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    1. Maybe add a alert like a single beep for when youre low on gas. If you are anything like me then you dont pay attention to anything very well and dont notice when you are low on gas so an alert would be nice to have.
    2. i would looooove if we had drivers licenses and had to do a test for them and get them suspended for breaking traffic violations, have to go to court to get them unsuspended. alot of rp could come from this. also if you add this with fake id's/fake licenses could be really dope!
    3. This new tripping thing is dumb. I cant climb over anything with out falling. you have to sit there and wait. I understand that it was implemented to fight people who jumped to run faster or dodge bullets but why in the world would you want to punish everyone for something only shitlords do. now those of us who actually rp well get punished for it. can we remove this feature from the server please!the solution to people who jump to run faster or dodge bullets should just be kicked because that is power gaming..... dont punish all of us.
    4. It would be suuuuper nice if people could BUY jewelry at the jewelry store as well as steal it.... right now the only way to get "wedding rings" or necklaces/watches for your loved ones is to steal them and if officers see that they come back stolen they can take them. Just got my container raided and they took the wedding ring/engagement ring out of it. Would be nice to actually have a ring labeled as a wedding ring to buy so this doesnt happen.
    5. Jade

      Queue Prio

      What about mechs and lawyers? I am a DA and ik i skip people all the time... i have mech friends that skip people too. i dont know if there is a limit to how many mechs/lawyers are in the city until their prio doesnt work. so mechs and lawyers are bumping back regular civs as well as PD and FDNY constantly. its not just PD and FDNY. I do 100% agree people should spread out more. However if all your friends are in a city, 90% of people are gonna go to that city. its just unrealistic to expect otherwise.
    6. Jade


      The lawyer job and the district attorney job need to be separated. I cant count how many times a day (after placing a 311 call saying im unavailable for rep.) I get calls looking for a lawyer. I do a decent amount of roleplay on my ADA aside from ADA work and it is really annoying that we show up in the yellow pages as a LAWYER and can be called by anyone at anytime and asked for a lawyer. It is highly annoying. I then am the one who gets attitude when I say I am unable to help. So please please please please can we get the Lawyer job and the DA job separated so this no longer has to be an issue for myself or any other DA's that may have the same issue.
    7. Jade

      Queue Prio

      Something I have brought up on stream multiple times is queue prio issues. People sit in queue for hours just to get bumped back by someone who just joined. I think prio should be time based. What I mean by this is certain WL jobs should have different times they get into the queue as. For example: -Police jump into queue as if they have been waiting 60 min -FDNY jump into queue as if they have been waiting 60 min -mechs jump into queue as if they have been waiting 15 min -lawyers jump into queue as if they have been waiting 30 min Those are some examples. This way someone who has been waiting in queue for 2 hours isnt getting bumped back every time a cop joins queue. Everyone deserves an equal chance to play on the servers. I understand that sometimes PD is needed in the city, or a lawyer is needed in the city, so give them a time they jump into the queue as and go from there. I 100% believe someone shouldnt be bumped back after waiting for an 1hr and a half just cuz someone has a WL job. Feel like it will be more fair all around and make it so people can get into the server easier and enjoy their time in BCRP.
    8. Jade

      Miles Tracker

      Would be cool to have a system that tracks the amount of miles you put onto a vehicle. This could bring some roleplay into selling vehicles and for when mechanics need to fix your vehicle.
    9. Maybe add a way so you can see if your taxi is actually coming and how far they are. sometimes I get my call accepted and wait for 20 min for them and then think they arent showing up so i walk away and then they pull up. other times they just never show up so it would be nice to see if your taxi is actually coming or if they are on duty just to get a bigger payday and never actually coming cuz they are doing god knows what. That way you dont waste 30 min waiting for someone whos never coming.
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