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  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
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    1. Hello ladies and gentlemen.. My name is John Justice and I’m looking to hire 6 people to work for me at burger shot. Open Positions: - hunters - Cooks We will be attending events as well as having a mobile service. For more information or if you are interested in working for burger shot contact me via email: NOCHANCE911#0061 or by phone: 348-7878
    2. i like but this can also allow more legion lizards to sit at legion
    3. I would like to speak on behalf of the whole city I think we can agree to this!
    4. I think this is an amazing idea... especially the mule!! I rather have 1 truck to transport alot of goods vs 1000000 burritos in garages imo...
    5. Yea I get that but they do anyways lol
    6. The whole purpose of moving it is to make it safer for the citizens that are hanging out or driving through as it’s always congested and with people walking out into the road.... I also get there’s parking across street behind the bank but who would wanna park there and risk there vehicle always getting stolen cause it’s outta sight
    7. i like that idea as well about moving P1 away from impound, PD and courts....
    8. I mean imo people should email lawyers then.. i myself and in city a lot as a lawyer and available by email if im asleep. Some people i talk to say they been in prison for a while and never contacted a lawyer...
    9. the clothing menu and wheel would allow criminals to take off clothes etc when eluding from cops and make officers work harder on ID people.
    10. i dont think its to much work on DOJ it can be done its up to the lawyers on how fast they work there cases they have open..
    11. Make it a rule that it cannot be planted inside buildings... Citizens would need to be smart where they plant the stuff at and if cops see it then they can either destroy it or sit on it in hopes people come back for it. As the marijuana would only grow if the person planted it was awake.
    12. I like this idea and have thought about suggesting it before. With that being said growing it anywhere would require like fertilizer and maybe purified water to help it grow and pots to put it in that maybe can be sold at a store.
    13. Wanting to buy a used up Jeep Wrangler Email: NOCHANCE911#0061 Phone: 348-7878 Thanks, John Justice Attorney at Law
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