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  1. Nardah

    Date Auctions

    Yeah no
  2. Nardah


    Replaced some mechanic hoists and rewrote the hoist script to allow for more movable hoists. Fixed an issue with getting /er'd while dead. Fixed a potential issue while checking in to the hospital. Fixed an issue with with multi apartment friend access.
  3. Nardah


    Removed the unusable stuff from mechanic shop 5 & 6 and replaced it with usable stuff... Added new courthouse, it is now next to Public 1. Fixed an issue with David PD doors not freezing, added locks to the courthouse. Boats can now be transferred to their proper garages.
  4. Nardah


    Fixed an issue with the P1 and the charger. Added incident reports and case files to the police MDT. Fixed a hideout instancing issue.
  5. Manhattan Brooklyn Queens Staten Island Bronx Event Server Training Server
  6. Nardah

    Government Loans

  7. Nardah


    Added vending machines (open with K). Scanners now should not unequip while entering a vehicle.
  8. Nardah


    Added new Digital Den - Sells new phones (changes look in hand), tablets (displays news, games (Pacman, Snake, Tetris), rules, penal code), and binoculars (usable). Added Diamond Casino interior and blackjack. Logging out at your apartment will leave you at the entrance when logging back in. Added ATMs at Cashier in Diamond Casino, near Digital Den, and in Split Sides. Added Futo Hatch (drift version), replaced Camaro model, added drift handling to Drift Tampa. Added Weazel News interior.
  9. Nardah


    Don't post topics for friends
  10. Nardah

    Phone numbers

    Or you know, I could just bang it out in a couple hours....
  11. You can already check gun serial numbers and it can be reported stolen.
  12. Nardah

    Phone numbers

    This is something I have been meaning to do but have not gotten around to it. I'll add it to my mental to-do soon list.
  13. Nardah

    We Desperately Need this feature

    @Jack Morgan
  14. Nardah

    We Desperately Need this feature

    I am working on some improvements to apartments and this is possible to add.
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