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    1. I believe there's a few factors that tie into this. These days, the only calls we get are shots fired and maybe house robberies, and I'm sure that this gets very, very repetitive. I clock about 20 hours on duty every single week, on average, so believe me when I say that this is the majority of calls we get (not counting a vehicle theft every so often) Store robberies used to be something I personally looked forward to, but those have disappeared. I can't remember the last time I've responded to one. I heard they're scuffed, so maybe that's why, but I'm not sure Same go
    2. Turner Real Estate is proud to present a beautiful property in a beautiful location: Condo de Luxe 5! This property is not to be mistaken with the 99-room Eclipse Apartments, as this is a completely separate property. The property is located in the garage of the building, which makes it very convenient to park your car, and then head to your private elevator which takes you to your private suite. Walking inside the property, you will find a long hallway, leading to a large living room and kitchen. The property also boasts an equally large bedroom and bathroom, a floor below the living room. Th
    3. Hello, Today I bring 2 suggestions pertaining to body armour: 1. Have body armour save when logging out, just like food and water. I am not sure if there is a reason for this, but I feel like there should be no difference between body armour and food/water in terms of logging out of the city. For example, even when your game crashes, you lose body armour, and with the price that body armour is currently at, it makes it all the more valuable 2. This suggestion comes with a question: What is the point of body armour, if you still bleed after one shot? I u
    4. Sale pending for 13.5 mil
    5. Looking to sell a FU / Insured Tezeract Feel free to leave offers here, or via email @ Promenade#8436 Price is very negotiable - looking for a fast sale, looking for a buyout of 13-14 mil Thanks!
    6. +1 It's understandable removing the previous livery, since it essentially made the speed unit look ghosted, or even unmarked, however it would be nice to get another skin for the car not only for the realism, but also for the looks!
    7. Hello, At the moment, the only location at which we are able to move cars at, is PDM in the city (no meta). I believe that a lot of people, myself included, would love if there were 2 more spots added to be able to move cars: at the Sandy car dealership, and Paleto For example, if you want to buy a car at Sandy dealership or Paleto dealership, and your P1 is full, you have to go all the way down to the city, go to PDM, move the car there, then go back up to Sandy, and buy your desired vehicle. Sometimes if you're stuck in Paleto with a slow van and you want
    8. That's true, but maybe it will give DU more RP For example, you have a dude that is unable to buy a weapon's license, so he asks someone at Legion. If he gets caught, and the serial of the gun he has gets ran, DU could start an investigation on the person that sold him the weapon, or conduct further investigation or some thing. Just food for thought
    9. Hello, today I would like to share an idea that was proposed by [A-09] Lt. Randy Lean, however he is too busy with CoC paperwork and is unable to write this up. It would be a cool idea to have gun licenses be similar to the state impound system. Revoking gun license one time via a pre-designed mechanic would put you at "Strike 1", which would remove a gun license for 1 week / 14 days for example, Strike 2 would remove it for longer, etc etc until the final strike would prevent you from buying a gun license either indefinitely, or potentially you have to do mandatory community servi
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