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  1. I don't think it is that hard to make two characters with different personalities. IRL I am a mechanic and doing other things. If I was a lawyer I would never work on a car again... it doesn't make sense. Also with how jobs work in-game it does not work.
  2. Nardah

    Scrap Metal From Towwed Cars

    Chop Shop gives you scrap metal for cars.
  3. Nardah

    Inventory suggestions

    We may be working on something similar but unique.
  4. Nardah

    Inventory suggestions

    Literally every server ever: Copy NoPixel
  5. I think we need bench trials and public defenders would be paid per each one - when judges are active in the city they can just happen after "booking". Payment system can be made or a different way of going about it for sure - talk to the judges.
  6. Nardah

    Making Security a job for access to sripts?

    I like this. If I do it I will probably add the option for police so they can frisk as an option and security would have the same. Job on id allowing access to the command.
  7. Nardah

    Car's windows animation

    Ask Rockstar.
  8. Nardah

    Character Slots

    Possible but it would require a lot of work and rewrite of a lot of stuff. Could be easier with a wipe, but not planning on that right now.
  9. Nardah

    LEO Feature: Specific Seize

    It's been on my mind
  10. Nardah

    Guide for Terms said on BigCity

    Shouldn't be used. Shouldn't be used.
  11. Nardah

    FDNY Speed Camera fines?

    Clear intersections. All cameras are in the intersection. Sure you can do 75 but you should also slow to ~50 to go through lights. A lot less if it's red.
  12. @ItssJustJoshyou're
  13. Nardah

    Stop whitelisted job menus switching characters

    Did this today before seeing this.
  14. Nardah

    Close the Subway System OR Add Trains

    I was working on trains. It was causing crashing issues but I will revisit it.