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    1. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/better-police-stations-nypd-edition These look cool, would be nice if added I think, doesn't seem too hard but then again I'm not a dev so IDK lol
    2. +1 I really like this idea. I like the idea what you said with the two ways. The first, loud and obvious, sends an immediate alert to police, and you must have a crowbar. The second, a quiet, hacking device. If you fail, it sends an alert, if you succeed, no alert, you get the money. To counter an obvious hacking animation, make ATMs use the /e atm emote. IDK why it's not already incorporated.
    3. I agree with this. Shotguns need to do a bit more damage.
    4. make your own food spot! Be the difference! (If you're talking about like Taco Trucks and stuff like that)
    5. -When using 'Drag' or 'Escort', the 'trash' walk animation could be used to LOOK like they are actually holding the person they are grabbing. Using drag or escort could trigger the walk animation to look cooler! -When searching someone as a cop, /e type could be triggered to LOOK like the person is searching someone else's pockets. -When having a slinged weapon, it could be slung on the front of the person to be realistically looking as a weapon would be slung IRL. https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/82297-request-sling-mod/ -Cop holsters to change based on tasers/pistols out? https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/scripts/8017-cop-holster/ -Can we add anonymous 911 calls to simulate Local 911 Calls or 311 Calls? This I feel should have been added a long time ago! That's all I have for now. Please give feedback and thoughts on any and all! I would love to hear and will talk about it with you on your thoughts. EDIT: Adding a suggestion of ragdoll button! For example, when you press a button like Y or something for example, your character would fall and ragdoll. Just a fun little RP thing that I don't think would be too hard to add at all EDIT 2: Battering Ram, because everybody knows we all love the ramming we do already https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/ram-bar-battering-ram-weapon-replace This is just... yeah please add it lol https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/better-police-stations-nypd-edition
    6. it's not 9's but the problem is that DoJ already has too much on their/our plate and we don't have enough of us to go around and everybody wants to be a criminal and not have a WL job. I think a majority of people don't know what we offer in terms of jobs or creations of RP that we can make for people that have a passion for it, like our News Job for example at Weazel News. I don't know if people just don't know of it or are just not interested but WL jobs aside from PD.
    7. Other than what Dino said, I think almost everybody wants an ID as an item or otherwise. Makes no sense that someone should drive after having so much reckless driving charges.
    8. We can counter this IC with a charge of "Possession of Stolen ID" or something like that or even just having an ID that is NOT yours can get you jailed.
    9. Instead of just plainly searching somebody, maybe something everyone can do is have like a /patdown command, that takes little to no time, and will come up with something in the chat bar saying like "You feel a buldge" or something or if they don't have a knife/gun/taser, it would be "You feel nothing". It would be cool for having security inside places like clubs or something, which would be alternately done by /me pats down (which I also have no problem with, but a command would be quite cool). I understand this is not needed, and can be RP'd out like I just mentioned, but it would be very cool to see and would actually be done more I think in RP if it was implemented.
    10. Kind of like what Missy said, there should for surely be something like a business that helps out new people. The only way people are introduced MOSTLY is through friends that already play here, and for new people I know it is so hard to get off the ground. Maybe an agency that can start out newer players like example giving tours around the city (showing hotspots, important areas, digital dens, lawyer/court area, legion, WT hotel, anything like that.), showing them where things are or how things work mechanically. Giving them phones off the bat, or a starter car, stuff like that. Civ based agency helping new civs that can get money for helping people that can be funded through government.
    • Upcoming Events

      • August 20, 2022 04:00 PM Until 06:00 PM
        The Department of Justice is declaring the opening of the Municipal Courts as of Saturday, the 6th August. 
        The Court will allow citizens to appeal violations and traffic offenses received within the last 90 days in court through self-representation or with the representation of their legal counsel.
        The following has been approved for appealing in the Municipal Court:
        Violations issued that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        Traffic offenses  that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        The Municipal Court System is available between 12pm and 4pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Saturdays and will be open to the public to bring their cases forward to present to the court. All citizens wishing to present their cases to the court will be asked to dress in respectable clothing whilst court is in session.
        No weapons of any kind will be permitted inside the courthouse at any time with exclusion to courthouse bailiffs and requested law enforcement.
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