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  1. Justin Martin

    Whats the ETA?

    We currently have no ETA as RedM is still in a pre-release version. According the Cfx project (the group behind RedM) they currently expect a late 2019 release of RedM. To follow RedM's progress i recommend joining the Cfx.re Project Hub's official discord by clicking here. All updates related to RedM are posted in the redm-hello channel on that discord.
  2. Justin Martin


    I love the house!!!
  3. Justin Martin

    Butterhomes Realtor Now Available!

    Jk love you enjoy the RP
  4. Justin Martin

    Butterhomes Realtor Now Available!

    Big facts Justine Martin Realtor 020-8381
  5. Justin Martin

    Two Handsome Men looking for two wonderful females

    HMU Daddies
  6. Justin Martin

    Ralph is looking for a house!

    Give me a number
  7. Justin Martin

    Ralph is looking for a house!

    I have one
  8. Friday June 28th, 3pm EST Throwback Friday (music from the 90’s and 2000) Will be hosted at the Bahama Mamas club. Server is TBD
  9. Justin Martin

    Pamela Handerson

  10. Justin Martin

    Glad to Be here!

    Welcome to the community! If you have any questions feel free to send me a Dm on the forums or discord at Justine Martin#0001
  11. Justin Martin

    Hello my homies

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy everything that BigCity Role Play has to offer!
  12. Justin Martin

    Logan Licky

    Hi, I’m Justine! I can be a Meth Queen for Logan
  13. Justin Martin

    Nate Starry

    Oh dear god NATE
  14. Justin Martin

    Time Sync

    Good idea, Only thing that might be an issue is European players would almost always be in the dark
  15. Justin Martin

    Jaxon Walton

    Where are they from? Los Angeles California How long you been in this city? About 3 months What are they interested in doing here in the city? Becoming one of the best lawyers in the city Do they have a job? Yes as a law firm associate for Bob & Associates Favorite hobbies? Taking cars out for long rides around the city and riding bikes Character Storyline? Jaxon James Walton was born in Los Angeles California on July 6th, 1990 at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Growing up Jaxon knew what he wanted to do, The same job field as his parents, Law. His dad Steven Walton was one of the Associates for the District's attorney's office. His mom Kaitlyn Walton is an accountant for a low-level law firm just south of LA. Jaxon went to a public elementary school and did “normal” kid stuff. He loved his social studies teacher Mrs. Williams. The summer before Jaxon started middle school his dad was working on a very high profile lawsuit. On July 5th, 2003 his dad was walking to his car from his office when he was killed. Jaxon was heartbroken, He and his dad were meant to go to Disney on his birthday, the 6th. Jaxon was now going into Middle school, He was still dealing with his dad's death. The kids at the school that where his friends seem not to like him anymore. Jaxon became very lonely and didn't want to be around anyone. Jaxon finished his 6th-grade year okay, all A's and b’s but still no friends. His mom was starting to get very worried about Jaxon, So she wanted to hire a counselor for him. Jaxons didn't like the idea of having to tell a stranger all of his issues. He did not want his mom to get a counselor for him, so he asked her not to, at first she was reluctant but she finally agreed. Jaxon’s 7th and 8th-grade years went okay, he still had only made 2-3 good friends that he wanted to talk to. Over the summer Jaxon went to a High school class showcase, Here he would pick all the classes he would want to take for the next 4 years, After sitting through the 2-hour orientation Jaxon decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a lawyer. He picked the public service classes. On the first day Jaxon shows up at school very nervous about what the kids would think of him, one thing that no one knew about Jaxon is that he is gay. He found this out over the summer when he went to the mall and had weird feelings for this young, High School aged kid serving him coffee at the Starbucks stand. Jaxon walks to his first-period class, then second, then third. And in the third period, Pre-ap Biology he sees that same kid that was at the mall weeks earlier. He walks over to the desk next to him and asks “Is this seat taken” the kid responds “No” so Jaxon takes the seat next to him. Jaxon doesn't want to tell anyone about his crush so he just doesn't talk about anything relationship related until his senior year. Jaxons senior year he decides to make a move with his crush since freshman year. So about 2 weeks since the year starts he walks up to Ethan and asks him out, he says yes. Jaxon is now worrying about what college to go to, He wants to go to a law school so he applies for Harvard and Penn State Law. over spring break Jaxon gets a letter back from Harvard. Jaxon now faces a new decision move to Massachusetts to go to the school of his dreams or stay in LA with his boyfriend. Jaxon decides to move to Massachusetts and break up with Ethan. At Harvard Jaxon is at the top of his class and graduates in just 4 years, He moves to New York after hearing a local law firm called Bob & Associates is hiring, Jaxon applies for the job and gets hired as a Paralegal. Now his dreams of working for a law firm is now complete.
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