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    2. After migrating to America from Europe, Kieran and Isabella Mandem bore 6 sons. They named these brothers Dave, Bobby, William, Kylie, Tyrone and Kai. Our family definitely fit into the lower class, trying to support 5 children with minimum wage jobs was not easy for Kieran and Isabella. As soon as the boys were big enough to work, they did so. Things could be worse for the Mandem family, they had a roof over their head and food to eat. Unfortunately for the family, things did get worse. On their way home from work, Kieran and Isabella were struck by a drunk driver. They were pronounced dead o
    3. wagwan i am helpin a friendo sell his car. His email: NyK#8344 B/O: 6Mill (Only selling one its the only picture ive got of a gauntlet)
    4. just open your eyes
    6. Wagwan this is my thought of the day So racing is fun with or without cops but its starting to get boring without actually losing anything imo. I've probably been chased by cops in a race maybe twice and it was the most fun i've ever had while racing since you have more pressure than normal and if you crash you will have more to lose since your car might get state impounded or you get arrested. I think it'll be more fun for cops to get involved into racing because its something different for them to do instead of just going to robberies all day. So if its possible for s
    7. wagwan sexy im lookin to sell my wonderful home on Cox Way. It is the only house on the street and block so its very VALUABLE It has a very lovely driveway and back garden where you have a TV next to the pooL so you can watch porn or whatever you are into while having a refreshing swin. You can always park an i8 and a Mercedes E55 in the garden if you wanted to. ONLY SELLING IF I GET A BLOODY AMAZINH DEAL BUT FOR NOW JUST LOOKIN FOR OFFERS. OFFER SOME DODGY SHIT ILL SMACK YA IN THE MOUTH Gov: 6Mill Email: Kcox#9355 Number: 388-5787
    8. send us an email @ Kcox#9355 and we'll get this sorted nice and dandy
    9. Hello I am here today asking if we get can the ability to take the front plate off or even just put it in the front window, becuase imo it looks fuckin hideous with the front plate on the bumper I get why the spoiler was taken away but why the plateless front bumper if there is always gonna be a plate on the back bumper I just want to have a good lookin Elegy again ;c
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