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    1. Max was born on the 11th of October, in the year 2000. He was born in a general hospital in South-East Asia. His parents left him up for adoption. He was a very shy and soft-spoken kid. But things changed for the better when Max turned 9. Or so he thought. He was adopted by a Japanese man who had been a resident of the country. The man was an American-Japanese. He was also in the Yakuza, but he was known as a 'gaijin', an outsider. Despite that, he had an important role in the yakuza. First-Lieutenant. Max got in the Yakuza easily because his father recommended him as his son. As a result, Max got bullied and beaten up as he grew up. People got jealous of his status that he gained easily. Max's foster father never told his name, as the man never trusts anyone, even his own family. Max just addressed him as "papa" or "pa" As Max grew up to be a teenager, he was already making a name for himself in the family. He even had the honor of having the Koi fish on his back, which symbolises that a person has been through tough times. One day, he was ordered to beat a man up, who had been badmouthing the Family and blackmailing some of the Family members. Max was used to fights and getting his hands dirty. He pulled the man to an alleyway and was beating him up, but the man fought back, and getting lost in rage, Max ended up killing the man, beating him to a pulp. The Family was not happy with this because he got the police involved. The Head of the Family banished Max and ordered Max to cut his pinky off as a sign of respect before he left. Max denied the request and one of the henchmen tried to force Max to do it. But the Head of the Family stopped them and told Max to leave. He was let off easily because his father was a good and loyal member of the Family. But he warned Max to never return, or he'll personally hunt him down and have his head on the wall. Max reached out to a contact that helped him arrange his trip to the US and help him sort out a new life there. Now he's a 20-year old taxi driver based in Bronx. Just trying to stay out of trouble.
    2. I know topics about the in-game Twitter gets mentioned a lot but, I just need help with my password. I kind of forgotten my password. If any staff would kindly reply to this, I'd happily co-operate to get my account back. I've come to realise how kind of important and informative the in-game Twitter is.
    3. Ohhhh I see, I dunno though, I'm still discovering how to shape my character and all. But I don't think I'll add in singing to my character. I dunno, I'll think about, but thanks for letting me know! ^^
    4. What's your name and where are you from? My name's Joel but in Discord I'm SingingPotato. I'm allll the way from Malaysia. Pssst, it's in South-East Asia btw. How did you find our community? I was just watching a few vids of GTA Roleplay servers with my friends. They recommended me this one and I'm loving it here. What's your favourite hobbies? I enjoy singing, playing the guitar, watching vids and playing videogames. Just another gamer and that. Anything else you would like to share. Whoever sees this, hope you have a good day/evening. Oh and chocolate milk is above all.
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