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    1. Ever since I created Royals Reloaded and then Brothers In Arms, I have always advocated for adding people to businesses for these reasons listed above. I am so happy to see the new Business Menu that was added, that really helped ALL business owners who were creating RP from their shops. As an ammunation owner, I have a full employee roster and it is difficult to open or do anything now with the cooldown on buying weapons (even as the OWNER of the shop) and my co-workers can't access any of my "tools." I would like if my employees could be able to RP more and have more business interaction at
    2. This cannot be a truer statement. Also, this post was about Cops V. Criminals... where is all the stuff on criminals?
    3. I heard Kylie Mandem is interested.
    4. Narrative After Moe and Tyrone left the Royals behind, they pondered on the future path they may take. Moe recalled his childhood and teenage years, thinking about his father's alias, "Flowers," and how some of his family back in LA might still be around--even on his mother's side. Even though he lost his mother and father, his mother's brother, Stefano Diveroli, was still walking. Moe didn't know how to get in contact with Stefano as Moe last heard he was in Vegas helping run a casino business as a loan shark. After doing some research with his cousin Joey, Moe found the casino Stefano w
    5. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Welcome to Brothers In Arms ! After being purchased and developed by Moe Diveroli during his time with the Royals, the Diveroli Brothers built this shop from the foundation up starting with brand new ideas for business and innovation to the community. Others have tried to copy the ideas that the brilliant entrepreneur had created but none have prevailed his marketing style. A wide variety of items are offered at this shop: body armor (sold by/to sovereign citizens), medkits, gun clea
    6. Appreciate it Clayton! Look forward to more RP with ya
    7. Would be dope for a potential whitelist job then if they can drag people!
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