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    1. I'll just leave my thoughts on the PD part. I do agree with you on the fact that during transportation, breaking people out is allowed and possible. However not while they're in a hospital or PD or any safe zone, as you mentioned. As for RPing breaking out the suspect. You were a patrol cadet for quite some time yourself. You responded to multiple calls and got into many situations. What options does a cop have to call for backup or ask for help when someone is pointing a gun at them? The way I see it, is a cop has 2 options (that both will result in either a) being shot, or b) banned for NVL. The first option is to pull your priority button. This immediately alerts all units. Great, but the crim will hear that and you will get shot and banned for not valuing your life. The second option is to try to go over the radio and say that you're in trouble. There is an animation when talking on the radio that the crim will see, that will also get you shot and probably banned. With that in mind, I simply don't see how a cop can do anything low-key when having a gun to their head during a transport, without it being NVL. Even pulling a phone out with a gun to you is unacceptable, let alone going on radio, making a /911 call, or pulling your priority. With that in mind, I was curious as to how you (writer of this post), would RP calling for backup while you're getting held up, or how you would go about the situation. To me it seems that the cop getting held up is quite limited on options but if you have any ideas that won't break server rules I'd be glad to hear them! Thanks for making the post and taking the time to read my reply
    2. I have heard that they are broken too and are scuffed. Definitely miss them and would love to see them be fixed and come back soon
    3. Would be nice to have this system implemented, or work in relation to this system listed here https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31357-gun-licenses/&tab=comments#comment-89015 Overall, more control over gun licenses from players would be cool
    4. No matter what system you have, there will still be an influx in automatic guns, regardless. Obviously things are going to be slow at first, but over time, more and more automatics are going to be put out, because more and more people will learn how to do it. Switching how to make automatics isn't a solution to the problem, and to be honest, in my opinion there's no problem at all Like I said, and I'll say it again, you will always have grinders. You will always have people that will scan for 12 hours a day or something like that to get these gun parts, and bring them to the warehouse owner as someone suggested, or make the guns themselves, just to make money. There is no way to "fix" the amount of automatic guns unless the drop rates are controlled (which they already are, it is very hard to find parts, and when you do, it's likely not even the part that you want). As Jack said, it can take a long time to get all the parts to craft a gun My point is, is that regardless of what changes are made to automatics, they will still become mass produced as soon as word gets around how to make them, and to be honest, it does not appear as though the gun problem is that bad. You might have a couple "main gangs" that are usually armed with automatic weapons, but we're talking about a total of maybe 20 people, not counting the odd person here or there that got their hands on a gun, which is a low number considering the total players in the server
    5. Honestly making guns is not as easy as you think. Just because there's 10 people at the lumber yard, doesn't mean they're getting any luck. You can trust me on this, sometimes you can scan for 4 hours for 1 gun part that you need, and literally not find it. Not sure if that's luck based or if there's a trick to scanning. If people are grinding scanning in order to make guns, that's good for them. There's always been people that grinded in this server, and there always will be. I think that automatics are just fine the way they are. Actually it feels like scanning has gotten harder over the last couple months since the wipe, but like I said, there could be a trick to it. My point is, the rarity of certain gun parts makes it really hard to find those certain parts, but obviously if you have 10s of people scanning, at least some of those people are bound to find something.
    6. Hello, Ever since the darts were brought into the server, I have constantly received messages in Brooklyn that "Darts is taking -20fps" on average This goes for not just me, but a lot of people that I've talked to as well, that have fairly good PCs, that also suffer the same issues. A lot of people don't have high end elite gamer PCs, and to be honest, 20fps makes a very significant difference, especially for computers that can barely reach 60 fps I believe that pool and arm wrestling are super cool and should be kept, but it appears as though no one plays darts, leaving an addon to the server that no one plays and that costs 20 fps Let me know your thoughts!
    7. I see what you're saying, but I dont see how that would affect characters owning unlimited homes. At the end of the day, in your situation, only Brian is the owner of the home, since Jack (the new person with Level 4 access) cannot sell it, and can only give access. So Jack would still be able to buy his own home, even though he has level 4 with Brian's home This, however, causes a problem, because it would be very easy to give multiple characters access to one house, and it's likely that people will do that to pass items or money between characters since they have the access. So I definitely see what you're saying, and the ability to have people have level 4 access across characters is an issue
    8. I think having a keybind that toggles a rear view mirror would be super sick. Would be very useful for pursuits, even pursuit trainings, as well as DOC transport, and a bunch of other things too probably. Good idea!
    9. I think this would be a good suggestion if implemented correctly. I can imagine some people would just drive around and find random dead bodies and rob them just because they can, and that's what makes this a problematic suggestion in my opinion. Sure, that's reportable, but unfortunately majority of people don't record, so more people would be randomly robbed when downed than those who would report it, and that just ruins people's RP and overall time in the server
    10. I believe there's a few factors that tie into this. These days, the only calls we get are shots fired and maybe house robberies, and I'm sure that this gets very, very repetitive. I clock about 20 hours on duty every single week, on average, so believe me when I say that this is the majority of calls we get (not counting a vehicle theft every so often) Store robberies used to be something I personally looked forward to, but those have disappeared. I can't remember the last time I've responded to one. I heard they're scuffed, so maybe that's why, but I'm not sure Same goes for bank robberies. The fact that it is a probation charge demotivates people to do that kind of RP, as well as the fact that bank robberies are not very profitable to people. The probation and fine getting caught is much less encouraging in comparison to the loot you get. I feel as though fixing store robberies and making banks more profitable (not necessarily pure cash wise) would increase the amount of RP for cops. You can ask any cop, every single bank robbery is just people with plateless bikes not wanting to get warrants because bank robbery is a probation charge, and just take their bikes down the subway tunnels where cops can't follow, to avoid being arrested These two things are just part of the problem, from my perspective personally. I understand this is off-topic to the NYSP discussion, but I'm more providing possible reasons as to why the PD is declining, and it's because there are no calls to respond to anymore. The change of having 2 GA cities was amazing, because people can actually do things such as drug smuggling in Brooklyn, where cops and other people will actually be, and that increases the RP we as cops have, and the calls to respond to I'm sure there are a bunch of other reasons that might tie into it, but these are just some things that I was able to come up with. I've heard from crims that "there's nothing to do for us crims anymore", but as for that I'm not sure where the problem lies
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