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  1. Dino

    Misuse of /me and /me2

    Court is definitely one of the biggest ones for an example. So is weddings / music events / basically anything that requests the audience sits quietly with no commentary. in my opinion, it ruins RP. because people who are mid dialogue will pause to read it, then we all suddenly become mind readers.
  2. Dino

    Misuse of /me and /me2

    yes yes yes yes.
  3. Dino

    OG vs Non-OG Cars

    an OG car is a car that regularly sold in PDM before some changes were made, whether it pricing of the car or a different model of the same car (replacing the 'ORIGINAL' car) The OG cars werent removed with these changes. For example, I have a 4-Door Karin Sultan, I bought at PDM for like 18,000. it is now currently priced at 2.5 Mil. It costs me 150$ to take it out of impound. where as the 2.5 costs almost 30k I believe. I hope this gives you the answer you were looking for.
  4. Dino

    GSW and ID Notifications

    This is a good idea, Ill pass it along
  5. Dino

    The Crown Vic Protest

    Ive been saying for a long ass time, you dont need speed to get away from the cops. I find it super unrealistic people going 170+ down the highway, crashing into locals and this and that and driving away like its nothing. At those speeds? You'd be dead. on the other thread, Cops vs Crims, the spike strips were brought up. "The speed someone can be spiked at should be this speed, anything over is NVL on that crim" When in anyone right mind, will someone slow down enough to allow spikes? When their cars can go 220+ with the blink of an eye? So yes, i agree with slowing down EVERY vehicle (not a lot, but make everything more realistic)
  6. Dino

    Money Truck System

    i feel like if something like this were to get implemented, it would need to be in a specific manner. Shoot on site might just be a "Hey im here, lets RDM each other because FuCk 12"
  7. Dino

    DMV " Department of Motor Vehicles"

    it wouldnt be a proper DMV without extensively long lines tho ..
  8. Dino

    Ban Appeal

    Hi there! Your best bet is to go and put in a support ticket https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/support/ This is not the place to put a ban appeal In the ticket you can select "ban appeal'' if you remember anything leading up to possibly why you were banned you can throw all that in the ticket. Good luck!
  9. Dino

    DOC and PD Roleplay.

    This is a brilliant idea, and im going to pass it to the devs
  10. Dino

    DOC and PD Roleplay.

    the thing is tho, we still need the cops to send off the criminals once we get back to rikers. So giving you a 'prompt' or a 'warn' saying "Suspect not sent, DOC on duty" would i fear cause more issues then good.
  11. Dino


    There are 3 smaller cities that dont require you to have the discord whitelist you can play in while you wait Bronx, queens , staten island ! Good luck
  12. Dino


    No, the 32 slot servers are regular in game talk. and the two larger cities use mumble. (which is also in game so no outside program) the only time an outside program is used, is for dispatch. and anyone using dispatch is strongly warned to be double micing when talking in dispatch to ensure thy are talking in game as well. hope that gives you the answers you need
  13. Dino


    This is not the right spot for it, but discord applications take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks.
  14. Dino

    Creating a City Council

    This gets brought up once every 3-4 months. I recall even the last time one of the owners was like "Yes lets do this, you guys start creating your campaign, making your rally's and what not, then if it goes well we will work on getting some actual stuff to do for a mayor" and no fail, every time, the conversation dies because nobody actually wants to put in the work.
  15. Dino


    not quite the spot to put this This is for personal introductions about who you are, not about new drugs https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9983-guildlines/
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