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    1. P1 SOLD Only BMW I8 available. Listing updated
    2. Looking to sell a Fully Upgraded McLaren P1 and a Fully Upgraded BMW I8 McLaren P1 --> Custom plate "THEDREAM" ** SOLD ** Feel free to leave offers here, or via email @ Packs#1400 Thanks!
    3. Starting the Granger off at 2.5 mil
    4. Bidding will end tomorrow, June 03, 2021, at 12:00PM EST (Noon EST)!
    5. Turner Real Estate is proud to present one of the most unique properties the city has to offer: 7161 Senora Rd.! This interesting complex is located off of Senora Rd., just under postal code 920. Although not the most usual property, this barn complex offers not only a house to live at, but a whole barn that comes with it! In addition, you have essentially a private road leading to and away from the home, and a whole forest to yourself! The complex offers a huge amount of land, and is certainly a collector's item! Gov: 300k C/O: 90 mil Feel free to leave offers here, or via email @ Promenade#8436 Please find attached pictures of the property, and thanks for reading!
    6. I'll just leave my thoughts on the PD part. I do agree with you on the fact that during transportation, breaking people out is allowed and possible. However not while they're in a hospital or PD or any safe zone, as you mentioned. As for RPing breaking out the suspect. You were a patrol cadet for quite some time yourself. You responded to multiple calls and got into many situations. What options does a cop have to call for backup or ask for help when someone is pointing a gun at them? The way I see it, is a cop has 2 options (that both will result in either a) being shot, or b) banned for NVL. The first option is to pull your priority button. This immediately alerts all units. Great, but the crim will hear that and you will get shot and banned for not valuing your life. The second option is to try to go over the radio and say that you're in trouble. There is an animation when talking on the radio that the crim will see, that will also get you shot and probably banned. With that in mind, I simply don't see how a cop can do anything low-key when having a gun to their head during a transport, without it being NVL. Even pulling a phone out with a gun to you is unacceptable, let alone going on radio, making a /911 call, or pulling your priority. With that in mind, I was curious as to how you (writer of this post), would RP calling for backup while you're getting held up, or how you would go about the situation. To me it seems that the cop getting held up is quite limited on options but if you have any ideas that won't break server rules I'd be glad to hear them! Thanks for making the post and taking the time to read my reply
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