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    1. With all of the recent 9s cases and the implementation of probation, i'm proposing that ankle trackers should be in place for people that are on probation for that set period of time. On the cops GPS it should show the location of the person who has the ankle bracelet on. When I was on probation it was a joke. I got searched once, I think this concept will bring more RP to NYSP/NYPD/DEA to crims. I wanted cops to search me to have more interaction than just getting pulled over or getting arrested.
    2. Ocelot XA-21. My car was shot 3 times and it died, I repaired it moments before my car was shot.
    3. completely agree, maybe they will open the event server for actions?
    4. In all honesty I think the main issue with coke is keys. In my opinion there are too many keys in the city and everyone knows how and where to find them.
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