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    1. Sadly people will find a way to abuse anything that gets implemented into the city unless we really focus on weeding out the possibilities. I think it would be great, but I believe it will sadly just remain a suggestion for now. No pain, no gain, I suppose!
    2. I’m aware this sadly happens but it’s not the main reason I have interest and have suggested such, really. I have interest because it would be nice to actually share a home with my spouse and have him be able to give access to individuals as well as if we own the home together. People owning so many homes per account is a whole other issue that I believe should be addressed, especially because these individuals are owning the homes for profit and then receive the money on their primary character.
    3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe regardless of how many officers are on duty there is a limit in place as to how many can respond to each situation to avoid this? If not there should be a limit to how many officers can be on scene, not how many units.
    4. It could be done so that you’re limited to how many houses you have access to. I’m honestly even okay with the idea that if you own a home, you cannot be given level 4 access to another individuals home, similar to how you cannot buy a home when already owning one. Realistically, spouses would not be owning two homes (at least in the same city). My thought was that it would free up homes as well because there would be no need for a couple that has interest in sharing a home at this rate to have two homes!
    5. It was my thoughts that only the real owner of the home would be able to sell the home and it would be limited to only one person being able to have level 4 access, per the original post. It’s not something that can be granted willy nilly. The access would have to be granted via the stash, similar to how it’s changed now, to avoid being able to give access to yourself (such as being able to type a name into the box), unless it were similar to businesses where you add access at the stash with the person standing near you. To be honest, people could easily share money across characters regardless of if level 4 existed, anyway.
    6. Hi all! Currently in the city, we have the ability to grant level 1-3 house access, each level providing a varying level of access. My suggestion today is that a 4th level of access get added, if at all possible. What I would like to see implemented, is only one (1) person can be granted the 4th level (to avoid abuse)- Similar to how businesses can have [x] amount of employees. On this 4th level, it would essentially be as though they own the home with you. They are able to add/remove individuals from the property and, if possible, are able to pay rent as well. I would also like to see it giving them the ability to "change lives" as well - because that is limited to the owner of the home (for obvious reasons). I think this would definitely add to RP, especially those of us with spouses/significant others in the city, because it would be as though we are owning the home together. It could, obviously, be used for best friends wanting to live together, and even people allowing others into their home on a "lease agreement" or something.
    7. This - But it is possible and should be implemented that they're only able to ring the bell [x] (preferably once) amount of times within [x] amount of time to avoid them spamming the shit out of on duty DOC, FDNY and NYPD.
    8. This is definitely something that I wish was implemented so long ago. I do not understand why there is only one place to move cars at the main PDM inner city and not outer. In a way, it forces RP to partake inner city. There are people who live in Paleto/Sandy who, if they want to move around cars easily, they would have to drive all the way into the city to do so. +1
    9. You can't drive it right? I also spend millions of dollars on a car that I can't utilize.
    10. Postal 864 8 Car Garage Very short drive to a barber, Melody's Boutique, a customs shop as well as other local businesses. Right at the foot of the hills for easy access. Standard Red/White "hills mansion" interior. Taking offers at this time. Gov is 2.75m I believe and should be included in your offer. Only sensible offers will be considered. Email: MrsKillz#1025 Phone: 313-8381
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