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    1. So this actually was brought up with our recent meeting. There are a few things that would need to change before anything could happen. We are trying to revamp DoC again, trust me.!
    2. Are you sure there weren't any vehicles in the vicinity? We have officers who can go unmarked... civ cars.. plain clothes.. air-1.. and sometimes on foot in the area and listening / watching what criminals are doing. There is physically no way an officer can teleport. Even us who are management are not allowed to use our admin tools for the gain of RP sake. We will get removed so quick it's not even funny. I think you might just not be as observant as you think and you're getting caught normally. If you have any video of these occurrences please do not hesitate to forward to management members and we can review them for you.
    3. Unfortunately there is someone who is attempting to disrupt the servers. They have been poorly attacking the servers for a few days. Causing just enough issues that people are timing out. The devs are trying everything in their power to continuously block these attacks.
    4. The taurus can outrun the speed unit, which legitimately makes no sense. the charger, is just the best all around PD car we have. It sticks to the ground when it needs to, it can turn pretty easy. the speed is not terrible (most super cars still outun it tho) and it can take a damn beating.
    5. in before "YoUrE JuSt A CoP WhO CaNt TaKe LoSiNg A PurSuiT" - 1st, suck it. That's not what this thread is about. I would like to suggest that we revert all the changes done to vehicle handling back to classic GTA online handling/Damage etc. Hear me out, our vehicles are all out of wack, and you don't believe this then you are on something else. No offense. We have vehicles that you sneeze on, and they break. We have vehicles that if you reverse accidentally 3mph into a trash can and it breaks. We have vehicles that go Mach fuck on a straight away. We have vehicles that roll on a simple right turn. We have vehicles that the slightest adjustment to the steering wheel you are saying hello to the person beside you from their back seat. We have vehicles with the smallest amount of speed going over a hill, will become the next Nelly Furtado tryin to fly like a bird. The vehicles are fubar'd and at this point, I don't think there is any way to fix it, without just completely restarting. (INCLUDING THE PD CARS, Why do you think every cop drives the charger? Its OP) Now yes ;; "WhAt AbOuT ThE ImPoRtS" (We could just get rid of them...) Just kidding, Sorta. I know that would cause an uproar. People need to spend their money on something. Well, the imports, while they don't have a base level to work from. They can still be modified, as far as I'm aware (and people could comment here otherwise) the imports handing isn't too terrible. The recent change to the speeds was good, I think it needs adjusted again just slightly. Everything reduced if everything was reverted. I'm sure some people would love to help out on some testing to help fix these vehicles. Surely it will take some time. But I strongly believe its needed. Please, leave your comments below, I would really like to hear everyone's opinions on the state of the vehicles in BCRP, and possible if enough people can agree on it we can aim toward a change for the better of roleplay.
    6. +1 to this. Homes are used for closets, and storages. that is. I would love to do more with my house
    7. If he got the 9s there is probably a lot more to his record then you think, there have been some changes from the DOJ side in regards to the 9s, (like 3 or more violent felonies in the last 3 days) If it was really only the one incident, he can do a PD complaint or get with the DoJ. Also could be a police complaint, if its involving a supervisor then you can take it higher, (Cpl -> Sgt -> Lieutenant -> Captain -> Asst Chief -> Chief) I agree that there can be more for crims to do, and we take every suggestion people give on the forums (within reason) and a lot of it actually gets talked about. Truthfully. second part ; kidnapping a cop became a rule because people abused it for so long, and had the dumbest reasons to do it. ("He sent me to jail for 5 minutes so imma kidnap him and make him do drugs and set him on fire") etc.. This is also something that has been talked about within the staff team on how we would allow it to happen again within reason. I agree, Cops shouldnt be protected. I dont want to outright say desync, but most everyone who complains about a cop ramming was a cop and went to the trainings and how in depth we explain pitting , ramming and desync. Now yes, there are some cops who do ram, and i think ive said it twice now, but PD complaints are a thing, and they actually do what they are supposed to do. Yet still nobody uses them? The only time anyone gets banned is from Gunplay, or over the group limit. Sure yes you have radios but you could have 10 people on that radio and they dont know the original scene and then suddenly 4 other cars are showing up and shooting without saying anything and it turns into a shitshow. Any ban ive done for example, people start shootin down cops because they got pulled over, or their friend is getting arrested, or this and that like,, why? What is the logical story behind shooting a cop for a 1000$ ticket? I cannot stress this enough, if you dont want to be treated like a criminal, dont act like an e-thug criminal and go off on cops because you saw them. If the only RP you are going to provide is '/e gangsign' "Fuck 12" "I hate/shoot cops because they are cops" and all the other stuff, then go find another community to play on. I dont know how DoJ works and what is really required for each person's case and the process of having them released. Now there probably could be better ways to do this for sure, but thats not my can of worms to open. I agree people really shouldnt be sitting for a long period of time for a court date. I personally think 5 days max isnt long enough, I would say 10-14 to be honest. Now hear me out, Yes it sucks if people only have a crim, but if their "Lifetime" jail sentence is too short, do they really suffer a consequence and really start to think differently about the roleplay that put them there? Or will they just get right back out on the streets and do the same thing that got them there? Please dont lump ALL of the cops into one category, thats just ignorance at its finest. Yes there are some cops that are a negative impact on the PD but truthfully its actually a smaller percentage then people really think. Again, PD complaints and Management reports go a long way. Now yes, Single cop running into a massive shoot-out is not realistic, 100% I agree with you. But as officers we also need to use our resources (calling 85s, getting into tactical positions, using our range of weapons etc) to essentially end further bloodshed. We cant just let crime happen then be a cleanup crew. If thats what you think PD is, I really hope you change your view, and quick. As said before, everyone whose complained about pitting were cops and have been through the training and process and understand the complications with Pitting. But you also got to see the other side ; People will take their 200m car and drive 180 through the city crashing into people and running over locals and shooting out their cops, so yes. Cops are trained to end the threat. As much as we strive to be a 'realistic' RP server, you have to think logically as well. Again, and ill keep repeating myself. Pd Complaints are a thing, Get with the DoJ fight charges, sue the cops, there is a buttload of RP opportunities that you can do. Just because you get a charge doesnt mean you have to just accept it and live with it. The DOJ would love to have more opportunity to go against the PD and remove arrests/charges/violations etc. Give them the RP they deserve. Also, arrests/violations get checked, frequently. If this is what you think Internal Affairs does, then you are poorly mistaken. One complaint can take up to 2 weeks to investigate, as most all parties are interviewed, the officer in question is interviewed, EVIDENCE LOGS (actually a real thing, BY THE WAY) are reviewed. Arrests/charges are reviewed etc. Its a hefty process for IA to work, and they do a damn good job with it.
    8. There is a plan for the devs to go through the businesses soon and start pulling those who are inactive, my recommendation is build your proposal through the business website and prepare for businesses opening up!
    9. Store robberies are still sorta a thing, i believe its about timing
    10. just to correct my earlier statement, you can break out a transport yes, you cannot hold up a cop specifically for the release of a suspect/prisoner
    11. I can tell you right now, as one of the admins who spends most of my time in city. I am always sending footage into the mgt discord. A lot of the staff consistently talk with each other and very rarely is a ban only decided by one person. If you have an issue with someone on the staff team, you are more than welcome to ask for another admin, or SMT or even message one of the owners. This is literally against the rules, You cannot hold up a cop for the release of a suspect I completely understand this, there are some 'By the book' cops and unfortunately, we cannot punish people for 'bad' or 'no preferred' roleplay. As you stated before, there are a lot of cops who are more lenient, they like to have fun with the players, but there are also some cops who are strict, and like I said 'by the book' you need to have this balance truthfully. if you have too many laid back cops everyone would get away with everything, if you have too many strict cops, then well, thats no fun either. I personally believe there is a good balance right now. Now, also remember; if you are having an issue with a cop, you can put in complaints. the CoC does in fact look at all complaints and deals with them as they come in. People for some reason dont believe that CoC or Staff take care of reports, but we do.
    12. Dino

      Gun licenses

      Well now that we have receptionists, they could at least eliminate half the process as well, it could still be up to the officer to reinstate the license, or even the District Attorney if PD isnt available. Maybe with this, it could be a physical item that only police can remove from someone, etc just a thought
    13. Dino

      Gun licenses

      Okay, so... we are all well aware. the system we have for gun licenses are kinda... well... fucked. As it stands, when you lose your license, you have to wait 14 days without getting any arrests or violations to be able to buy a new license. Also, it is aware that if you DO get arrested during that time, the timer resets... but when go to the store and attempt to buy one it doesnt give you an accurate time anymore. aka, fubar'd. My suggestion? Take away the automated system of buying gun licenses. Suggested change : Allow PD or District Attorneys to grant licenses. We can keep the timeline of 14 days (or repeat, violet offenders [by DOJ] can have a longer period etc), but for example, I come to MRPD and speak with an officer about my license. I wish to apply to get my license back/upgraded. They will ask me a series of questions and do a 'background' check on me and if I pass then they can grant me my license right there. Pros with this : less automated systems in game promoting more person to person RP within the city people will have a better understanding / knowledge about when they can get licenses Can easily fix when an officer accidentally takes a license Cons with this : Would more then likely have to restrict to certain rank in PD to prevent abuse It would be by officer discretion even if someone did pass the background check between officers/DA with crims
    14. ill offer 5m for the buffalo
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