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  1. Dino

    Phone numbers

    Other servers have found a way to implement different numbers for different characters. Plus also OOC shows as char name instead of steam name. It could be a neat idea if we could bring it into BCRP!
  2. Dino

    Actual Drivers License

  3. Dino

    Cops field testing

    I agree to this, plus also Dirty money. There's no way you should be able to tell what anything is without a positive test.
  4. Dino

    Selling 1110 North Sheldon

    Just was sold ! Thanks to everyone who reached out !
  5. Located just north of the city. Quiet neighborhood away from chaos and heavy traffic. Beautiful 3 story interior with a private office and storage room located in the basement. Email: TheDinosaur_xox#1337 Seller: Savannah White. Starting 3.5m or best offer.
  6. Dino

    Inactive Business

    I completely agree with this. As someone whose been trying to find a business to own for a while and had my eye on that restaurant
  7. Dino

    Only For EMS and Cops

    Are we going to be able to reply to these calls as well? because that would be awesome.
  8. Dino

    We Desperately Need this feature

    Ive always thought this should be a thing. Only on your personal property tho!
  9. Dino

    Only For EMS and Cops

    Yes yes yes
  10. Dino

    Female hairstyles

  11. Dino

    Cable cars to go up Mt. Chiliad

    this would be neat for sure !
  12. Dino

    Mute topics on the forums

    Can we please get an option to "Mute topic" on the forums? eg: I don't really care for the classified ads and I would like to suppress or mute the threads entirely so I don't have them show in my unread content.
  13. Dino

    Medical MDT

    What you may be talking about is the documents we have, we dont have an in game MDT like the cops do
  14. Dino

    Medical MDT

    There was something in the works for us similar to this. But it started causing some issues with the cop MDT ... then I heard nothing more
  15. im all for manual checks on plates. the ALPR should still at least grab the plates, but the cop still needs to manually check the plates. Or give us physical licenses with point systems that can be checked through the system. but I also 1000% agree with Gear here, Cars need to be slowed down. Give cops at least 1 or 2 vehicles to better their chance. Its not about the W, its about fairness.
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