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  1. Ralph Morris


    This can't work, Nopixel tried it on their super strict whitelist server and stopped it.
  2. Ralph Morris

    Zip Ties

    not on a public server.
  3. Ralph Morris

    Former IRA

    Also being a hit man is stupid and is not rp.
  4. Ralph Morris

    Former IRA

    Let’s not. Sincerely, Ralph
  5. Ralph Morris

    Better Court System

    Have you applied to be a lawyer?
  6. Ralph Morris

    2 new cars?

    #removeallcustomcareswithnorefunds! lol
  7. Ralph Morris

    Selling Retired Dodge Charger

    This is a civilian charger. Not a retired cop car.
  8. Ralph Morris


    Right now OneSync is not always reliable. We may get something put up soon to test it out. Thanks for the post!
  9. Ralph Morris

    WTB Police Charger

    Do you have a old Charger sitting in your PD garage that is collecting dust? Let me know! 929-3625
  10. Ralph Morris

    Logan Licky

    I heard the plane she was one got blown up in the airspace over Iran.
  11. Ralph Morris

    Removing addon cars :=)

    There are GTA cares to match everyone of the add on cars that we have.
  12. Ralph Morris

    Apply for FDNY !

    I am Ralph Morris and I approve this message.
  13. Ralph Morris

    Coast Guard.

    Let's work on making FDNY staffed and actually on duty before we talk about adding any more divisions.
  14. Ralph Morris

    HUGE gun suggestions

    We are replacing guns with juice boxes and coloring books.
  15. Ralph Morris


    I have one.
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