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  1. Tony Timmy


    I think @AJ Turner want some for this lover @Billy Jackson
  2. Tony Timmy

    A really Super Good Idea

    If you know me, I love hoodies and Mugs for coffee or tea! Imma rock em
  3. Tony Timmy

    A really Super Good Idea

    Goog Afternoon fellow Citizens and Peoples, Admins and Staffs. This night I wanna bring up a different kind suggestion, There are people who loves this Community as much as I do. What if we have a online BCRP Merch, Hoodies BCRP logo, Shirts BCRP Logo, Mugs BCRP Logo, Coffee mugs with BCRP Logo, Pins with BCRP logo, wallpapers, 3D printed BCRP logo..im sure many will buy the 3D one coz I will to put it in my bedroom. It can be great way to support our server/admins/staffs who are working hard to make us enjoy in the cities every single moment we spend. Think about it for a sec, if something happens we go up to them to ask for help, if there is issue they come and resolves it. As a Community 100% sure we can give them a little favor dont you think? Some Example I made Quickly just to give example! Im sure if we take time to find a goog artist or designer to make the logo for clothing and other stuff it would be way better than mine! Thanks again everyone, Hope you guys have Goog day/Night
  4. Tony Timmy

    Adv. Repair Kits

    Tru tru nice dood nice
  5. Tony Timmy

    Adv. Repair Kits

    Plus add them to regular tool shop keep regular repair kit and advanced as well.
  6. Tony Timmy

    Looking to Buy this beautifly place

    Still looking
  7. Hey hey Im desperately looking to buy this! If Anyone knows who owns it lemme know.. would love to get this and negotiate the prices for it. 4a_gaming#0283
  8. Tony Timmy

    Vehicle Finance Plans

    This has to be implemented in our public server if not a must for WL
  9. Tony Timmy

    Looking for House/Property in......

    Hey yeah youuu im still looking bowww
  10. Tony Timmy

    LTB M6 and Porsche SUV

    Its Free you can have it.. only for you :DDDD
  11. Tony Timmy

    Apply for FDNY !

    I.....Welll you know who I am... I Declare this message.
  12. Tony Timmy

    Looking for House/Property in......

    I dont like groove st its mess all the time by locals and people @Danny Black
  13. Tony Timmy

    Looking for House/Property in......

    Still looking for a place peeps
  14. Tony Timmy

    Looking for House/Property in......

    I saw it missy but ughhhh U know I want like a tree greeny front yard you know what im saying>? @Missybiatch
  15. Alright fellow peoples, Im looking for a house or property but not apartment in This locations...I might not taken pictures of other locations but you know which kind of feeling im feeling right now.. so send me DM in discord and send some screenshots as well. Below here are some locations I have in mind to buy if you selling Please lemme know! Also there could be houses in the mountain near military base or you know those mountain greeny road.. If you selling Lemme know.
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