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    1. Not sure if you guys understand or not but ANYONE can make automatics, all gun stores can do is put attachments, make body armor and ammo, and open. There is no major benefit that you get as an owner or employee other than being able to take your own product, and after spending time and money to make it, it doesn't make a big difference of just buying it.
    2. Adding onto this, I know we have the showroom but it is rarely used as is, possibly make it so cars can remain with some sort of price tag on them, leading to possibly player info like cost, number, and email, or a direct way of buying it in a certain way.
    3. 115 here or 250 at tremont iykyk
    4. APARTMENT THREE, CHUMP TOWERS Currently today I have a Chump Towers apartment for sale. After settling a bit into it, I had my time and enjoyed the major privacy I have received for being one of the multiple owners of one of these apartments. This apartment features a 32 car garage, a lovely storage inside the house, and a lovely closet to fit all your comfortable clothing. This house features many different interactive locations nearby, such as a gun store, Maze Bank garage (for all you major vehicle collectors,) and even multiple supermarkets. If you are looking to settle down for an apartment almost centered in the city you will pass by lots of time in your daily routine, this is the apartment for you. PRICING: Government: $3,000,000. Be reasonable with offers. Email me at fmlitsgio#0001 or respond here.
    5. 2402 NIKOLA PLACE IN MIRROR PARK Currently for sale, I have this Nikola Place house. It features a private street that will always have available parking, a small backyard in your house, along with other pros you can find with this house. For some people that may want to know, the roof can be accessed simply by choice. A full accessible driveway is visible, that connects to a garage for your vehicle storage. You will almost never see your neighbors on this street, as there is not many houses on this street. All the necessities are in the area that can even be walked to but are not limited to the/ mechanic shop 5, a gas station, barber shop, and for anyone who is a big gambler, the casino. This house features a nice little interior with a dining table, kitchen, living room, and all the basic needs you would want. You are able to store whatever you please in the bookshelves behind the living room, and hold many outfits in the bedroom closet. Attached are pictures taken in the city of this beautiful house. PRICING: BUYOUT SET TO 20M: Current offer is set to: GT40 + 1M (16M) Government: 750k. Be reasonable with offers. Email me at fmlitsgio#0001 or respond here.
    6. Just came to give a review, as a local mechanic for shop 4, I find this really helpful to buy my scrap at a cheap price like this. The service was very fast for the quantity I ordered, and overall just giving it a +1, definitely will order here again for my 3rd time then.
    7. The first idea is great yes. I'm a basic bitch so I could not ask for more in a store robbery that supplies a good amount of RP as well with a proper script to follow.
    8. There could be many ways that we can go about handling plates. All obviously would give you penalization due to having that plate. We can have a system that reads the tags of some sort or along the lines of those. We can add the following, but like stated, there is many ways to go about it. - if your car is found with a fake plate on it, have it penalized more than a regular plate would, such as an instant state impound or a strike system following it - cop cars have a reader that detects the tags on the plate and mark it as unregistered or unable to detect the plate, therefore showing the plate is fake. You might say this ruins the point of it, but in reality you are really buying a fake plate to do crime of some sort, so it should not matter about it being detected or not Morale of it being, yes this would be a great addition, but in the end game its really just another way of having no plate on your car. I would not mind to see this in the city as it would allow criminals to be more creative with their approaches, but I still have mixed opinions on it. Obviously there's a lot more other ways, but I think any way would work as long as there is a huge negative to it with the positive being you unable to be identified.
    9. 4m for shlagen 4m for ferrari
    10. yeah so they can resell if people are unable to wait the limit.
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