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  1. NickM


  2. NickM

    A few suggestions

    Usually teargas in the open is not the best way to use it. Molotovs are also very good but I dont see alot of it used in other stuff than riots.. Just my opinion
  3. NickM

    Gas Cans! Thoughts?

    A repairkit should fill up your car slightly.. Either that or call a mechanic
  4. NickM

    A few suggestions

    I used to have two of them 50$ bikes Only thing I rode when I was alone in the city
  5. NickM

    A few suggestions

    Diamond and gold plated bmx bois! Future is now
  6. NickM

    A few suggestions

    There also used to be a "cop" online thing. You couldn't see it if you weren't a cop. I think it was good and bad. Oftenly used for metagaming. Since in a city there would be more than 2 cops on duty Also.. The grenades and throwables are a bit overkill wouldn't you say?
  7. Happy birthday, friend! 😊

  8. NickM

    The Scarpa Crime Family

    Its December not April..
  9. NickM

    New Donator Rank

    Is there anything bad about that tho? If people don't play for long the houses will be availible for sale to others. + not every single person in the community are able to donate 100 dollars every 10 minutes. The queue is maybe a little too... you know..
  10. NickM

    Nick Collins

    Where are they from? Norway How long you been in this city? Early August of 2017 What are they interested in doing here in the city? Building up RP, giving me and other a good RP time. Do they have a job? Unemployed Favorite hobbies? Bank Robberies Character Storyline? Nick Marino was born in Norway. His family was basically his parents, Mustafi, Roberto and Emma. It was usually Mustafi, Nick and Roberto that was hanging out, which left Emma as an out stander. At a young age of 13, Mustafi decided to do his first crime, which had him being sent to foster care. This left Nick, Roberto and Emma the last 3 standing. Nick and Roberto invited Emma to the group that they had, and they started doing more stupid stuff. After a couple of years Mustafi escaped the foster care, and the first thing he did was to come to his family members. Once Nick was 18, Mustafi and Emma was 17 and Roberto 15, they all moved to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles Nick and Roberto met up with the Purple Gang, which was led by Gerald Johnson and Vinny and they all started hanging out. Gerald was in his early 20s at the time. Since we recently moved we were all low on money. The purple gang hooked the Marino's up with some smuggling jobs. During one of the smuggle runs Nick was shot and wounded. With him and his family they had to escape and go undercover. Whilst hiding Nick was making contact with the Collins family's bosses at the time, lead by Paul, Alex, Abby and Jacob. The Collins agreed to let us all into the family, and under a new name, Nick Collins, we were all back in business. Raising highly through the family ranks, Nick was soon one of the leaders. Soon after Jacob ended up in jail for life. Shortly after Paul fell into the same trap as Jacob. Then there was only 5 Collins family members left. Alex, Nick, Abby, Mustafi and Roberto. The Collins met up with the Banks family, and a long lasting war started. There were multiple shootouts, kidnappings and robberies between the families. The Banks used their associates (the Starr brothers), and meanwhile the Collins managed to shoot Gerald Johnson in a shootout with the Banks. This made the Purple gang start a war with the Collins family as well. We shortly after realized that we had lost the war, and we surrendered. Building up our armory, we were shortly back in business. In the second war we wounded Vinny, and a couple other purple gang members were heavily wounded. After this war the Purples and the Collins decided to truce, and shortly after make peace. Since this time there has been no war between the Collins, the Banks and the Purple gang. After a couple of years the Collins and the other families traveled to New York, where they were held up by the Blue and the Red gang. After a week or so with war against those two gangs, they lost and abandoned the city. Nick also prestiged to family boss during this war. Slowly throughout the years other families, like the Saints, the Salantes and the Chambers popped up in the lists. The Collins realized that if they were going to keep the reputation as one of the biggest families, they had to recruit people to the family. During this time they recruited people like Frank, Sam, Jonny and Slade. After a couple of months Slade decided to do something stupid, like usual, and quickly left the family before we realized. Since Nick was close friends with Slade, he was pardoned. The rest of the story will continue being written as long as we are cruising the street of the paradise city, New York.
  11. NickM

    Chambers Incorporated

    no u
  12. NickM

    More Houses and Apartments

    Probably because it will take the devs ages to add a crap ton of more houses.
  13. NickM


    This is gangs and families section btw
  14. Happy Birthday!

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