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  1. Karl Doge

    SOLD Selling BMW M5

    @Mr. Snow Top speed?
  2. Karl Doge

    2/3 Robbery Rule Change Idea

    It doesn’t matter if “I’m a cop” or not. The point being is, you and several individuals are taking it upon yourselves to walk into an establishment with automatic rifles, with intent to kill for money. Our RP is meant to be realistic; even if one person IRL were to rob a bank, you can bet that the police department will certainly be throwing all they can at said person. Typically we encounter hostage situations, as people use that leverage to level the playing field in some ways. However, I do agree it is a bit silly to limit how many people rob the bank. I don’t see why there’d be a limit on criminals, if the entire department is going to sit outside the vaults. I’ll look into perhaps changing that - however I do know this rule was put in place to protect against the entirety of the Valentino, Black, and Drucci families from overwhelming the police, as we usually only have 3-5 officers online. What you described yesterday I personally have never had the luxury of having that much police presence. Regardless, will look into the matter.
  3. Karl Doge

    2/3 Robbery Rule Change Idea

    If you’re robbing a bank or establishment, you can pretty much guarantee the bulk of the police force will be responding to the call. It would be quite unrealistic for 2 or 3 cops to respond to SIX armed robbers. With the payout of successfully robbing the area, you better bet you’re going to meet resistance. Sorry, but I do not agree on this matter.
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