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  1. Jack Weasley

    Skyline r34

    10 mil
  2. Jack Weasley

    Surround Sound in House to use!

    yeah just like Jorma said and u can RP it out. /me Starts up the Speaker then you start playing music
  3. Jack Weasley

    Tyler (TJ) Johnson

    welcome to the communityy
  4. Jack Weasley

    Johhny Dirte

    Welcome to best community ever
  5. Jack Weasley

    Can't change my clothes

    alright lets try fixing it, Try going to your house or apartment and in the clothing room change ur clothings, if you can that means u good and u need to go to barber and try changing hairs. If sstill doesnt work go to the character changer meaning the Car rental place and get a custom model character and it will 100% will fix it. Clear ur cache too.
  6. Jack Weasley

    Looking to buy Rare car

    List any rare car you have, looking for specially the one you cant buy from PDM or the other tuner car shop.
  7. Jack Weasley

    Raven Sanosuke

    welcome to the best community out there. Any question? head to #general chat in BCRP Discord.
  8. Jack Weasley

    3 Things we need right now

    They can add any car they want but its for better experience for everyone and server stability which i think thats why they are not adding it. Anything that are added to server it takes time to load, specially when there is 20+ People In areas sitting with all custom Cars+clothing+guns+Drugs+etc. Everything single thing uses resource from server. Once server becomes more stable it definitely can be added to the server i hope, or even in the Whitelist ; )
  9. Jack Weasley

    110 Procopio Drive, Paleto (Maybe)

    1.80 mill
  10. Jack Weasley

    Ban Appeal

    Best to make a ban appeal from the Support. The tab right up there there click on the support and and choose "Ban Appeal" and fill out the file.
  11. Jack Weasley

    1802 Forum Dr #18

    Turner Real State betterrrrr
  12. Jack Weasley

    New Here

    Hey welcome to The best communityyy. : )
  13. Jack Weasley

    Would that be Possible to .....

    Hello devs and admins hope you guys having a goog day/night. Tonight I bring another suggestion for FDNY. Would it be possible if we could get any one this as Locker to use like normal storage not with Huge size maybe 600 or you know we can store good amount Medkits or such or even good stock of water burger repair kits or anything before we go on duty or even we can sell those kits to people you know. This will only be accesses able anyone from FDNY While on duty. You cant access it off duty. I just thought about this little conditions you guys can and will make best condition on how to use it im sure. Thats it for tonight. Have a goog night/day.
  14. Jack Weasley

    Twitter invalid

    Fix 1: Make sure you are entering the username where it says [LOCKED] (Your username will be your character's full name - John Doe) Fix 2: Enter the correct password, if you forget it. You can find it out from contacting support Fix 3: Make sure you created the account successfully. You can redo the account creation if you can't remember doing it. The password will be the new one you entered if you did not create the account beforehand. May 18, 2020
  15. Jack Weasley

    Mia Rodriguez

    Yay. Welcome to Best community
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