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    1. Hello everyone! Wanted to ask if we could possible get some changes in our inventory item weights...example, weapons don't weigh little to nothing but cigarettes weigh a pound??? Nope lol so I would like to suggest that: cigarettes, cigars, donuts weigh the same as food..0.25 or less. I think that would balance it out. Also I think it would be nice to add a little more food variety if possible, like sandwiches and milk. These too can weigh less than a pound. Thanks for reading!
    2. Another suggestion given to me to add, was to have tows/mechs to have it where any upgrades changes to color etc can be permanent . Each time we impound a tow truck any changes are lost. I assume what would have to be done is to allow tow/mechs to purchase our own tow truck?
    3. I agree, I've also seen cops leave their abandoned police vehicle without calling tows to pick them up. I believe proper training on when and where to use the barriers and reprimands given if they aren't used properly. I also agree to be able to use caution lights also.
    4. I I can see what you mean, but that is where training would come into play, and residents/police/ems can still send out 311 messages or use dispatch to remind them to pick up those barriers. It could be possible to include both the lights and barriers, then only use the barriers for heavy traffic areas...
    5. So it goes without saying that the 'locals' are crazy as hell lmao. Since becoming a tow, I have had my ass whipped multiple times lmao, trying to do my job. Is it all possible to please give us access to cones or barriers or flashing yellow lights to have the locals stop so we can do our jobs? I know that the barriers work for the police. Also I see how civilians and cops have received new vehicles, are the mech shops gonna get upgraded tow trucks? Any tow and/or mech feel free to add their suggestions to this thread. Thanks guys!
    6. Quick question, is there any way to add false nails/polish to the list as well? Also toenail polish? I will search links also. Thanks. https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mp-female-coffin-nails
    7. Hi, I normally drive with a controller but when I don't want to drive I give the keys. I would like the option of giving the keys permanent or temporary. I get tired of handing the keys over each time I fly in. All you'd have to do imo (I'm not a coder so don't come for me) is add an extra option to the give keys section...choose give keys temp or perm. Then let either the giver of the keys choose or the receiver choose. Also I would like that whoever has keys have the option to use the trunk...and they should also be able to put the vehicle in the garage...
    8. Lol I know, that's what said lol. I'm saying you can't move around holding the tablet. Also most people don't have tablets or want to buy them or even use them. You can make it easier to read by making an app for it on the phone.
    9. True but they're suggesting fixing the bank app to do it or add a separate app.
    10. As one of the new Weazel News reporters, I try to put thought and care in my articles. However I think more people would read it if they had easier access to it on their phones. You can walk/run using your phone. If you're skilled enough, you can drive with it (I'm not suggesting that lol). The tablet does not allow for mover ability AT ALL. You have to stand there, can't talk and risk of getting kicked out the server for afk just because you're trying to read. Also we're already given phones, most people don't even buy tablets. So please consider adding a Weazel News App on our phones!
    11. I am very much involved in politics and would love to participate. IRL I'm a Libertarian, I'm neither a Dem or Rep. I'm open with having this done. I'll put in the necessary work and work with anyone willing to get this off the ground.
    12. I would like to see a city council and actual mayor in the cities. Whether or not we have one goverenment for all the cities or separate ones would be up to the devs. The city council and mayor can review the laws and will make the police and fdny follow them.
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