killing. Everyone knows youre talking about your screen, youre blaming out of city reasons for something that can be in city. Its so overused, its an excuse for anything that doesnt go your way, People have used it as an excuse for VDM??? . Can we be a lit
    14. Yes i would love this, I personally probably wouldnt RP as a child, but it opens up so much possibility for larger roleplay. Marriages -> children -> actual families etc. It sucks right now because, yes only owners can use these peds. so its pretty obvious when an owner is in the city. If you've seen from last night people cant help but flock to something they arent used to be seeing. Next thing you know, there is 30 people surrounding a child because 'I NeEd To ShOw ThAt I HaVe GoOd RP' thus, overwhelming the player whose just trying to RP.
    15. ^^^ I would love to use the payphone, so that i can anonymously call people
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