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  1. KCOX

    LTB S65 Nissan GTR & Elegy Retro Custom

    Still looking for a Mercedes S65 and a Elegy Retro Custom!
  2. KCOX

    Selling BMW M3 E36 & Corvette

  3. KCOX

    Selling BMW M3 E36 & Corvette

    No buyout, current offer is 5.5mill
  4. KCOX

    Selling BMW M3 E36 & Corvette

  5. Selling these 2 beautiful vehicles Email: Kcox#9355
  6. Selling this beautiful car, has lots of customizations PDM Price: 1.5mill Looking for 1.2mill Email: Kcox#9355
  7. KCOX

    Selling Ocelot XA-21

  8. KCOX

    Selling Ocelot XA-21

    It's a very nice car. goes around 200, turns extremely well. 11 million in PDM Make an offer Email: Kcox#9355
  9. KCOX

    Selling Progen Itali GTB

    400k min
  10. KCOX

    Selling Progen Itali GTB

    Selling this beautiful supercar, drives really nice and sticks to the road Email: Kcox#9355 Phone Number: 388-5787 Give me offers
  11. KCOX


    how much you willling to spend
  12. KCOX

    4531 GrenWich Place (RockFord Hills)

    ill give you a packet of skittles
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