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    1. same with seizing from someone's vehicle, if i find drugs or illegal guns in their car and i want to seize them, i seize everything, even if they have mangos or repair kits etc, it would be nice if we could specially choose what we want to seize
    2. Alright so i brought this suggestion up to Nardah while he was streaming, his response was something along the lines of "that would be cool, but it would mean an entire inventory rewrite" or something similar to that meaning if this was to become a thing they would have to re do the entire inventory system that we currently have. @cacalac1
    3. we have a system in place where we can pay tow drivers now we can do /towpay or something along the lines of that where it pays the tow driver i think its like $2,500 everytime the command is used it logs it for the staff. Maybe something like this could work?
    4. i know sometimes even moving does not stop the AFK kicker, unless you actually speak ingame for some reason, does it still kick you even after you have spoken ingame (even when in coma)
    5. There is a bug and has been for a little bit of time unfortunately, when a cop or EMS uses the "force out" option for removing people from their vehicle, it kicks a random person from their vehicle aswell, the only way for that specific person to fix it is for them to relog
    6. some servers i believe were close down and the new server, the 130 slot server is now open for business with a fresh start and fresh econemy along with some other new changes.
    7. if your being detained you are mean to identify yourself, when on a traffic stop you can technically say your "detained" because if you drive off well then thats Felony Evading Law Enforcement, or if you run its Fleeing and eluding etc....
    8. normally that statement i would agree with, except the fact that every civ vehicle nearly can out-speed the police vehicles, most cars are stupid and can do 150+ in a matter of seconds so if we slow down and max ourselves at that speed then we would never chase or catch anyone because we would have to limit our speeds, so that i disagree with.
    9. Police do not get the speeding camera fines, therefore EMS should not receive the fines.
    10. Twitch - ItsJustJosh
    11. its crazy, seeing some of these screenshots from Cali haha, your a bunch as shiz heads but much respect to yall! you know always got your back brothers haha
    12. If i play on my civ character, i am a mechanic meaning i have the mechanic menu, but when i switch to my cop character i STILL have the mechanic menu meaning i cnanot use the Police menu as it overlaps, the only fix i have for it is to either hope there is staff in the server to remove my mech perms or to relog which is simply annoying. Hopefully there is a fix for this.
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