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    1. That's a name I haven't seen in a while. I am always down for some more serious gang RP.
    2. I do have some hair styles I could add. The hard part for me is knowing which ones we should replace. If you could send a list of them that don't look very good that would be very appreciated!
    3. Most animations do work. There are the odd scenario (animation prop etc) like BBQ that do not work on females. For some reason, that's just how GTA V is.
    4. Done. Added two commands. /payphone will work at any payphone object. /phonecontacts will display your contacts so you know who to call.
    5. It has been removed. I don't think it was intended for everyone to use it and people just stumbled upon it.
    6. Next restart time should be 1/4 of the speed.
    7. We don't use ESX like most servers do.
    8. Sound simple but in reality it is rewrite the whole entire inventory and weapon system.
    9. Join our teamspeak (bigcityrp.com) or create a support ticket (Support tab at top).
    10. How would employees make money? Is there a set percentage of commission per sale, set by the owner? How would the dealership look - preview cars, test drives by employees, etc. Can the cars only be purchased when an employee is online or have an offline purchase option?
    11. Hello! Welcome. Your characters can not know each other so it would not be allowed to transfer things between them. I can't talk for other people, but a not-on-point accent wouldn't bother me. We have a few pilots but we keep it very limited. It is a possibility though. If you have to step away for a short period (10 minutes or less) it is best to find a secluded place or let the people who you are with know you're "taking a nap" or similar phrase in character that you will not be active.
    12. Neither of those trucks work, unfortunately. The first one is for SP only and the hook trucks do not work/sync properly in FiveM.
    13. I think I found one, took a little bit of editing to get the lights right. Now we just need a skin o.O @Jus10 https://i.imgur.com/r4RCr8w.gif
    14. I looked and can not find a half decent replacement for the raptor. https://i.imgur.com/fctUpqS.gif I'll take the current one over the one you can't even tell the lights are flashing. The one suggested is nice, sure, but it's not available anywhere.
    15. Or just allow the car to go to the next not full garage. Hmm...
    16. The garage has been separated for the next restart.
    17. Please create a support ticket or join the TeamSpeak (bigcityrp.com) so we can help you with your issue properly!
    18. Absolutely possible to do. No we are not going to.
    19. I think this was unintentional when we allowed you to finger someone out of a vehicle. It should be fixed next restart.
    20. Probability is based off the vehicle classification.
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