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    1. pd heli's can do 160-200 but when you go higher theres less air which slows you down
    2. Don't think the server uses ESX pretty sure its custom
    3. Every car needs a fix, they're either insane or dogshit
    4. make me a special vest claiming i am the best head mech
    5. I mean as head mech to check other employee's hours
    6. Mandem thought of the day It would be quite helpful if in ts there was a tag for what shop people work at so it'll be alot easier to see who would be best to take what call, because if theres a call in sandy or paleto and somebody from mech 2 or mech 1 is on duty it would be 10x easier to let them take the call so the shops in the city would have to go like 4 miles. It would also be nice if there was a Head Mechanic role in TS and Discord so if people have any questions about becoming a tow/mech they don't have to have hassle the shop owners when they could be quite busy. It would also be nice if we could check hours aswell because theres always a possibility that the shop owner is going to be busy with other stuff so it would be nice if head mechs had abit more power. your sincerely, Sir David Mandem
    7. A new mechanic shop / LS Customs who can do aftermarkets/illegal upgrades also able to sell nitrous, racing harnesses and able to use tuner chips on cars but everytime they store the car they need to go back to the shop to get it tuned again but you can only get it tuned once every couple of hours or something so people can just come back every 20 minutes to be shitlords with it
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