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    1. No problem buddy, glad I could clear things up for you. All the best
    2. Couple things here buddy I'll tell you from a cop's perspective: 1. You hold up a cop. You put their life in danger. You are instantly code red, and a threat that needs to be taken down. They're not going to shoot you while you're holding them up since they're valuing their life, but they're more than able to once you flee 2. If the cop F6d you, that means he or she thinks you broke a server rule. Using F6 to identify you from one situation to another is metagaming and needs to be reported. 3. Cops don't need to inform you of your rights if you're not being questioned. Mi
    3. +1 I think that barriers for tows / mechs like the ones PD and FDNY has would be a great addition
    4. I believe having both the live auctions and the auto sales forum was a bit redundant, considering the live auctions wasn't much of an auction, and I think the removal of it was a great change! If you are having issues finding the auto sales section of the forums, you can find it here: https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/forum/166-auto-sales/
    5. 5 carbine rifles in 6 hours? Yo hit me up dog Jokes aside, 100% agreed! Gun store owners should not have to wait to buy weapons. Sure that would create a possible problem where players could just buy 100 pistols at a time and just never need to buy a license from a "closed" Ammunation, but that could be easily avoided with a player-set limit, or a server-set limit. I.e. Gun store owners only being able to buy even 10 pistols and/or shotguns per hour would be a game changer Really hope to see this as I've seen as lot of people bring this up +1
    6. 1. Apply to get into the BigCity Discord Application --> https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/application/form/5-discord-application/ 2. Once your application has been accepted, and you're in the Discord --> Ensure your discord is connected to FiveM 3. Join Brooklyn! - If you are already in the Discord, make sure your FiveM is connected to Discord, and you should have no problems getting in. Good luck!
    7. +1 There's so many ideas and things that could be done and they're so great and amazing, too bad you'll just get banned for doing them
    8. Looking to buy a FU / Insured Kalahari Feel free to leave prices here or via email @ Promenade#8436 Thanks!
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