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    1. Jus10

      Logan Licky

      Is this fine male specimen still available?
    2. Hello, I mentioned the ability to increase slots up to 1024 because it is public knowledge that FiveM is testing OneSync infinity and i like to be open with that type of information as it does us no good in hiding it. Waiting to hear your reply, with best regards, Justin Martin Senior Management
    3. Hello, The main reason we do not increase the slots to 1024 or higher than 80 typically is one of two reasons. We do not have enough emergency services to cover a 1024 slot server. Increasing the slots to 1024 or higher than 80 in our past testing has caused a lot of issues regarding de-sync (Actions between players not being the same for all clients), Increased crashes (This is noted by FiveM as OneSync is in Alpha), and most importantly the voice tends to have more issues (clients having to disable and re-enable their voice chat or even total loss of voice communication f
    4. Hello, I'm back to clear up the following... Brooklyn and Manhattan are running a experimental build of FiveM called Infinity which allows the Owners the option to increase the max slots up to 1024 I just added up all three servers with queues and we only have 38 people sitting in the queues currently. Longest wait time being 52 minutes for Staten. I guess the meaning of "whitelist" is different for me and a good portion of our long time community members it means a completely new economy that requires a application and interview to connect. Hope this cle
    5. Hello. I understand your frustration 110% but let me set a few things straight for others who might read this. Manhattan and Brooklyn are NOT " White-list only" they are simply restricted to members of our Discord. The reason we have multiple servers is to allow players to choose a server with a lower queue as most of the time not all our servers are full with queues. Combining Bronx and Manhattan actually gives you more player slots compared to having two 32 slot servers. (Manhattan and Brooklyn can go all the way up to 1024) Most of the time our average queue ti
    6. I love 10/10 would tell friend... If i had one....
    7. These changes have been made! Thanks for the suggestion!
    8. Yea! Let me talk to Crunch!
    9. Jus10


      I love the house!!!
    10. Big facts Justine Martin Realtor 020-8381
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