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    1. This was recently re-brought to the attention of the developers.
    2. I think the problem that people tend to see with attempting legal business or having their own role-play going on, if it is not server wide recognized they dont feel it is worth it. That is pretty silly in my opinion. There are literally a million things to do that no one does. Yet much like Destiny just posted people are wanting things they require some type of server mechanic or some way to make it to where literally everyone knows about it and instantly know your name for it. There are loads to the server that only 1 percent of the population know about. The vast majority of the people
    3. I think it would be pretty interesting to see some sort of struggle technique to break free of handcuffs, while i am not advocating for being able to actually break the handcuffs, simply being able to struggle out would be an interesting addition to everything. As a former officer for 1.7 years seeing 99% of everything you can that has to deal with law enforcement, I do not think it would be a terrible addition to things.
    4. No, believe it or not, i dont give 2 shits about the court case. I have long since moved on. I am just saying, there is so much rp that is stiffled because people can't stay out of other peoples business. Sorry you guys remain hung up on a court case.
    5. It always kill's me and always will when something goes so well and literally everyone has fun with how it went down yet and outside force see's it and has a problem. At some point people need to take a step back and think about how it all went down and realize they had no part in it and should stay the hell out of it. Allow the roleplay that is on going to develop and flourish. Stop with the anger and hatred and letting things get so salty for literal no reason. I have so much fun but sometimes it kills me to even attempt when i worry about the out come so heavily.
    6. It not being the same would really have no bearing over you as a whole. If the individual had set it to match your identically then there would be a problem. With the way we track everything any confusion would quickly be handled and corrected.
    7. I understand the frustration. Yet, cops are constantly told they need to reach out to legal for advice and for these people to get their lawyers and having the roleplay intended for DOJ. Yet now that it is happening it is upsetting. What i would like to see is more actual DOJ members with in the city. At that point they can contact the appropriate people. I know how frustrating it gets being called for every little thing. But how can things ever make it to court if all of the active people of DOJ are unable to help any one.
    8. Its hard to implement when the city continues to show its worst side. Perhaps work on RP all the way around prior to getting new things in that get used and abused forcing a remove. We shouldn't have to remove things simply because people can't.
    9. Im not sure mace would go over very well. I can see it being abused rather easily. Along with upsetting quite a few people.
    10. Along with clearing your cache, dropping your settings down to normal can assist in this as well. While your computer may be able to handle the highest settings FiveM unfortunately can not.
    11. To my knowledge if you are not driving a personal vehicle you will not be charged the speeding fine.
    12. The things that ended up coming to the police department were small tweaks and reworks, nothing exclusively new. Try and think of a solid suggestions that can be implemented and help people out. Currently from what i can tell rolling around as a civilian for a while. 90% of people are either at legion (small cities) or at maze (large cities). This isn't a lack of content thing most of the stuff that are in the cities requires finding them. Such as the making of weapons along with club houses ect. There are literal tons of things to do within the city on the civilian side. Come up with somethin
    13. Not a bad suggestions honestly brother!!!
    14. Another pretty simple solution to stop with the price gouging is stop paying that amount. If someone offers you a car for 15 million, say no everyone get on the same page of saying no and prices are going to drop. Hundreds of millions mean nothing if people aren't willing to spend the outrageous prices on things. They will be forced to lower the price or just not sell it, if they had honest intentions of selling it to begin with they will lower the price to do that. People seem to be so concerned with lower impound prices yet have no need or want for money, they are trying to save 10k dollars
    15. They do stop bleeding, its just a mechanic that the bleeding starts when you get really active, it is a temp solution for an obviously serious wound. To keep you from losing consciousness while calling the medics.
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