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    1. Not sure if you guys understand or not but ANYONE can make automatics, all gun stores can do is put attachments, make body armor and ammo, and open. There is no major benefit that you get as an owner or employee other than being able to take your own product, and after spending time and money to make it, it doesn't make a big difference of just buying it.
    2. Adding onto this, I know we have the showroom but it is rarely used as is, possibly make it so cars can remain with some sort of price tag on them, leading to possibly player info like cost, number, and email, or a direct way of buying it in a certain way.
    3. 115 here or 250 at tremont iykyk
    4. The first idea is great yes. I'm a basic bitch so I could not ask for more in a store robbery that supplies a good amount of RP as well with a proper script to follow.
    5. There could be many ways that we can go about handling plates. All obviously would give you penalization due to having that plate. We can have a system that reads the tags of some sort or along the lines of those. We can add the following, but like stated, there is many ways to go about it. - if your car is found with a fake plate on it, have it penalized more than a regular plate would, such as an instant state impound or a strike system following it - cop cars have a reader that detects the tags on the plate and mark it as unregistered or unable to detect the plate, therefore showing the plate is fake. You might say this ruins the point of it, but in reality you are really buying a fake plate to do crime of some sort, so it should not matter about it being detected or not Morale of it being, yes this would be a great addition, but in the end game its really just another way of having no plate on your car. I would not mind to see this in the city as it would allow criminals to be more creative with their approaches, but I still have mixed opinions on it. Obviously there's a lot more other ways, but I think any way would work as long as there is a huge negative to it with the positive being you unable to be identified.
    6. yeah so they can resell if people are unable to wait the limit.
    7. Lets talk about the 4 hour gun limit. I feel that the 1 gun per 4 hours should be replaced with something of sort like 6 guns per day, as of what you can currently get but at once to make everyone's life easier. 6x4=24, Simple. As of being told by also multiple gun store owners, it is a huge pain in having to buy a gun every 4 hours, especially when you were to forget. Now that might be the positives, I can see some of you saying the negative would be more guns on the street or something like that, but at this point I don't think we would see a drastic change, as there is still friends always buying each other guns anyways. EDIT: I want to continue to support this claim, but I feel that we should instead have it where the limit doesn't necessarily change for civilians, but allow gun store owners to buy in bulk of some sort, or maybe they can "order" guns and have a wait time of an hour or some other time before receiving a large quantity of weapons or something along the lines of it. Not only does this bring more interaction for civilians but also allow gun store owners to actually have some other way of having roleplay in their store, other than sitting there for hours while the cash slowly racks up and them struggling to buy a gun every 4 hours for one little sale. To sum things up, shop owners should be able to buy more guns than a normal person can, to bring more roleplay to the gun store scheme.
    8. This would be perfect, +1 but also if you think about it, people with 9s have to go figure out ways that might involve OOC when paying rent for houses.
    9. i agree, how many officers know that I struggle with this and Im always running out of gas cuz I always rely on my car alerts lol
    10. As Tony stated, it most likely will take around at least 10 days, but you most likely are going to "Community Restricted" servers which is the civilian role needed. Other servers without that "Community Restricted" in the title, will allow you to get in. Until then stay in those cities, but when you get your discord role, you will be able to access all cities!
    11. Agreed. Bandages would be great. Stop bleeding in general but did not have an impact on health.
    12. Yeah I think yall should design it to have their actual name, as dispatchers usually are able to trace phone calls back to a specific owner. OR if its a misuse of a phone call, we should be able to trace the phones location throughout and be able to RP more of a scenario via. misuse of 911.
    13. omg I want to see this Jackson slowly jerks the shifter and double clutches away from the cops at 100+ mph LMAO
    14. I agree +1 rep this would be fun to do
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        The Department of Justice is declaring the opening of the Municipal Courts as of Saturday, the 6th August. 
        The Court will allow citizens to appeal violations and traffic offenses received within the last 90 days in court through self-representation or with the representation of their legal counsel.
        The following has been approved for appealing in the Municipal Court:
        Violations issued that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        Traffic offenses  that were neither a misdemeanor or a felonious charge. 
        The Municipal Court System is available between 12pm and 4pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Saturdays and will be open to the public to bring their cases forward to present to the court. All citizens wishing to present their cases to the court will be asked to dress in respectable clothing whilst court is in session.
        No weapons of any kind will be permitted inside the courthouse at any time with exclusion to courthouse bailiffs and requested law enforcement.
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