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  1. Dino

    Lei Sanya❀

    omg its lasagna. sign my face.
  2. Dino

    Character Customization

    I would like more customization for sure. But you also need to think on how the performance will effect players ability to be around you/the city with visual mods. it may seem like a simple hair style, but that simple hair style could be enough to cause someone to crash trying to load it properly.
  3. Dino

    Rework of car speeds

    there is no need for cars to go as fast as they do, i agree with knocking the speeds down. If you need speed to get away from police then you dont know how to drive.
  4. Dino

    New apartments

    Would be interesting to implement , would have to either build or find a specific interior for a smaller apartment / possible hallways for when police need to 'breach' apartments individually
  5. Dino

    Handcuffing Animation

    You gotta think too ... people can still punch and kick during those animations as well.
  6. Dino

    Adding a /pm feature?

    This has been brought up before and always been turned down due to the fact that it will turn into a bad thing. Whats to stop someone from Meta'ing information through that system? If someone is trying to rob someone and they deny the robbery 'hue hue this is a safe zone dick head' that to me is no value life and FailRP , now you both are in trouble. Just roleplay out the scenario and go to support after / call the police. The admins arent always in game so they wouldnt be able to see pm's from the city, plus they wouldnt just kick you for using OOC, they'd warn "Clear OOC" first, if it was still used after that then they would probably kick you.
  7. Dino

    Punish the Players Not the Community

    I really hope that it does get to come back as well, I barely even got to try it
  8. Dino

    Court Case Channel

    i didnt even know that existed xDDD
  9. Dino

    Drivers License, License Suspension, Point System

    well then, oh idk. Wipe the economy Make fines larger, jail times longer, prices of guns/vehicles higher etc move locations of armor/precursors/cook locations/grow locations
  10. Dino

    Drivers License, License Suspension, Point System

    With the new inventory system this wouldnt be too hard to implement. Some of the FDNY COC has even joked around about hosting a driving course. This would bring new RP jobs into the city as you have driving instructors, DMV workers etc could use the airport or the military base as a closed driving course, and then maybe the rest of the city as a live test. Would be a lot of fun. 10/10 would apply (and fail my test)
  11. Dino

    Speed Cameras

    Cruise control was abused really hard and it was removed we have the speed lock which is, okay. I 100% agree with the stolen cars for the cameras.
  12. Dino

    Wacky radical idea

    there is never a good or a bad time for a wipe. There is always going to be someone new that are just making bank that are gunna be upset. but honestly, how long are we going to let the economy be the way it is? my EMS char has 5mil, i do nothing with that money. my Crim has 400k and she has the time of her life. people sit here with 50mil capped bank, and another like 30mil in their pockets, its like why? Who Needs that kind of money to do nothing with?
  13. Dino

    Hostage Rule

    Fact. And ill admit, thats why we've just done fake hostages
  14. Dino

    Mirror Park LTD Gas Station

    16 mil??
  15. Dino

    National Guard

    We do currently have our ERT and our SORT teams, which act as regular cops/troopers but is allowed over the cop rule if a city is declared code red. They come in QRF (full swat gear, rifles, armor, masks etc) and quickly diffuse situations or cities to bring them back to safety.
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