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  1. Nardah

    We Desperately Need this feature

    @Jack Morgan
  2. Nardah

    We Desperately Need this feature

    I am working on some improvements to apartments and this is possible to add.
  3. Nardah

    bandages/ healing items

    I have something in the works for something like this.
  4. Nardah

    Bank Robbery/Robbery RP

    1 hostage = 1 demand.
  5. Nardah

    Bike balancing.

    I'm currently looking into reducing high speed turning and braking for the bikes and/or adding licence plates.
  6. Nardah

    Fake Plates

    Could you expand on how these would be obtained?
  7. Nardah

    Physical ID Cards

    Should be possible but there is a lot of potential for abuse.
  8. Nardah

    Additional Storage Container

    Added more.
  9. Nardah

    Bike balancing.

  10. Nardah

    Tow Radio Emote

    Should be done.
  11. I don't think it is that hard to make two characters with different personalities. IRL I am a mechanic and doing other things. If I was a lawyer I would never work on a car again... it doesn't make sense. Also with how jobs work in-game it does not work.
  12. Nardah

    Scrap Metal From Towwed Cars

    Chop Shop gives you scrap metal for cars.
  13. Nardah

    Inventory suggestions

    We may be working on something similar but unique.
  14. Nardah

    Inventory suggestions

    Literally every server ever: Copy NoPixel
  15. I think we need bench trials and public defenders would be paid per each one - when judges are active in the city they can just happen after "booking". Payment system can be made or a different way of going about it for sure - talk to the judges.
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