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    1. In regards to DOJ. A lot of people don’t care about what there record looks like. They don’t care about the fines because everyone is loaded with money. All people care about is fastest way to get out of jail to go back and be a shitlord all over again. Now not everyone is a shitlord but you have your common repeated offenders that just wanna get out and pew pew pew all over again with no meaning behind it.
    2. i mean lets just be real half of theses big brains dont even wanna rp with ems to begin with or even know what this stuff is most just want the drugs and healed so they can go pew pew pew some more people down for no reason.
    3. if you gonna rob me u gonna take all my dildos js
    4. I think people should still be allowed to donate to the city. But instead of getting just money we should be able to get items. And it be a tier system based on how much you donate depends on how many and what items you can get.
    5. I like this part just wish to add a upcoming working list.
    6. still think this is a good idea to plant weed anywhere except inside a building, ability to go to the store and buy products such as pots, purified water and fertilizer to help them grow. Make the store carry a limited supply and it will restock after each day or storm.
    7. +1 to this also like chef said when chopping cars ability to get car parts to sell with a chance of getting other items…. Or get car parts to be able to take to a mech shop and apply to your vehicles or certain vehicles.
    8. I don’t think they should be separated I think if anything the LS customs should be the same as the mech shops with the ability to tow. Or if you wanna separate them make mech shops just mech shops and LS customs the ability to tow vehicles and maybe chop them to sell parts.
    9. I agree to this. But I also feel if nothing gets done something should be done about the motorcycles overall.
    10. It would be cool to maybe call a number at random times and a gps location will get sent to you for you to go to that spot and clean money. Maybe if you clean x amount it could alert the cops etc
    11. Each day we see new posts or duplicate topics/suggestions where it’s just either worded differently or people put more or less effort into there post. To prevent repeated posts to the same topic or something would it be possible for like the owners or devs to post a coming soon with this that and this so people of the community know what’s being worked on etc based on the suggestions being submitted. Maybe this could cut down on the duplicate suggestions. I guess at the end of the day it would be nice to know what will work, won’t work or will be coming in the near future as there’s lots of great ideas and possibilities out there.
    12. Hello everyone, this post has been brought to my attention a little while ago. First and foremost I do want to apologize as it was not meant harm anyone or hurt feelings. This happened 2-3 weeks ago maybe 4 weeks ago best I remember. Also during it I was having a good time chatting and to be honest it slipped. I don’t use that word (whether you believe me or not) for reasons. We was just having a good time doing crime and chatting going down the hwy. From what I remember is I attempted to correct the “word” itself to not be offensive because that’s not me in general. I’m here to have a good time with everyone whether my character has issues with people or not. I’m also not one to go around to peoples stream and look for mistakes etc as no body is perfect. We all have made mistakes in life whether we like it or not. Anyways like I mentioned I do truly apologize as it was not meant how it sounds and it wasn’t intended to offend anyone.
    13. I personally like rolling around in stolen sultan cars that you get from the locals
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