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  • Be on the lookout for Rocky the Big Foot in Chiliad forrest
  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
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    1. mango mango pineapple

    2. Usually teargas in the open is not the best way to use it. Molotovs are also very good but I dont see alot of it used in other stuff than riots.. Just my opinion
    3. A repairkit should fill up your car slightly.. Either that or call a mechanic
    4. I used to have two of them 50$ bikes Only thing I rode when I was alone in the city
    5. Diamond and gold plated bmx bois! Future is now
    6. There also used to be a "cop" online thing. You couldn't see it if you weren't a cop. I think it was good and bad. Oftenly used for metagaming. Since in a city there would be more than 2 cops on duty Also.. The grenades and throwables are a bit overkill wouldn't you say?
    7. Happy birthday, friend! 😊

    8. Is there anything bad about that tho? If people don't play for long the houses will be availible for sale to others. + not every single person in the community are able to donate 100 dollars every 10 minutes. The queue is maybe a little too... you know..
    9. Where are they from? Norway How long you been in this city? Early August of 2017 What are they interested in doing here in the city? Building up RP, giving me and other a good RP time. Do they have a job? Unemployed Favorite hobbies? Bank Robberies Character Storyline? Nick Marino was born in Norway. His family was basically his parents, Mustafi, Roberto and Emma. It was usually Mustafi, Nick and Roberto that was hanging out, which left Emma as an out stander. At a young age of 13, Mustafi decided to do his first crime, which h
    10. Probably because it will take the devs ages to add a crap ton of more houses.
    11. This is gangs and families section btw
    12. Happy Birthday!

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