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    1. I'm going to start off by saying just based off these two statements that the complaints made from criminals within this post are obviously without any sort of knowledge or facts. You are very misinformed and should seek the proper steps to obtaining the right info and handling the "corrupt" cops. Replies made already such as Ortega's and Sasha's response covers mostly everything I would've said -- but to bash the PD's IAB and critique our notes system without having any experience or knowledge behind the scenes of it is a little ridiculous. There are corrupt cops no doubt and I am saying this as the Chief. The only way to catch them is by reporting the issue properly -- not being a sitting duck and letting it build up. Its not logs that we use but actual investigation, footage viewing, and witness gathering that is all part of the process. We get rid of corrupt police very quickly when reported but sometimes we also witness an officer doing the job properly and just a very salty criminal wanting to complain because they got caught. Sorry we are doing our RP job as cops and try to actually be smart cops and not just a toy for criminals? Many criminals claim "rEtRaIn ThE cOpS" but thats not the issue. The issue is: you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink. People, cops in this case, will make their own decisions with or without thinking if its within the guidelines of our SOP. That's just part of humanity I guess. You're always gonna have your "robo-cops" and you're always gonna have the nice/community friendly ones. Not everything is going to go as planned in roleplay -- that's because roleplay is organic. DoJ is in charge of the penal code so I would recommend trying to speak to a Judge or someone of high status within their department to voice concerns about charges and 9s and whatnot. Don't make assumptions when you don't have the experience from the other side. Roleplay -- stop playing as your IRL self but in the video game.
    2. Ever since I created Royals Reloaded and then Brothers In Arms, I have always advocated for adding people to businesses for these reasons listed above. I am so happy to see the new Business Menu that was added, that really helped ALL business owners who were creating RP from their shops. As an ammunation owner, I have a full employee roster and it is difficult to open or do anything now with the cooldown on buying weapons (even as the OWNER of the shop) and my co-workers can't access any of my "tools." I would like if my employees could be able to RP more and have more business interaction at shops.
    3. This cannot be a truer statement. Also, this post was about Cops V. Criminals... where is all the stuff on criminals?
    4. I heard Kylie Mandem is interested.
    5. Narrative After Moe and Tyrone left the Royals behind, they pondered on the future path they may take. Moe recalled his childhood and teenage years, thinking about his father's alias, "Flowers," and how some of his family back in LA might still be around--even on his mother's side. Even though he lost his mother and father, his mother's brother, Stefano Diveroli, was still walking. Moe didn't know how to get in contact with Stefano as Moe last heard he was in Vegas helping run a casino business as a loan shark. After doing some research with his cousin Joey, Moe found the casino Stefano worked at and narrowed down his search after asking some questions. It was only until Moe took a flight to Chicago and had to do some digging around to gain some solid information. Once the Chicago Outfit, ran by Anthony Spilotro "Tony the Ant," got put to an end, Stefano had been in Queens, New York, laying low for the past 16 years. At a bar in Chicago, Moe met a Made Man from the Chicago Outfit that provided Stefano's number. Moe immediately went to call. He was shocked to hear the voice of his uncle. Very skeptically, Stefano agreed to meet with Moe after flying back to New York. They met at the Bean Machine to talk about family and business. Stefano thought of the opportunities that could bring their family name back into the arms dealing game. Moe, Tyrone, and Joey were accepted with open arms by Stefano into the Diveroli family; forming a new crew. Their focus would be primarily arms dealing. There couldn't be a structured scheme that could destroy the family; it had to be a teamwork effort. Moe already had the ammunation still under his name and knew this operation could work again--but better. The Brothers In Arms Inc. business started, instantly boomed, and money was coming in. Venus and Bailey, Tyrone and Joey's wives, would help push the business front under managerial positions. This was a good time for the Diverolis as their skepticism on their business would have possibly resulted in failure. As they linked up with other successful families, more opportunities opened. An extended hand to a familiar face, Daniel Petrov, brought another close ally into the family. Focused on business, the Diveroli family have truly made their presence known in New York City.
    6. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Welcome to Brothers In Arms ! After being purchased and developed by Moe Diveroli during his time with the Royals, the Diveroli Brothers built this shop from the foundation up starting with brand new ideas for business and innovation to the community. Others have tried to copy the ideas that the brilliant entrepreneur had created but none have prevailed his marketing style. A wide variety of items are offered at this shop: body armor (sold by/to sovereign citizens), medkits, gun cleaning kits, repair kits, lockpicks, parachutes, snacks, pistols, shotguns, knives, beer, wine, and let's not forget our Security Service. **some items/services may not be listed & more to be added** Job Positions ***Level 3 and above can open the shop*** CLICK THIS FOR THE : EMPLOYEE APPLICATION PAGE Deed Owner (Level 4) - The Owner can dip into each field offered by our lovely BiA. Brewer (Level 1) - Working under the Diveroli Brothers, you will be crafting beer through the legal brewery job offered by the city. Head of Events (Level 3) - Head of Events coordinates the outfits/events for our store staff, security team, and brewery. Taking this position will also connect us to other business owners that want to make deals with us. Head of Operations (Level 4) - This will be a team of highly trained and skilled individuals that can get the job done while playing by the rules. This might inquire activity ranging from guarding the front door to the shop to specific missions. Security (Level 2) - These guards are hired specifically for guarding the shop and events. Head of Sales (Level 4) - Head of Sales will maintain the LEGAL employees within the shop and instruct the manager on how to handle the position properly. Manager (Level 3) - Manager will instruct the employees on their position and maintain the shop while it’s open. Sales Associate (Level 2) - Will listen to the Manager and run the “register” while pitching sales to customers during work hours. Secretary / Head Manager (Level 4) - The Head of Supplies focuses primarily on maintaining legal goods for the shop such as body armor, medkits, ammunition, gun cleaning kits, repair kits, parachutes, etc Shop Policies NO TASERS OR WEAPONS ALLOWED TO BE DRAWN IN THE SHOP OR OUTSIDE THE SHOP. SHOOTING IS NOT ALLOWED AT THE SHOP. TACKLING IS NOT ALLOWED UNLESS APPREHENDING. Employees are allowed to apprehend any suspects with the effort of calling 911 (if possible). Customers may be removed from the store or cut off from shopping at the owner's discretion. This may happen at any given point. Feel free to involve the police if necessary since the property is PRIVATELY owned. We must ID and check for a gun license per customer upon entry of the establishment. You can ask them if they prefer to inquire in the 5% sale or to buy under a legal owner’s name. If you buy under another owner’s name (the sovereign citizen working and making the sale at the time), the customer has to pay full price and/or additional tax along with signing a Bill of Sale by the State of New York. Please join one of the two lines to the registers located in the shop and wait your turn to be assisted (unless a store clerk helps).
    7. Appreciate it Clayton! Look forward to more RP with ya
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