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  1. Jus10

    Logan Licky

    Is this fine male specimen still available?
  2. Jus10


  3. Jus10

    Colin's bald head

    I love 10/10 would tell friend... If i had one....
  4. Jus10

    TS Suggestion

    These changes have been made! Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Jus10

    TS Suggestion

    Yea! Let me talk to Crunch!
  6. Jus10

    Whats the ETA?

    We currently have no ETA as RedM is still in a pre-release version. According the Cfx project (the group behind RedM) they currently expect a late 2019 release of RedM. To follow RedM's progress i recommend joining the Cfx.re Project Hub's official discord by clicking here. All updates related to RedM are posted in the redm-hello channel on that discord.
  7. Jus10


    I love the house!!!
  8. Jus10

    Butterhomes Realtor Now Available!

    Jk love you enjoy the RP
  9. Jus10

    Butterhomes Realtor Now Available!

    Big facts Justine Martin Realtor 020-8381
  10. Jus10

    Ralph is looking for a house!

    Give me a number
  11. Jus10

    Ralph is looking for a house!

    I have one
  12. Friday June 28th, 3pm EST Throwback Friday (music from the 90’s and 2000) Will be hosted at the Bahama Mamas club. Server is TBD
  13. Jus10

    Pamela Handerson

  14. Jus10

    Glad to Be here!

    Welcome to the community! If you have any questions feel free to send me a Dm on the forums or discord at Justine Martin#0001
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