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  1. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Coast Guard.

    not really true but ok
  2. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Coast Guard.

    with a 128 server slots in the works anything could be possible #GoldStripedPants
  3. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Coast Guard.

    Sheriffs Office 2020, hit me up with those yellow striped pants
  4. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Rework of robbery timers

    Code Red cities are always making servers pop to me the timer is perfect its a public server and shit is always hitting off in all the popular cities so I personally have not run into this problem
  5. [1A-04] Joe Conway


  6. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Nick Savage

    Im Jake, hi everyone
  7. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    New PD vehicles

  8. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Finding warrants

    If you want to know if you have a warrant like IRL you either come to PD and discuss with a police officer or get in touch with an attorney, civilians are not permitted to see police documentation, plus the way you are saying it sounds like meta AF so just RP it out
  9. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Add Police SMG

    SMGs I believe should only be available to SORT or ERT in my opinion
  10. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    New PD vehicles

    This is something that is currently on the back burner as we are prioritizing the Web-MDT as well as the no ammo glitch
  11. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    6563 Kimble Hill

    can you post some pictures of what the outside of the house looks like
  12. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Overflod Entity XXR

    Ill offer you $1.01
  13. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Vinewood Home

    what is your highest current offer
  14. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Vinewood Home

    what is the annual government tax on the property
  15. [1A-04] Joe Conway

    Beautiful House On Hillcrest Ave!

    what is the annual tax on the property
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