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    GSW and ID Notifications

    its a good addition but one problem ive ran into is that "notification" ppl don't know how not to use it in a RP scene, they'll see something like that and say y are u grabbing my id, or something along those lines. like with the /me2 and what not, some ppl have trouble not using that in game

    60% keyboard issues

    hmmmm idk,becasuse I seen someone that was talking to that person earlier but couldn't get in contact with them

    Custom interior

    I mean deff put a limit to how much stuff ppl can own but would be a cool idea also wil get ppl that have millions to waste some of it

    Add a teleporter to the top of Mt. Chiliad

    One thing I would say, u always have to think of the bad that can come from ppl suggestions, ppl right now like finding loop holes or glitches for anything so it might not work out, I see it possibly getting abused

    New MC Jackets for "The Mohicans"

    Honestly good luck with that, the lost was one of the original mc in bigcity and they barely got stuff added for them

    More character slots/animal characters

    I personally feel that the animality thing should be left to admins and above....look at the stuff we go thru with regular ppl, imagine ppl being animals, "well I attacked him because that's what animals do, how is that RDM or failrp" I can already see it.

    60% keyboard issues

    I know there's been issues lately with phones and I seen someone try to call someone but it stayed on the contacts tab...never actually called, could be a big instead of a keyboard issue

    60% keyboard issues

    I have a 60% keyboard always have since I started bigcity....have never ran into any problems like that

    Custom interior

    Not sure if it's possible, but wouldn't be bad to have like a funiture store where ppl can buy couches, beds, and other stuff, maybe it would make ppl use their houses more, and u know ppl would waste some money.
  10. ENISAE

    Realistic / Whitlist gangs . Extra Aditions

    Things like this won't happen because the RP is not there I'm sorry...it's always who the biggest gangster and who pulls out a gun first and shoots them down....things like this might be possible in the whitelist server when released but idk about the current state it's in.
  11. Have said it before no need currently for nitrous or tuner chips with the current scripting of vehicles, if this is going to be introduced cars need to be dumbed down drastically.
  12. ENISAE

    Change ZR380 Custom To Nissan 370z or 350z

    Last thing we need is more cars lol
  13. ENISAE

    Chaning speed units to KMH!

    Yea don't agree with changing mph to kmh, instead of "name"change they could , u Kno change speeds just saying
  14. ENISAE

    Knife vs gun

    I'm sure we can all agree the knife vs gun play is dumb and has gotten worse. The whole reason of the reduced damage was to make gun rights last longer and to combat those people using a crosshair. Which worked to a certain degree. But now we have the issue of the knife animation where u automatically get downed from whether it be from throat slice, to kidney stab, stab in the gut. I feel all these animations should be locked down to if a person is standing still or a person has their hands up or something, but if the individual is moving around the animation can't be executed. We have had multiple situations that start as gun fights but then people take out a knife and just filet the person alive. Which is dumb in my opinion. Thanks you for your time
  15. ENISAE

    List of commands

    commands as in? have u tried /help in game
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