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  1. Press F8 and type Connect and then what you already have typed. (connect cfx.re/join/qqyyov)
  2. Fxtality

    Fake Plates

    I personally like your idea of the whole state impound thing and maybe 10 scrap or it can be like other places where you need to find the location to get plates and then craft them for 10 (or more) scrap.
  3. Fxtality

    LTS Taipan

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Looking to sell my Taipan Current Offer: N/A 3.6M In PDM Fxtality#5882

    2,750,000.00 IGC

  4. Fxtality

    Selling Fu and inscured BMW m5

  5. Fxtality

    (SOLD) LTS XA-21

    Looking to sell my XA-21 PDM Price: $11,000,000 Buyout: $9,000,000 Current Offer: N/A Email: Fxtality#5882
  6. Fxtality

    Selling 2 Porsche vehicles!

    3m Cayenne
  7. Title says it all Email: Fxtality#5882
  8. Fxtality

    (SOLD) LTS BMW M3 E36

    Buyout: $2,500,000 Current Offer: N/A Contact Information: Scooter Board 629-1566 Fxtality#5882
  9. Fxtality

    3 Things we need right now

    I personally feel like a lot of the GTA Vanilla cars a cool but i agree with the clothing i need more gucci to wear and more designer pants.
  10. Fxtality

    Selling Tug Beach Apt.

    Gov is 500k
  11. Fxtality

    (SOLD) LTS EVO 9

    If your currently in manhatten sure
  12. Fxtality

    (SOLD) LTS EVO 9

    Looking to sell my EVO 9 this is an amazing car to drive around and looks amazing. Buyout: $1,900,000 Current Offer: N/A Contact Information: Scooter Board 629-1566 Fxtality#5882
  13. Fxtality

    LTB Cars

    Looking To Buy - BMW M3 E36 - Range Rover Vouge - BMW M6 Contact Information: Scooter Board 629-1566 Fxtality#5882
  14. Fxtality

    Looking for offers for...

    GT500 is 750k in shop btw
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